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  1. The 5 Biggest Factors That Affect Your Credit

  2. Retirement Savings Tips For 35- To 44-Year-Olds

  3. 8 Financial Tips For Young Adults

  4. Good Credit? Try This Credit Card Alternative

  5. Why More Millennials Need Credit Cards

  6. 4 Unexpected Things That Lower Your Credit

  7. Credit Card Debt: America’s Biggest Struggle?

  8. Debt Consolidation Made Easy

  9. Digging Out Of Personal Debt

  10. What Makes An M&A Deal Work?

  11. Cash Advances: the Good and the Bad

  12. 4 Signs You're Headed For Financial Trouble

  13. Understanding Credit Card Interest

  14. Reverse Mortgage Pitfalls

  15. How Many Credit Cards Should You Carry?

  16. How to Break Your Bad Financial Habits

  17. Are U.S. Banks Becoming Aggressive on Lending Again?

  18. Why Investors Should Care About Compound Interest

  19. Retirement Planning: Why You Should Help Your Children Build Credit

  20. 6 Major Credit Card Mistakes

  21. 4 Steps to Attaining a Mortgage

  22. OneGo vs. JetSmarter: Comparing Disruptors in the Airline Market (UAL, AAL)

  23. Self Employed? 5 Steps to Scoring a Mortgage

  24. Credit vs. Debit Cards: Which Is Better?

  25. 4 Financial Recommendations for Millennials

  26. A Credit Card That Uses Fingerprint Scanners?

  27. Estate Planning: 16 Things Prince (and You) Should Have Done

  28. What Lenders Look at on Your Credit Report

  29. Best Ways to Get Free Credit Scores in 2016

  30. Top 5 Companies Owned by American Express (JBLU, FLWS)

  31. 5 ATM Scams That Can Break The Bank

  32. Home-Equity Loans: What You Need To Know

  33. 10 Reasons To Use Your Credit Card

  34. Credit Card Debt’s Up: 6 Ways to Eliminate Yours

  35. The Top 5 Positions in Ken Fisher's Portfolio (AMZN, LQD)

  36. 3 Financials Stocks Near Their 52-Week Lows Worth Buying (AXP, DFS)

  37. Top 5 Positions in David Dreman's Portfolio (ASB, WTFC)

  38. Check Your Credit Report

  39. Best Stocks to Buy for Around $1 (NXTD, MBII)

  40. The Top 5 Personal Finance Experts to Follow in 2016

  41. The Fed's Interest Rate Rise & Your Credit Cards

  42. Building an Emergency Fund

  43. Six of the Best Credit Cards for Seniors

  44. Healthcare Credit Cards: Easy but Risky

  45. Favorite Rewards Credit Cards for 2016

  46. Lose 10 Pounds Of Overspending

  47. Top Unsecured Credit Cards to Build Your Credit

  48. Expert Tips for Cutting Credit Card Debt

  49. How To Live Without A Credit Card

  50. How Does a CareCredit Healthcare Credit Card Work?

  51. Should I Use My IRA to Pay Off My Credit Cards?

  52. Walmart MoneyCard Vs. Walmart Credit Card

  53. These 10 Habits Will Help You Reach Financial Freedom

  54. Have Bad Credit? 6 Ways to a Personal Loan Anyway

  55. How To Minimize Holiday Debt Before It Happens

  56. These Are The Best Credit Cards For Making Balance Transfers

  57. 5 Common Misconceptions About Your Credit Report

  58. How Does Apple Pay Work? (AAPL)

  59. Why a Credit Card is Better than a Payday Loan

  60. 5 Signs You Need a New Credit Card

  61. 4 Ways to Check Credit Card Accounts for Trouble

  62. Credit Cards to Help You Recover from Poor Credit

  63. Is American Express (AXP) a Bargain Right Now?

  64. 5 Ways to Avoid Identity Fraud

  65. Don't Get Ripped Off at the ATM

  66. This Is the Year to Start Budgeting

  67. How Upstart Capital One Punches Above its Weight (WFC, BAC)

  68. Your Worst Financial Mistakes And Why You Made Them

  69. 5 Credit Cards For the Super Rich

  70. How Sending Money on Gmail Works

  71. Does a Lost or Stolen Credit Card Hurt Your Credit Score?

  72. 5 Surprising Things That Will Hurt Your Credit Score

  73. The 7 Best Ways to Get Out of Debt

  74. Don't Get Burned by High Credit Card Rates

  75. How Volatile Exchange Rates Affect Your Vacation

  76. What Is The New Credit Card Chip Good For?

  77. 5 Ways to Maximize Your Credit Card Points

  78. How to Effectively Compare Credit Card Rewards

  79. Joint Credit Cards: The Pros and Cons

  80. Travel Tips: Avoid Exchange Rate Headaches

  81. Why U.S. Credit Cards Are Getting a Chip and Pin

  82. Best Ways to Exchange Currency

  83. Using Your Credit Card To Rebuild Credit

  84. Credit Card Review: Blue Cash Everyday Amex (AXP, KSS)

  85. Credit Card Review: Chase Freedom (JPM, AMZN)

  86. Credit Card Review: Citi Double Cash

  87. Credit Card Review: Amex EveryDay (AXP, JPM)

  88. Credit Card Review: Capital One Venture Rewards (COF)

  89. Credit Card Review: BankAmericard Cash Rewards (BAC)

  90. Credit Card Review: QuicksilverOne Rewards

  91. What to Know About Transferable Points Programs

  92. Credit Card Review: Premier Rewards Gold Amex (AXP)

  93. Credit Card Review: Gold Delta SkyMiles Amex (AXP, DAL)

  94. Credit Card Review: Citi ThankYou Preferred

  95. Credit Card Review: Capital One Quicksilver Rewards (COF)

  96. Credit Card Review: Citi Diamond Preferred

  97. Credit Card Review: BankAmericard Travel Rewards (BAC)

  98. Credit Card Review: Discover it (DFS, AMZN)

  99. Credit Card Review: Platinum American Express (AXP, UAL)

  100. Credit Card Review: Citi Simplicity

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