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  1. All of the following statements about convertible bonds are FALSE EXCEPT:

  2. What is the Coppock curve?

  3. How do I invest in the Nasdaq or the NYSE? Is it even possible? Would I want to? ...

  4. Why did the Department of Justice launch an inquiry into the sale of ImClone shares ...

  5. Why did Tyco's financial statements attract the SEC's attention in 2002?

  6. Why would a company do a reverse merger instead of an IPO?

  7. What is financial double-dipping?

  8. Why is Frank Quattrone credited with contributing to the growth of the dotcom bubble?

  9. The "effective date" is defined as:

  10. Where can I find all of the stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

  11. What is the difference between return on equity and return on capital?

  12. According to the U.S., prohibited conduct of an investment advisor is defined as:

  13. Why is a "hockey stick bid" considered fraudulent?

  14. What currency is affected by the interest rate decisions of the Bank of England (BoE)? ...

  15. How did Peter Young gain infamy as a "rogue trader"?

  16. A customer has the following in his long margin account. Market value: $18,000, ...

  17. What is leakage?

  18. How do sunshine laws help investors?

  19. What is the salad oil scandal?

  20. What is a Chinese hedge?

  21. What are the penalties for withdrawing from my Traditional IRA less than a year after ...

  22. How did Joseph Jett cause Kidder, Peabody & Co. to lose over $350 million?

  23. What business processes were used to establish the Chevrolet motor company?

  24. How did derivatives trader Nick Leeson contribute to the fall of Barings Bank?

  25. What is the doctor advisory scam?

  26. How did currency trader John Rusnak hide $691 million in losses before being caught ...

  27. Your client has a net short-term gain of $3,000 and a net long-term loss of $8,0 ...

  28. What is earnings management?

  29. What's the difference between publicly- and privately-held companies?

  30. Where did the bull and bear market get their names?

  31. How do you calculate the percentage gain or loss on an investment?

  32. What is a treasury stock?

  33. What is a DRIP?

  34. What is a CUSIP number?

  35. What are the "Dogs of the Dow"?

  36. Do hedge funds and mutual funds invest in commodities in high inflation environments?

  37. Why do you need a margin account to short sell stocks?

  38. I hold stock certificates in a company that just had a stock split. What happens ...

  39. Can technical analysis be called a self-fulfilling prophecy?

  40. Short selling vs. purchasing a put option: how do the payoffs differ?

  41. Can investment real estate be purchased within an IRA and, if so, are there any pitfalls?

  42. What are the components of the risk premium for investments?

  43. What will happen to my U.S.-based stock portfolio if the U.S. dollar substantially ...

  44. I want to buy a stock at $30, sell when it reaches $35, don't want to hang on to ...

  45. Does issuing preferred shares offer a tax advantage for corporations?

  46. What happens if a company doesn't think it will collect on some of its receivables?

  47. Why do some stock quotes appear in bold print in the newspaper?

  48. Given a good bookkeeping system, would financial accounting be necessary?

  49. How do I buy an over-the-counter stock?

  50. Why would a multinational corporation conduct a vertical foreign direct investment?

  51. Can I give stock as a gift?

  52. How does a credit crunch occur?

  53. What was "Operation Wooden Nickel"?

  54. Who is Mr. Copper?

  55. What is a "dog and pony" show?

  56. What does "after the bell" mean?

  57. What are the differences between chapter 7 and chapter 11 bankruptcy?

  58. What's the difference between a Nasdaq market maker and a NYSE specialist?

  59. How are a company's financial statements connected?

  60. What is a penny stock?

  61. What happens if I maintain a short position in a stock that is delisted and declares ...

  62. What does it mean when people say they "beat the market"? How do they know they have ...

  63. Why can you short sell an ETF but not an index fund?

  64. What is a "socially responsible" mutual fund?

  65. What is the ideal number of stocks to have in a portfolio?

  66. What is the weighted average of outstanding shares? How is it calculated?

  67. What is the difference between IAS and GAAP?

  68. What is the short/current long-term debt account on a company's balance sheet?

  69. Why won't my broker allow me to sell one stock and buy another on the same day?

  70. What is the difference between amortization and depreciation?

  71. Why are big foreign companies considering delisting their American depositary receipts?

  72. In M&A how does an all-stock or all-cash deal affect the equity of the buying company? ...

  73. What are the determinants of a stock's bid-ask spread?

  74. How are futures used to hedge a position?

  75. When looking at my online broker account, I see an account value, cash value and ...

  76. How do I avoid paying excess taxes on securities I have sold?

  77. What is the "random walk theory" and what does it mean for investors?

  78. What was the Whitewater scandal?

  79. Use the following information about a customer’s margin account to answer the question.

  80. What is market capitulation?

  81. What's the smallest number of shares I can buy?

  82. Why do some stock symbols have three letters while others have four? What is the ...

  83. I will be receiving monies from a QDRO executed pursuant to my divorce. I would like ...

  84. If I have a number of stock shares and that company reports earnings of X amount ...

  85. Why did my stock's ticker symbol change?

  86. What is the difference between yield and return?

  87. Which option is better on a mutual fund: a growth option or a dividend reinvestment ...

  88. Why would a company have multiple share classes, and what are super voting shares?

  89. Does the party loaning shares in a short sale transaction benefit in any way other ...

  90. How can I hedge against rising diesel prices?

  91. Does a stock dividend dilute the price per share as would a forward stock split?

  92. What are the three phases of a completed initial public offering (IPO) transformation ...

  93. How does a depository bank benefit from issuing an ADR for a foreign company for ...

  94. What effect does a company's dividend reinvestment plan have on its stock price? ...

  95. Who sets the price of commodities?

  96. What do the bracketed numbers following a technical indicator mean?

  97. What happens to my call options if the underlying company is bought out?

  98. I sold my house. Can I exclude the gain from my income?

  99. I would like to invest in a dividend-paying stock. How can I find out which stocks ...

  100. How do I calculate the percentage gain or loss for my portfolio when all of the stocks ...

  101. How is margin interest calculated?

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