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Hedge Funds

  1. How did the financial crisis affect the banking sector?

  2. What types of positions might a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) hold?

  3. Can you invest in hedge funds?

  4. What's the difference between a mutual fund and a hedge fund?

  5. Is smart beta cheaper than hedge funds?

  6. Can I offer hedge funds in my employees' 401(k) plan?

  7. Do hedge funds have ticker symbols?

  8. Should I offer alternative investments to my employees?

  9. What is securitization?

  10. Can hedge funds trade penny stocks?

  11. Are hedge funds regulated by FINRA?

  12. Should mutual funds be subject to more regulation?

  13. Can hedge fund returns be replicated?

  14. Can foreign investors invest in US hedge funds?

  15. Do hedge funds manipulate stock prices?

  16. Do hedge funds have ISIN numbers?

  17. Do hedge funds invest in private companies?

  18. Do hedge funds invest in mutual funds?

  19. How do real estate hedge funds work?

  20. Do hedge funds invest in commodities?

  21. Do hedge funds invest in real estate?

  22. Do hedge funds invest in bonds?

  23. Have hedge funds eroded market opportunities?

  24. Are hedge funds on the buy side or the sell side?

  25. Can hedge funds outperform the market?

  26. How do hedge funds use leverage?

  27. Do hedge funds pay dividends?

  28. Do hedge funds have CUSIP numbers?

  29. Are hedge funds registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

  30. How do mutual fund managers make money?

  31. How do hedge funds use equity options?

  32. Who do hedge funds lend money to?

  33. What licenses does a hedge fund manager need to have?

  34. What do hedge fund analysts do?

  35. Can mutual funds invest in hedge funds?

  36. What is the 12b-1 fee meant to cover?

  37. Which federal regulatory agencies approved and are now responsible for enforcing ...

  38. What is the purpose of the Volcker Rule?

  39. What does a high information ratio tell an investor about a mutual fund?

  40. Why is Manchester United (MANU) carrying so much debt?

  41. What are the advantages of hiring a third-party marketing company?

  42. How do spinoffs differ from initial public offerings (IPOs)?

  43. How does beta measure a stock's market risk?

  44. What is the difference between a hostile takeover and a friendly takeover?

  45. How much of the asset management industry has moved from traditional managers to ...

  46. What's the difference between a collateralized debt obligation (CDO) and a collateralized ...

  47. What's the difference between the hurdle rate and the high water mark?

  48. What does standard deviation measure in a portfolio?

  49. How do hedge funds use short selling?

  50. What happens if you don't hedge your investments?

  51. Are there publicly traded hedge funds?

  52. What does a hedge fund do?

  53. What is the difference between a hedge fund and a private equity fund?

  54. How do hedge funds determine what assets to own?

  55. What is the purpose of a hedge fund?

  56. Where does a hedge fund get its money?

  57. How do traders use the ABX index?

  58. Where do most fund managers get their market information?

  59. What is a cross hedge?

  60. What is the difference between systemic risk and systematic risk?

  61. All of the following are regulated by the Investment Companies Act of 1940 EXCEPT

  62. Do speculators have a destabilizing effect on the financial system?

  63. What is an unregistered mutual fund?

  64. What is high-frequency trading?

  65. How did currency trader John Rusnak hide $691 million in losses before being caught ...

  66. When you buy a stock in a company, does it necessarily mean that one of the shareholders ...

  67. Do hedge funds and mutual funds invest in commodities in high inflation environments?

  68. Who is Mr. Copper?

  69. What careers are popular among CFA charterholders?

  70. What's the difference between absolute and relative return?

  71. What is market capitulation?

  72. What's the difference between institutional and non-institutional investors?

  73. How does pyramiding work?

  74. Are ETFs subject to the short sale uptick rule?

  75. What is a liquidity squeeze?

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