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Estate Planning

  1. Why is accidental life insurance so inexpensive?

  2. Can a spouse who is not named as a beneficiary receive assets from an IRA?

  3. What is the average cost of a making a will?

  4. Are estate planning fees tax deductible?

  5. Can personal loans be included in bankruptcy?

  6. How much money does Texas make from unclaimed property each year?

  7. How much money does Michigan make from unclaimed property each year?

  8. How much money does New York make from unclaimed property each year?

  9. Can I put my IRA in a trust?

  10. How does the trust maker transfer funds into a revocable trust?

  11. What is the difference between a revocable trust and a living trust?

  12. What is a family Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

  13. How is maintenance of standard of living for survivors accomplished in estate planning?

  14. What is the difference between an intervivos trust and a testamentary trust?

  15. What is the difference between revocable and irrevocable intervivos trusts?

  16. How does a revocable trust become a split-interest trust?

  17. What happens when a will and a revocable trust conflict?

  18. How are contingent beneficiaries informed of a payout?

  19. What are the restrictions for naming a given individual as my contingent beneficiary?

  20. How do you mediate a dispute between primary and contingent beneficiaries of a trust?

  21. What is the difference between the death benefit and cash value of an insurance policy?

  22. What does U.S. law say about contingent beneficiaries?

  23. How do I change my contingent beneficiary?

  24. What kinds of assets can be included in a revocable trust?

  25. How do you set up a revocable trust?

  26. What types of insurance policies have contingent beneficiaries?

  27. Under what circumstances will a contingent beneficiary receive an insurance payout?

  28. What happened to Bernard Baruch's estate after his death?

  29. What are the differences between a revocable trust and a will?

  30. What is expected to happen to Rupert Murdoch's empire after his death?

  31. What is the difference between a national and a regional investment brokerage?

  32. Who does Warren Buffett plan to bequeath his estate to?

  33. What are the keys to setting up a trust fund?

  34. What's the difference between a financial advisor and a financial planner?

  35. What effect will a prenuptial agreement have on a 401(k)?

  36. What is a good book on creating a trust that would qualify as the beneficiary for ...

  37. Can 529 plans be used to transfer wealth to other family members if the original ...

  38. Does the five-year rule apply if a non-spouse inherits an IRA after the required ...

  39. Can I donate stock to charity?

  40. My husband left his ex-wife as his retirement plan beneficiary. Can this be changed?

  41. What does a "5 by 5" power in a trust document mean?

  42. Where can I find information on how to distribute my deceased parent's assets?

  43. Can my spouse and children collect my Social Security when I die?

  44. If I don't have any kids and want to leave all of my worldly possessions to my dog, ...

  45. How do I list the beneficiaries of my life insurance policies if I have a trust?

  46. I want to transfer my house title to my child, what are the costs and tax consequences ...

  47. When is it a good idea to use an irrevocable life insurance trust?

  48. What is the "stretch IRA" concept?

  49. What are the pros/cons of naming a trust as the beneficiary of a retirement account?

  50. All of the following are allowable deductions used in determining taxable estate ...

  51. If my spouse passes away, will I have to sell my home to meet creditor obligations?

  52. What documents should I have ready in case my partner or I should die?

  53. What is long-term care?

  54. Can the non-spouse beneficiary of an IRA name a successor beneficiary?

  55. Upon my death, will the beneficiaries of my IRA be compelled to take the entire amount ...

  56. If an IRA owner dies after starting required minimum distributions (RMD) but the ...

  57. My uncle died recently. He designated my mother and father as his beneficiaries in ...

  58. How can a trust lower federal transfer tax liability?

  59. I've heard that workers who don't roll over their 401(k)s after retiring face some ...

  60. My 80-year-old mother used her Roth IRA assets to make an $11,000 annual gift tax ...

  61. If I pass away, will my retirement plan go to my spouse tax free?

  62. Is my husband's ex-spouse entitled to receive my spouse's retirement benefits?

  63. I failed to distribute an inherited 401(k) that was found in an audit. What happens ...

  64. I inherited a Roth IRA. What are my options for taking distributions from the account?

  65. My spouse is the primary beneficiary of my IRA. I also have a contingent beneficiary. ...

  66. Can an IRA owner disclaim his widow's account but exclude one spendthrift contingent ...

  67. What is estate planning?

  68. If a trust is named as the beneficiary of an IRA, can the trustee of that trust become ...

  69. How long does an IRA beneficiary have to take an RMD after the IRA holder dies?

  70. Can an IRA beneficiary roll the IRA over into another account and designate another ...

  71. I am the beneficiary of an IRA and a Keogh. Can I combine them into one plan?

  72. Can I, without tax penalties, use the IRA I inherited from my father to buy a home ...

  73. Can I roll my 401(k) and/or IRA funds into a more liquid investment fund without ...

  74. What should I consider when I select an executor for my will?

  75. What do you do for a non-spouse beneficiary receiving a required minimum distribution ...

  76. Can I give stock as a gift?

  77. How can I reduce the taxes on my inherited retirement assets?

  78. My recently deceased spouse's IRA has been rolled over into mine. Does the cost basis ...

  79. If an individual still has his or her former spouse as the beneficiary of an IRA, ...

  80. My mother inherited my father's IRA. When she died, I received an account application ...

  81. How can I get information about my deceased husband's retirement account if his employer ...

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