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  1. Can I collect Social Security if I still have a job?

  2. Human capital vs. physical capital: What is the difference?

  3. Can LLCs have employees?

  4. Do flexible spending accounts (FSA) funds roll over?

  5. What protections are in place for a whistleblower?

  6. What should a whistleblower do if their employer retaliates?

  7. Will a hike in the minimum wage result in deadweight loss to businesses and labor?

  8. What does a merger or acquisition mean for the target company's employees?

  9. Does technology follow the law of diminishing marginal returns?

  10. What are some ways employers can reduce employee turn over?

  11. What's the difference between outsourcing and insourcing?

  12. What is human capital and how is it used?

  13. Do employers use agency theory in labor relations?

  14. How do firms improve their employees' human capital?

  15. How do managers measure human capital?

  16. What determines labor productivity?

  17. What interpersonal skills should a manager have?

  18. What moral hazards are present with salaried employees?

  19. How have technical skills shifted over the past century in the workforce?

  20. What causes human capital to depreciate?

  21. How does Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) assist in human resources planning?

  22. What types of companies usually offer fringe benefits?

  23. How do companies balance labor supply and demand in human resources planning?

  24. What are the main goals of human resources planning?

  25. How do fringe benefits help increase employee retention?

  26. Are part-time employees eligible for fringe benefits?

  27. How do companies measure labor supply in human resources planning?

  28. How are labor demand forecasts made in human resources planning?

  29. How do you protect yourself against sudden unemployment?

  30. How do you financially prepare yourself for unemployment?

  31. What are the top trends in corporate social responsibility?

  32. How does the Bureau of Labor Statistics define contingent workers?

  33. Can I still set up an SEP if one of my employees refuses to participate?

  34. I have a small business, and I'm considering setting up an SEP IRA. What are leased ...

  35. If a company undergoes an acquisition can an employee withdraw 401(k) funds tax free?

  36. Can an employer adopt a different type of retirement plan for each employee?

  37. If an employee covered by a SIMPLE leaves his employer within the two-year period ...

  38. What is a vest fleece?

  39. How can I find out if my employer is a member of FINRA?

  40. I have a KSOP through my employer that I've invested 100% in company stock. I am ...

  41. If an employee is paid by commission, who is responsible for withholding taxes?

  42. What is a blackout period?

  43. How do restricted stocks, treasury stocks and stock appreciation rights benefit employees?

  44. I am retiree, drawing from my 403(b) annuity. I am the sole employee of my own business. ...

  45. Is an employee eligible for an SEP if the plan has already been set up for other ...

  46. What's the difference between a golden handshake and a golden parachute?

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