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  1. Must-Do Financial Moves For Same-Sex Marriages

  2. Financial Changes When You Marry

  3. What Baby Boomers Need To Know About Making Out A Will

  4. 3 Financial Tasks We Think Are Harder Than They Really Are

  5. Certifications For Estate Planning

  6. Tax-Efficient Wealth Transfer

  7. Relationships And Retirement Planning

  8. Protect Your Personal Assets

  9. 5 Misconceptions About A Fiduciary

  10. Gifting Your Retirement Assets To Charity

  11. 10 Estate Planning Tips For Women

  12. Ethical Wills Share Final Thoughts With Heirs

  13. 6 Ways To Lose Your Estate

  14. What The New Gift Tax Rules Will Mean

  15. Be A One-Stop Shop For Your Clients

  16. Financial Information Your Spouse Should Know

  17. Last Will And Testament: Not Just For The Elderly

  18. What Are Gift Taxes?

  19. Talking To Aging Parents About Money

  20. The Tax Benefits Of Having A Spouse

  21. 5 Estate Planning Tips

  22. Don't Count On An Inheritance

  23. Nonfreehold Estates In Real Property

  24. Bursting Boomers' Inheritance Dreams

  25. The Top 4 Richest Pets

  26. An Introduction To Exchange-Traded Grantor Trusts

  27. Deadlines You Must Meet If You Inherit A Retirement Account

  28. Helping Aging Parents Manage Their Money

  29. Top Estate Planning Tips For Same-Sex Couples

  30. Does Life Insurance Make Sense When You Retire?

  31. 4 Legal Documents You Should Have In The Wake Of September 11

  32. Estate Planning Law Changes You Need To Know

  33. Ensuring That Your Trust Is Trustworthy

  34. Can You Trust Your Trustee?

  35. 5 Factors Threatening Your Dream Retirement

  36. Advisors: Tips For Providing For Older Clients

  37. 7 Reasons To Review Or Revise Your Will

  38. 6 Estate Planning Must-Haves

  39. 4 Things To Consider Before Becoming An Estate Executor

  40. 4 Ways To Minimize Estate Taxes

  41. 10 Strange Will And Testaments

  42. How To Choose The Right Executor For Your Estate

  43. September 30: A Key Date For Retirement Plan Beneficiaries

  44. How To Avoid Taxation On Life Insurance Proceeds

  45. 10 Things You Must Know Before You Retire

  46. Why You Should Draft A Will

  47. Encouraging Good Habits With An Incentive Trust

  48. Establishing A Revocable Living Trust

  49. How To Parent Your Aging Parents

  50. Getting Started On Your Estate Plan

  51. Planning For The Estate Tax's Return

  52. Three Documents You Shouldn't Do Without

  53. An Estate Planning Must: Update Your Beneficiaries

  54. Refusing An Inheritance

  55. A Look At The Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax

  56. 4 Wealth-Building Secrets

  57. 3 Things To Get In Order Before You Die

  58. Designating A Minor As An IRA Beneficiary

  59. 10 Last-Minute Retirement Tips

  60. Skipping-Out on Probate Costs

  61. Your Will: Why You Need A Power Of Attorney And Beneficiaries

  62. Leaving Inheritance To Children Easier Said Than Done

  63. 5 Retirement Questions Everyone Must Answer

  64. Get Ready For The Estate Tax Phase-Out

  65. Get A Step Up With Credit Shelter Trusts

  66. New Option For Beneficiaries: Reversionary Annuities

  67. Mistakes In Designating A Retirement Beneficiary

  68. Estate Planning For Canadians

  69. Saving Money With A Private Annuity Trust

  70. Letter Of Instruction - Don't Leave Life Without It

  71. 5 Things To Consider Before Late-In-Life Marriage

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