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Breakout Trading

  1. Is using the Donchian channel more risky or more conservative than using Bollinger ...

  2. How effective is creating trade entries when using Outside Days?

  3. How do I use a Moving Average Ribbon for creating a forex trading strategy?

  4. What is a common price target when identifying a double top?

  5. What is the difference between forex Pivot Points and forex Levels of Support & resistance?

  6. How do I build a profitable strategy when spotting an Exhaustion Gap?

  7. What are the main differences between Exhaustion Gaps and Breakaway Gaps?

  8. How do I use The Dual Commodity Channel Index (DCCI) for creating a forex trading ...

  9. Why do breakaway gaps happen on securities?

  10. What are the most common securities that exhibit breakaway gap patterns?

  11. How do I build a trading strategy after spotting a breakaway gap pattern?

  12. What are some common strategies used when a stock is under consolidation?

  13. What are the main opportunities that arise when a stock exhibits a continuation pattern?

  14. How should orders be placed when trying to buy a bounce on a stock?

  15. Why is a Diamond Top Formation important for traders and analysts?

  16. What are common trading strategies when identifying a Diamond Top Formation Pattern?

  17. Where do traders place orders when they identify descending triangles?

  18. What does it mean if a security is under consolidation and why is it important?

  19. Where do traders place orders when they identify ascending triangles?

  20. What trading opportunities does an ascending triangle offer?

  21. Who created Bollinger Bands®?

  22. Where do I place my target when the price of a stock breaks out of a technical chart ...

  23. How can I determine a stock's next resistance level or target price?

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