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  1. The Chart of This ETF Suggests That Tech Stocks Are Headed Lower (XLK, GOOG)

  2. Oil Services Fund Still Hasn't Entered a New Uptrend

  3. S&P 500 Resistance and Volatility Opportunities (SPY, VXX)

  4. Bank Rally Could Run Out of Steam (KBE, KRE)

  5. These Two Emerging Markets Are Set to Move Higher (PIN, EWT)

  6. Infrastructure Stocks Could Be Headed Lower

  7. Buy Oil and Gas Plays After the Doha Shakeout (XLE)

  8. Natural Gas Is Headed for a Breakout (UNG, UGAZ)

  9. Small Caps Are Headed For A Pullback (IWM, VSS)

  10. Now Is Not the Time to Trade a Bounce in Coal (KOL, TONS)

  11. The Outlook For These Hot Sector ETFs (XLP, XLU)

  12. 3 ETFs to Watch (XLF, IEV)

  13. Lumber Prices Are Gearing Up for a Pullback (CUT, WY)

  14. Sectors ETFs to Avoid Right Now (XLF, XLE)

  15. Now Is The Time To Buy Metals (DBB, DPS)

  16. Metals & Mining Fund Waking Up After Long Slumber

  17. Trading Opportunities in Currency ETFS

  18. Consumer Staple Stocks Are Poised to Pop

  19. Curb Your Enthusiasm With the Biotech Bounce

  20. Wait for a Pullback to Buy Junior Gold

  21. Global Market ETFs Showing Lots of Strength

  22. Active Traders Turn Bullish on Utilities

  23. Many International Market ETFs Still Look Weak

  24. 3 Stocks Set to Decline at Major Resistance (APA, WFM)

  25. Downtrends in Japan, Brazil and Taiwan Are Set to Continue (EWZ, EWJ)

  26. These Charts Suggest Metals Are Headed Lower (PICK, DBP)

  27. Even the Value Stocks Can't Escape the Downtrend (VOE, VTV)

  28. 3 ETFs That Suggest Commodities Are Headed Lower (COMT, DBC)

  29. Now Is The Time To Buy REITs (VNQ, REET)

  30. Now Is The Time To Buy Gold And Silver (GLD, SLV)

  31. These 3 Charts Suggest Dividend Stocks Are Next To Drop (DGRO, DGRW)

  32. Gold Stocks Turn: Where To Buy (GLD, ABX, GDX)

  33. How Are You Trading The Breakdown In Growth Stocks? (VOOG, IWF)

  34. Watch This ETF For Signs Of A Reversal (BCX)

  35. These 3 ETFs Suggest Commodities Are Headed Lower (COMT,CCX,DBC)

  36. 3 Charts That Suggest Now Is The Time To Invest In Real Estate (VNQ, SPG,PSA)

  37. Watch For a Bounce in These Emerging Markets (BRF, PEK)

  38. Defined Ranges In Soft Commodities Present Opportunities

  39. The Uptrend Is Reversing In Financials

  40. These 3 Charts Suggest Bears Control The Commodity Markets

  41. Charts Suggest Russian Stocks Will Plummet Further

  42. Watch Out for Agricultural Stocks

  43. ChartAdvisor for January 8, 2016

  44. 3 Technology ETFs To Watch

  45. Industrial Metals Are Stuck In A Downtrend

  46. Bulls Shouldn't Count On A Reversal In Commodities

  47. 2016 Could Be Another Great Year For The Consumer Discretionary Sector

  48. Food And Beverage Stocks That Are On The Rise

  49. The Downtrend In Precious Metals Is Poised To Continue

  50. Jack Bogle Likes Bonds And You Should Too

  51. Now Is The Time To Invest In The Dividend Aristocrats

  52. The Downtrend In Commodities Is Set To Continue

  53. Traders May Want To Wait To Buy Into India

  54. Rare Earth Metals Continue To Struggle (REMX, TC)

  55. Now Could Be The Time To Buy IPOs

  56. Copper Continues Its Descent

  57. Is This The Beginning Of A Downtrend In Home Builders?

  58. Is Now the Time to Buy Lumber?

  59. These Commodity ETFs Are Still Stuck Within A Downtrend

  60. Is This Concentrated China ETF Worth a Look?

  61. This ETF Suggests Now Is The Time To Buy Regional Bank Stocks (KRE, WAL)

  62. Commodities Trading Within A Defined Range (CORN, WEAT)

  63. 3 ETFs For Trading Technology (XLK, ROM)

  64. Why Bacon Still Has Sizzle as an Investment

  65. Global Weakness Evident By These 3 Commodity Charts

  66. Small Caps Are Just Too Risky At These Levels

  67. Coffee Bulls Are Running For The Exits

  68. These 3 Charts Suggest That The Markets Could Head Lower

  69. Bumpy Roads Ahead In Transportation

  70. Agriculture Commodities Are In The Bear's Sights

  71. Trade Base Metals With These 3 ETFs

  72. Investors Moving Out Of Emerging And Frontier Markets

  73. Despite Unchanged Rates, Gold Set For A Move Lower

  74. Invest In Asian Nations With These 4 ETFs

  75. These 3 Charts Suggest That Commodities Are Headed Lower

  76. Investors Are Turning To These 3 Bond ETFs

  77. Corn Traders Are Bracing Themselves For More Selling

  78. 3 Ways to Trade the Rising Volatility

  79. Gold Struggles to Climb Higher and May Fall Soon

  80. Value Stocks Offer Stability in a Volatile Market

  81. Traders Step Back to Assess Commodities Damage

  82. Real Estate Investment Trust ETFs Offer Stability

  83. Top ETF Performers YTD - They'll Surprise You (XIV, XBI)

  84. Four ETFs for Trading Falling Crude Oil

  85. Base Metals Continue To Struggle

  86. 3 Ways To Trade The Chinese Currency Devaluation

  87. Which Currency ETFs to Buy and Sell (FXE, FXB)

  88. The Weakness In Commodities Continues (USCI, UGA)

  89. Invest In Consumer Staples With This ETF

  90. Looking To The Mega Caps For Strength

  91. ChartAdvisor for July 24 2015

  92. Traders Turn To Aerospace and Defense Stocks

  93. 4 ETFs For Trading Gold's Falling Prices

  94. Traders Are Looking To Bet On Casinos

  95. Trade The Rise In Agriculture Commodities

  96. Three Ways to Trade Big Moves in the China Market (FXI, HAO)

  97. Now Is The Time To Invest In Cyber Security

  98. 3 ETFs Poised For A Move Higher

  99. 3 Ways To Trade The Greece Default (GREK, NBG)

  100. Oil Fails To Break Above Key Resistance (SCO, OIL)

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