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Fiscal Policy

  1. Which countries run the largest budget deficits?

  2. What are the long-term economic effects of a negative current account?

  3. How did mercantilism contribute to the American Revolution?

  4. How did John Maynard Keynes influence business cycle theory?

  5. Why is the crowding out effect less likely to occur during a deep recession?

  6. How does fiscal policy impact the budget deficit?

  7. Why is the multiplier effect associated with Keynesian economics?

  8. What does the Ricardian Equivalence say about budget deficits?

  9. What factors cause shifts in aggregate demand?

  10. Do budget deficits "crowd out" the market?

  11. What economic indicators are important for investing in the financial services sector?

  12. Which United States Presidents have run the largest budget deficits?

  13. Do the laws of supply and demand ever not apply to markets?

  14. What can policymakers do to decrease cyclical unemployment?

  15. How does a nation's national debt affect the budget process?

  16. What impact to public-private partnerships have on economic growth?

  17. What is the difference between fiscal deficit and federal debt, and which is worse?

  18. What macroeconomic problems do policy makers most commonly face?

  19. What is the difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy?

  20. What is the difference between macroeconomics and finance?

  21. How successful is fiscal policy in guiding the national economy?

  22. What is the role of deficit spending in fiscal policy?

  23. What do Keynes and Freidman have to do with fiscal and monetary policy?

  24. Who sets fiscal policy, the president or congress?

  25. What is the difference between Keynesian economics and monetarist economics?

  26. Can state and local governments in the US run fiscal deficits?

  27. What is the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy?

  28. Under what circumstances will a government change its monetary policy?

  29. What are the key factors that cause the market to go up and down?

  30. What's the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy?

  31. What is QE3 (quantitative easing)?

  32. What are austerity measures?

  33. Which is NOT an element of Keynesian expenditure?

  34. What is the Keynesian multiplier?

  35. Why aren't economists rich?

  36. How does the marginal tax rate system work?

  37. What causes a recession?

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