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Certificates of Deposits (CDs)

  1. Other than my savings account, what other types of holdings compound my interest?

  2. How often is interest compounded?

  3. What is a risk pyramid and why is it important?

  4. What are some safe fixed-income investments?

  5. How do commercial banks make money?

  6. How do investors calculate the present value of a future investment?

  7. What are the main advantages of fixed income securities?

  8. Can investments be consumed immediately?

  9. What is the safest investment?

  10. How are yields taxed on a certificate of deposit (CD)?

  11. Should I use a deferred tax asset for all of my retirement funds?

  12. When are treasury bills best to use in a portfolio?

  13. What is considered a good interest rate for a certificate of deposit (CD)?

  14. What are the typical durations for a certificate of deposit?

  15. How safe an investment is a certificate of deposit?

  16. How does macroeconomics explain "stagflation"?

  17. What's the difference between an individual retirement account (IRA) and a certificate ...

  18. Besides a savings account, where is the safest place to keep my money?

  19. If a client has a very low risk tolerance, all of the following might be suitable ...

  20. Are certificates of deposit a kind of bond?

  21. My certificate of deposit (CD) has just matured and I plan to contribute $10,000 ...

  22. How should I estimate my income from fixed sources like bonds, CDs and stocks?

  23. Why do longer term CDs pay a higher rate than the short-term CDs?

  24. I have several CDs in my IRA with different maturities. Can I roll them over to another ...

  25. What is the difference between municipal bonds and standard money market funds?

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