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  1. Marginal propensity to Consume (MPC) Vs. Save (MPS)

  2. Is Japan an emerging market economy?

  3. Are Social Security payments included in the US GDP calculation?

  4. What economic indicators are important to consider when investing in the retail sector?

  5. How do changes in interest rates affect the spending habits in the economy?

  6. What is the difference between an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and a VAR ...

  7. How much does seasonality affect the net sales figures of companies, such as retailers?

  8. What are the goals of a "dove" Federal Reserve head?

  9. Why do economists think it is important to track discretionary income?

  10. What is the difference between disposable and discretionary income?

  11. In what manner will a recession likely affect the marginal-propensity-to-save rate ...

  12. Why is product differentiation important in today's financial climate?

  13. How can consumer durables act as economic indicators?

  14. What is the difference between induced consumption and autonomous consumption?

  15. How does the marginal propensity to consume in the United States compare to other ...

  16. How does stock evaluation of an electronic retailing (e-tailing) business differ ...

  17. Do rising unemployment rates tend to increase or decrease investor sentiment and ...

  18. Why did Target's (TGT) expansion into Canada fail so quickly?

  19. Why are economists interested in the consumer surplus?

  20. What economic factors affect the performance of the consumer packaged goods industry?

  21. Are there significant seasonal patterns in the electronics sector?

  22. Who are Whole Foods' (WFM) main competitors?

  23. What is the difference between marginal benefit and marginal revenue?

  24. How can I use marginal benefit analysis to help my business strategy?

  25. What are some examples of diminishing marginal benefits in my personal spending?

  26. What is the difference between marginal benefit and marginal cost?

  27. Under what circumstances might a merchant turn toward using a banker's acceptance?

  28. What profit margin is average for a company in the electronics sector?

  29. What is the average debt/equity ratio of companies in the electronics sector?

  30. How does pork barrel spending hurt the economy?

  31. How does revolving credit differ from a general line of credit?

  32. How did the Soviet economic system affect consumer goods?

  33. Should a small business test the substitution effect on its products before launch?

  34. Is the substitution effect negative for consumers?

  35. What is the difference between cyclical and non-cyclical stocks?

  36. If markets give information on value through price, how can nominal values be out ...

  37. What proportion of the chemicals sector is comprised of integrated companies with ...

  38. How do you calculate the marginal propensity to consume?

  39. What companies give the purest exposure to the chemicals sector?

  40. What is the electronics sector?

  41. How can you calculate your cash budget in Excel?

  42. Which economic factors most affect the demand for consumer goods?

  43. Do businesses in states with right-to-work laws have demonstrably less deadweight ...

  44. What is the purpose of the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index?

  45. What impact does disposable income have on the stock market?

  46. How does the performance of the stock market affect individual businesses?

  47. How do interest rate changes affect price elasticity in consumer discretionary goods?

  48. What are some examples of positive correlation in economics?

  49. To what extent do changing input prices affect the profitability of the chemicals ...

  50. What types of industries are the main consumers of the products of the chemicals ...

  51. What is the difference between consumer surplus and economic surplus?

  52. How important are seasonal trends in the automotive sector?

  53. What does it signify about a given product if the consumer surplus figure for that ...

  54. How is the basket of goods selected for the Consumer Price Index?

  55. Why should an investor add exposure to the automotive sector to his or her portfolio?

  56. Is backward integration ever illegal?

  57. How do you calculate the income effect distinctly from the price effect?

  58. What impact has robotic production had on profitability in the automotive sector?

  59. What's the difference between the income effect and the price effect?

  60. What's the difference between the income effect and the substitution effect?

  61. Which commodities are the main input materials for the automotive sector?

  62. To what extent has global competition affected the profitability of U.S. car manufacturers?

  63. What are the most common ETFs that track the automotive sector?

  64. What effect does the income effect have on my business?

  65. What impact does weather have on my investment in the airline industry?

  66. How much revenue in the airline industry comes from business travelers compared to ...

  67. What's the difference between the substitution effect and price effect?

  68. What are common risks associated with investing in the aerospace sector?

  69. What's the difference between the substitution effect and the income effect?

  70. Are there any exceptions to the law of demand?

  71. Why should an investor include the airlines sector in his or her portfolio?

  72. How do frequent flier mile programs affect the profitability of an airline?

  73. Which countries make up the majority of the global airline sector?

  74. Does the law of diminishing marginal returns only apply to labor?

  75. Is there any way to reverse the law of diminishing marginal returns?

  76. How should I interpret a negative correlation?

  77. How can you calculate diminishing marginal returns in Excel?

  78. How does deflation impact consumers?

  79. Is demand or supply more important to the economy?

  80. Do supply and demand always cancel each other out?

  81. What are the key metrics used to measure the business cycle?

  82. What economic indicators are important for investing in the automotive sector?

  83. What is a deflationary spiral?

  84. How does the stock market affect gross domestic product (GDP)?

  85. What can cause price deflation?

  86. How does disposable income influence the marginal propensity to consume (MPC)?

  87. Are there any economic arguments in favor of deflation?

  88. Does identity theft or credit card fraud also occur with cash-on-delivery?

  89. Whose buying habits does the consumer price index (CPI) reflect?

  90. Does the consumer or seller benefit more from a cash-on-delivery transaction?

  91. What impact does brand equity have on profit margins?

  92. What macroeconomic problems do policy makers most commonly face?

  93. How do you financially prepare yourself for unemployment?

  94. What are the pros and cons of digital gift cards (e-gift cards)?

  95. What causes negative inflation or deflation?

  96. How can inflation be good for the economy?

  97. What transactions cannot be made using prepaid credit cards?

  98. What is the difference between an in-store and an online payday loan?

  99. Can I use a prepaid credit card to pay bills or to transfer money to other accounts?

  100. What are some examples of common credit card reward program benefits?

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