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Business Relations

  1. Do employers use agency theory in labor relations?

  2. What are the primary disadvantages of forming a joint venture?

  3. Does agency theory apply to brokers and clients?

  4. Why do some economists consider entrepreneurship to be a factor of production?

  5. What advice has Richard Branson given to would-be entrepreneurs?

  6. When is outsourcing a bad alternative to vertical integration?

  7. What is Tim Cook's career and educational background?

  8. Who were Richard Branson's major influencers?

  9. What does a company use CI (competitive intelligence) for?

  10. What are some common methods of gathering CI (competitive intelligence)?

  11. What interpersonal skills should a manager have?

  12. What are some training & development techniques used to improve interpersonal skills?

  13. What's the difference between agency theory and stakeholder theory?

  14. What responsibilities does a company take on after an acquisition?

  15. How do interpersonal skills influence a business culture?

  16. Why is versatility in a company's core competencies fundamental in its success?

  17. Why would a company want to do an acquisition of another company?

  18. What is the difference between a merger and an acquisition?

  19. When does Warren Buffett usually release his letter to shareholders?

  20. How are arm's-length transactions determined by law?

  21. Are arm's length transactions always better than transactions not at arm's length?

  22. When does it makes sense for a company to pursue vertical integration?

  23. What are the main communication points between a CFO and a CEO?

  24. How does a customer base dictate goodwill?

  25. How does revenue sharing work in practice?

  26. How does goodwill increase a company's value?

  27. What are the major differences between a monopoly and an oligopoly?

  28. Does a company logo change require a material disclosable event?

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