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Credit Ratings

  1. How often does Credit Karma update? (EFX, TRU)

  2. Are high yield bonds a good investment?

  3. Does marrying someone with bad credit affect my credit score?

  4. What's the difference between short sales and foreclosures?

  5. How many free credit reports can you get per year?

  6. How can I use the funds from operations to total debt ratio to assess risk?

  7. How stable are municipal bonds?

  8. Where can I find information about corporate bond issues?

  9. Why are high yield bonds typically lower rated bonds?

  10. How do I evaluate a debt security?

  11. How much risk is associated with subprime mortgages?

  12. What are the highest-yielding investment grade bonds?

  13. How are junk bonds rated differently by Standard & Poor's and Moody's?

  14. What credit rating should I look for in an oil and gas company?

  15. Which securities are considered investment grade?

  16. What can cause a security to go from investment grade to "junk" grade?

  17. Why should I consider looking for the A.M. Best rating before investing in an insurance ...

  18. What risk factors should investors consider before purchasing a callable bond?

  19. Why do zero coupon bonds tend to be volatile?

  20. Which markets are most prone to market failure from adverse selection?

  21. What is the long-term outlook of the banking sector?

  22. What is the difference between a collateralized debt obligation (CDO) and an asset ...

  23. What are the biggest risks of fixed-income investing?

  24. How important is credit rating on a fixed income security?

  25. How does it affect a company's credit rating to buy back shares?

  26. What are the long-term economic effects of a negative current account?

  27. In what types of financial situations would credit spread risk be applied instead ...

  28. What factors are taken into account to quantify credit risk?

  29. Can I get a balance transfer if I have bad credit?

  30. How long will it take for a bond to reach its face value?

  31. What causes a bond's price to rise?

  32. What is the difference between EE and I Bonds?

  33. What's more important to lenders, my credit score or my credit report?

  34. What do the letters / symbols on credit ratings mean?

  35. What's the difference between a credit bureau and a credit rating agency?

  36. How will bankruptcy affect my ability to get credit in the future?

  37. What is the difference between credit rating and equity research?

  38. What's the difference between a credit rating and a credit score?

  39. How long are credit ratings valid?

  40. What is a good credit utilization ratio?

  41. How do credit bureaus make money?

  42. Who regulates a credit rating agency?

  43. Does a good credit rating guarantee repayment?

  44. Why is my rent on my credit report?

  45. How do I fix an error on my credit report?

  46. Does my debt-to-income (DTI) ratio affect my credit score?

  47. What counts as "debts" and "income" when calculating my debt-to-income (DTI) ratio?

  48. Will getting a student loan deferral hurt my credit score?

  49. How does bouncing a check affect my credit score?

  50. Will having several credit cards hurt my credit score?

  51. How are bonds rated?

  52. What are the benefits of credit ratings?

  53. What is the difference between a gilt edged bond and a regular bond?

  54. How do companies like Moody's rate bonds?

  55. Are long-term U.S. government bonds risk-free?

  56. What are the risks of investing in a bond?

  57. What does investment grade mean?

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