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Commodity Futures

  1. Can mutual funds invest in commodities?

  2. How do futures contracts roll over?

  3. What does a futures contract cost?

  4. How can electricity be traded as a commodity by an individual investor?

  5. What are some of the major regulatory agencies responsible for overseeing financial ...

  6. What types of corporations would be expected to have higher growth rates than more ...

  7. How are commodity spot prices different than futures prices?

  8. How do commodity spot prices indicate future price movements?

  9. How quickly can an oil and gas producer react to changing oil prices?

  10. How do I set a strike price for a future?

  11. What are common factors that affect a security's spot rate?

  12. What expiry months are typically available for derivatives?

  13. What does the underlying of a derivative refer to?

  14. What does it mean to take delivery of a derivative contract?

  15. What are some securities that have spot rates?

  16. What is the difference between notional value and market value?

  17. What are the primary sources of market risk?

  18. How do I learn technical skills for trading commodities?

  19. How can I calculate the notional value of a futures contract?

  20. What commodities are the main inputs for the electronics sector?

  21. How can traders use contango to take advantage of the storage shortage for crude ...

  22. What does it mean to invest in base metals?

  23. Does a negative correlation between two stocks mean anything?

  24. What does it mean when I get a maintenance margin call?

  25. How much does China's growth affect the price of industrial metals?

  26. Why are futures contracts important?

  27. What is the history of futures?

  28. How can I trade in foreign futures?

  29. How have futures performed historically?

  30. What are tradable commodities?

  31. What are the most common ETFs that track the metals and mining sector?

  32. What factors affect the price of copper?

  33. What's the difference between a commodity and a product?

  34. What types of items can you buy futures for?

  35. What country is the world's largest coal producer?

  36. What are the disadvantages of commodities on a Roth IRA?

  37. What are the advantages of commodities on a Roth IRA?

  38. How can I hedge against rising diesel prices?

  39. Who sets the price of commodities?

  40. Who is Mr. Copper?

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