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International Trade

  1. When do economists use GNP?

  2. What effect has globalization had on international investments?

  3. Is globalization purely an economic phenomenon?

  4. Are there international maritime laws that govern delivery duty paid?

  5. Is there a way to insure delivery duty paid?

  6. Is there a way to profit from arbitrage trades on delivery duty paid?

  7. Are the laws on delivery duty paid different in every country?

  8. Is GNP a valuable metric in a globalized economy?

  9. What does GNP say about the balance of trade?

  10. What country spends the most on military and defense?

  11. Why are most multinational corporations either from the US, Europe or Japan

  12. What country has the wealthiest overall population?

  13. When did globalization start?

  14. Are there any downsides to globalization?

  15. What country produces the most gold?

  16. What's the difference between a letter of credit and a bank guarantee?

  17. How does marginal cost of production relate to economies of scale?

  18. How do economies of scale work with globalization?

  19. When is it necessary to get a letter of credit?

  20. Can entities other than banks issue letters of credit?

  21. Do CIF charges affect the customs duties?

  22. What is the difference between CIF and an incoterm?

  23. When do you buy CIF and when do you buy FOB?

  24. What is a bank's legal liability when issuing a letter of credit?

  25. When are you legally required to get a letter of credit?

  26. Where can I find the terms governing my CIF in different ports of call?

  27. At what level is the current account deficit considered excessive, in terms of percent?

  28. What country is the world's largest exporter of goods?

  29. Why do developed countries run current account deficits?

  30. What is the difference between a nation's current account deficit and its currency ...

  31. What is the difference between a current account deficit and a trade deficit?

  32. Is a current account deficit good or bad for the economy?

  33. What is the difference between loan syndication and a consortium?

  34. What are the different types of letters of credit?

  35. What are some examples of times when I would need a letter of credit?

  36. Where is cost of living lowest in the world?

  37. What is a trade deficit and what effect will it have on the stock market?

  38. Out of which international body did the World Trade Organization emerge?

  39. What is a "force majeure"?

  40. What is the salad oil scandal?

  41. What economic indicators are especially important to oil traders?

  42. What is comparative advantage?

  43. Who is Mr. Copper?

  44. What risks do organizations face when engaging in international finance activities?

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