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  1. In what instances is quantitative easing used?

  2. How does the Federal Reserve determine the discount rate?

  3. What is the difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy?

  4. How are treasury bill interest rates determined?

  5. How do treasury bill prices affect other investments?

  6. How does quantitative easing in the U.S. affect the bond market?

  7. What impact does quantitative easing have on consumers in the U.S.?

  8. How can quantitative easing be effective in the economy?

  9. What precise measures are implemented in most monetary policies?

  10. Under what circumstances will a government change its monetary policy?

  11. What's the highest year-over-year inflation rate in the history of the U.S.?

  12. What are the main components of the Federal Reserve's balance sheet?

  13. What's the lowest year-over-year inflation rate in the history of the U.S.?

  14. How do leverage ratios help to regulate how much banks lend or invest?

  15. What methods can the government use to control inflation?

  16. What's the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy?

  17. Who determines interest rates?

  18. What is QE3 (quantitative easing)?

  19. What are austerity measures?

  20. What is the relationship between inflation and interest rates?

  21. How do open market operations affect the U.S. money supply?

  22. Which is not a process the Federal Reserve uses to control the level of business ...

  23. What is a Greenspan put?

  24. Which of the following are tools that are employed by the Federal Reserve in its ...

  25. How do central banks inject money into the economy?

  26. How do central banks acquire currency reserves and how much are they required to ...

  27. How do interest rate changes implemented by the Fed affect the stock market?

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