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  1. What are the differences between a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Certified ...

  2. Do financial advisors have to find their own clients?

  3. Do financial advisors get drug tested?

  4. Is a financial advisor required to have a degree?

  5. Do financial advisors have to be licensed?

  6. Do financial advisors need to meet quotas?

  7. Does a financial advisor need an MBA?

  8. Do financial advisors work only in banks?

  9. How can an investment banker switch to a career in corporate finance?

  10. What are the best MBA programs for corporate finance?

  11. How stressful is the typical corporate finance job?

  12. What should I study in school to prepare for a career in corporate finance?

  13. What types of positions might a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) hold?

  14. How do I get started with a career in asset management?

  15. For which kind of jobs is having Magnum Cum Laude most important?

  16. Other than accounting, what does a corporate finance job involve?

  17. If I have only a limited amount of time to study for the Series 6, what should I ...

  18. For what reasons are electronics stocks commonly purchased by a value investor?

  19. What kinds of financial analysis jobs are there?

  20. What are some common questions an interviewer may ask during an interview for a position ...

  21. What licenses and certifications do you need for a career in portfolio management?

  22. What are the most common interview questions for banking / finance jobs?

  23. I need special accommodations when taking the Series 63 exam. How are such arrangements ...

  24. Do I need a class to take the Series 63 exam?

  25. What are the major differences between investment banking and private equity?

  26. How is the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chosen?

  27. I have passed the Series 63 and FINRA Series 7, but would like to become licensed ...

  28. Where do I take the Series 63 examination?

  29. What are the different types of operating expenses?

  30. How much time can I expect to spend on studying for the Series 63 exam?

  31. What should I bring to the Series 63 exam?

  32. How do I sign up for a Series 63 exam as a foreign national if I don’t have a Social ...

  33. I want a career in private equity. How can I get started?

  34. How is the Series 63 exam set up?

  35. My scores on the Series 63 average a passing grade, but the testing center said I ...

  36. Can you trade securities before you pass the Series 63 exam?

  37. How long is the validity period for a Series 63 exam if I have not been registered?

  38. How long is the Series 63 exam?

  39. Are there any continuing education requirements for Series 63 exams?

  40. Where do I get a certificate or other evidence of passing the Series 63 exam?

  41. How can I report a problem that occurred on my Series 63 exam?

  42. What is the best way to study for the series 63 exam?

  43. Do I need to pass the Series 63 if I am just taking orders for securities?

  44. Is there a limit on the number of times I can re-take the Series 63 exam?

  45. How long must I wait after failing the Series 63 exam before I can take it again?

  46. Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to sit for the Series 63 exam?

  47. My 120-day Series 63 exam window is about to close, but I need more time to study. ...

  48. I gave an answer on the test from my study guide that was scored wrong on the Series ...

  49. Are waivers granted to the 180-day waiting period to re-take the Series 63 exam?

  50. Which version of the Uniform Securities Act should I study to prepare for my Series ...

  51. If I failed the Series 66, does the waiting period apply if I want to take the Series ...

  52. How often, and how, is a series 63 exam updated?

  53. Are series 63 exams given outside of the United States?

  54. Does NASAA or anyone else give out the series 63 exam questions?

  55. How many people fail the series 63 exam every year?

  56. What questions are commonly asked during a portfolio management job interview?

  57. What skills do I need to become a Portfolio Analyst?

  58. How do I train for a career in management information systems (MIS)?

  59. How does Jeff Weiner make money from LinkedIn?

  60. What advice has Tim Cook given to would-be business leaders?

  61. Why is it important for a financial advisor to have a unique value proposition?

  62. What is the difference between accounting and economics?

  63. What interpersonal skills should a manager have?

  64. What are some training & development techniques used to improve interpersonal skills?

  65. What schools did Warren Buffett attend on his way to getting his science and economics ...

  66. How do I apply to work in the securities industry?

  67. What are the main communication points between a CFO and a CEO?

  68. What's the average salary of an actuary?

  69. What's the average salary of a chief financial officer (CFO)?

  70. What's the average salary of a tax manager?

  71. What are the reasons that cause investment bankers to fail in their careers?

  72. What's the average salary of a bank teller?

  73. What's the average salary of a business operations manager?

  74. What's the average salary of someone with a finance major?

  75. What's the average salary of a compliance officer?

  76. What's the average salary of a loan officer?

  77. What's the average salary of an audit clerk?

  78. What's the average salary of a financial advisor?

  79. What's the average salary of a market research analyst?

  80. What's the average salary of an operations research analyst?

  81. What's the average salary of a bill collector?

  82. What are the reasons that cause financial advisors to fail in their careers?

  83. What's the difference between a CFA and a CPA?

  84. What is a typical day in the life of a stockbroker, from start to finish?

  85. If I am looking to get an Investment Banking job. What education do employers prefer? ...

  86. Under the USA, registration as an IAR includes all of the following EXCEPT:

  87. An IA’s client has a primary goal of tax reduction and a secondary goal of current ...

  88. The de Minimis clause for investment advisers means:

  89. What is a typical day in the life of someone in M&A? How long does a project last?

  90. How can I find an investment club in my area?

  91. What is the difference between a buy-side analyst and a sell-side analyst?

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