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  1. Which United States Presidents have run the largest budget deficits?

  2. What is the Social Security administration responsible for?

  3. Where are the Social Security administration headquarters?

  4. Is the Social Security administration a government corporation?

  5. How does the role of Medicare/Medicaid affect the drugs sector in the U.S.? (UNH, ...

  6. What are the ethical arguments against government subsidies to companies like Tesla?

  7. What do I do if I think an accountant is in violation of the Generally Accepted Accounting ...

  8. How autonomous are special administrative regions?

  9. Can a special administrative region declare autonomy?

  10. How will a value added tax impact the government budget?

  11. How does neoclassical economics relate to neoliberalism?

  12. What are the main risks to the economy of a country that has implemented a policy ...

  13. What are the major laws (acts) regulating financial institutions that were created ...

  14. How should a whistleblower report unlawful or unethical behavior?

  15. Who controls the Federal Reserve Bank?

  16. If left in place long term, what problems does protectionism cause for a country?

  17. What is the difference between the Volcker Rule and the Glass-Steagall Act?

  18. What are the advantages of a limited government in connection with a capitalist economy?

  19. In what types of societies does limited government work best?

  20. How does comparative advantage render protectionism unnecessary?

  21. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the International Monetary Fund?

  22. In which countries do high-income earners pay the most tax?

  23. How does limited government affect corporate citizens?

  24. What are the typical factors that cause the economy to repeat a boom and bust cycle?

  25. What impact did the Sarbanes-Oxley Act have on corporate governance in the United ...

  26. How is money supply used in monetary policy?

  27. What kinds of financial instruments are designated as “Securities” by Cabinet Order?

  28. How can a nation adopt an export policy based on the economies of scope?

  29. What's the difference between short-term investments and marketable securities?

  30. What are some examples of different corporate governance systems across the world?

  31. How can I find out the Medicare sustainable growth rate?

  32. What effect has the sustainable growth rate had on Medicare disbursements?

  33. What incentives are there for a given country to enforce sustainable growth rate ...

  34. What are some disadvantages of a mixed economic system?

  35. Where did the phrase "pork barrel" come from?

  36. What is the history of the sustainable growth rate?

  37. How are earmarks and pork barrel spending related?

  38. In what types of economies are regressive taxes common?

  39. What causes politicians or governments to begin "pork barrel" spending?

  40. What are some examples of "pork barrel politics" in the United States?

  41. How is the principle agent problem manifested in the government?

  42. Why do supply shocks occur and who do they negatively affect the most?

  43. What kinds of productivity data does the Bureau of Labor Statistics keep?

  44. How does capitalism work in a mixed economy?

  45. How are members of the Cost Accounting Standards Board chosen?

  46. What is the point of agricultural subsidies?

  47. Why is free enterprise often associated with being politically conservative?

  48. Why have most modern nations evolved into free market economies?

  49. In what context is a corporation considered to be an individual entity?

  50. How are investment banks regulated in the United States?

  51. What is GDP and why is it so important to investors?

  52. How are subsidies justifiable in a free market system?

  53. How does government policy impact microeconomics?

  54. Can a country be both a market economy and a socialist economy?

  55. What are the main differences between a market economy and a socialist economy?

  56. Does China have the equivalent of other special administrative regions (SAR) outside ...

  57. Is the United States considered a market economy or a mixed economy?

  58. How did corporations act under mercantilism?

  59. How does the United States government measure economic growth?

  60. How does a nation's national debt affect the budget process?

  61. How does quantitative easing in the U.S. affect the stock market?

  62. What are some examples of successful implementation of monetary policy?

  63. What is the effect of a fiscal deficit on the economy?

  64. Is there any limit on fiscal deficits at the federal level?

  65. What is the difference between fiscal deficit and federal debt, and which is worse?

  66. How is the invisible hand affected in a communist or socialist economy?

  67. How does the invisible hand affect a capitalist economy?

  68. What regulations are in place that affect fracking?

  69. What impact does quantitative easing have on consumers in the U.S.?

  70. Who sets fiscal policy, the president or congress?

  71. What is the role of deficit spending in fiscal policy?

  72. How do debt issues affect governments' abilities to run fiscal deficits?

  73. Can state and local governments in the US run fiscal deficits?

  74. Why is President Obama hesitant to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline project?

  75. Where was the Dow Jones when Obama took office?

  76. What is the difference between communism and socialism?

  77. Where does stimulus economics come from?

  78. How does FINRA differ from the SEC?

  79. How does gun control policy affect the stock price of firearm companies?

  80. Does the federal government fund any NGOs? Which ones?

  81. How does TARP affect the economy?

  82. What are the main differences between the Republican and Democratic approaches to ...

  83. What are Government Pension Offsets, and who is subject to them?

  84. What are austerity measures?

  85. How do I know if I qualify to open a HSA (Health Savings Account)?

  86. What was the Marshall Plan?

  87. Do stimulus checks work?

  88. What is the Keynesian multiplier?

  89. What are all of the securities markets in the U.S.A?

  90. What is a V-shaped recovery and how is it different from other recoveries?

  91. When and why did the euro make its debut as a currency?

  92. Why did the U.S. government take control of the steel industry in 1952?

  93. Which of the following are tools that are employed by the Federal Reserve in its ...

  94. What does "fool in the shower" mean?

  95. Where can I buy government bonds?

  96. What is the candle maker's petition?

  97. What is the difference between "hard money" and "soft money"?

  98. How does the government influence the securities market?

  99. Are long-term U.S. government bonds risk-free?

  100. What happens to the fines collected by the Securities and Exchange Commission?

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