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  1. Where did the term 'Nostro' account come from?

  2. Can the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index be used to determine competitive balance in professional ...

  3. What is operations management theory and how can it help a business?

  4. What is Apple's current mission statement and how does it differ from Steve Job's ...

  5. How do notaries reduce asymmetric information risk?

  6. How does a monopoly contribute to market failure?

  7. What caused Black Monday, the stock market crash of 1987?

  8. What caused the stock market crash of 1929 that preceded The Great Depression?

  9. How did the stock market operate prior to the Securities and Exchange Commission?

  10. What caused the American Industrial Revolution?

  11. What is the history of corporations in America?

  12. What are common examples of monopolistic markets?

  13. What are some famous scandals that demonstrate the agency problem?

  14. What is the history of the S&P 500?

  15. How did Bernard Baruch attain his wealth?

  16. Why was Bernard Baruch known as the "Park Bench Statesman?"

  17. What is the difference between business intelligence and business analytics?

  18. What are the historical origins of business intelligence?

  19. How did Tim Cook become head of Apple?

  20. Who were Bernard Baruch's greatest influencers?

  21. What is Howard Schultz's educational and professional background?

  22. What is Bernard Baruch's most lasting legacy?

  23. Which investments have the highest historical returns?

  24. How did corporations act under mercantilism?

  25. What is the history of futures?

  26. Who discovered the law of supply and demand?

  27. What is double entry bookkeeping and how does it work in the general ledger?

  28. What are some high profile cases of companies who failed to be socially responsible?

  29. How did Johnson and Johnson's corporate responsibility policy pay off in 1982?

  30. What are the most famous cases of oligopolies?

  31. What are historic cases of companies failing to do their due diligence?

  32. What are some current examples of oligopolies?

  33. Who are Qualcomm's (QCOM) main competitors?

  34. Who are Google's (GOOG) main competitors?

  35. Who are Apple's (AAPL) main competitors in the tech industry?

  36. Who are Facebook's (FB) main competitors?

  37. Who are Microsoft's (MSFT) main competitors?

  38. Who are Amazon's (AMZN) main competitors?

  39. Who are Tesla's (TSLA) main competitors?

  40. Who are Monsanto's main competitors?

  41. Who are Intel's (INTC) main competitors?

  42. Who are Procter & Gamble's (PG) main competitors? (PG, REV)

  43. What is the difference between Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma?

  44. When did the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) begin?

  45. Who were the original Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) companies?

  46. What was the most notable hostile takeover of all time?

  47. How did Warren Buffett get started in business?

  48. Who set the record loss for "rogue traders"?

  49. Where did the term "tenbagger" originate?

  50. What was the first company with a $1 billion market cap?

  51. Where does the name "Wall Street" come from?

  52. Why did the New York Stock Exchange report prices in fractions before it switched ...

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