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  8. The Economic Cost Of An Obese Society

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  11. How the Affordable Care Act Changed Insurance

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  14. Estate Planning Must-Haves For Unmarried Couples

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  17. The Employee's Guide To Medicare

  18. Medigap Vs. Medicare Advantage: Which Is Better?

  19. Five Distinct Features of Medicare Advantage

  20. Need To Enroll In Obamacare? File Your Taxes

  21. State-By-State Comparison Of What You’ll Pay Under Obamacare

  22. How Obamacare Is Raising Your Taxes

  23. Healthcare 2.0 - Obamacare Reboots The Health Insurance Market

  24. Obamacare Update: Canceled Health Plans And Subscriber Options

  25. The Drawbacks Of Single-Payer Healthcare

  26. The Main Flaw With Obamacare

  27. How To Get Around The Health Insurance Marketplace Glitches

  28. Lowering Your Costs For Marketplace Health Insurance Coverage

  29. Essential Health Benefits Under The Affordable Care Act

  30. How To Choose Between Bronze, Silver, Gold And Platinum Health Insurance Plans

  31. How Does The Affordable Care Act Affect Your Taxes In 2013?

  32. What You Can Expect To Spend In 2013

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