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Management Fees

  1. What is the difference between passive and active portfolio management?

  2. Is smart beta cheaper than hedge funds?

  3. What's the difference between a load and no-load mutual fund?

  4. What is an appropriate large cap mutual fund fee?

  5. Is the upfront cost of Class A mutual fund shares worth it?

  6. Why are mutual fund investment minimums different?

  7. When are mutual fund orders executed?

  8. Are mutual fund expense ratios tax deductible?

  9. Do mutual fund trading costs hurt your bottom line?

  10. Why do mutual fund companies charge management fees?

  11. How do financial advisors charge fees?

  12. What are some mutual funds that do not have 12b-1 fees?

  13. What action is the SEC likely to take on 12b-1 fees?

  14. What is considered a reasonable 12b-1 fee?

  15. What is the 12b-1 fee meant to cover?

  16. What happens when I want to sell my A-shares of a mutual fund?

  17. How can a mutual fund raise or lower its turnover ratio?

  18. In what situations would mutual fund fees be higher than ETF fees?

  19. What is the difference between fee-only advisors and fee-based advisors?

  20. How does a no-load fund make money?

  21. How do waivers, reimbursements and recoupments affect a fund's expense ratio?

  22. What information should I focus on in my mutual fund's prospectus?

  23. What information does the SEC require in an investment company's prospectus?

  24. What's the difference between the hurdle rate and the high water mark?

  25. What is the difference between a prospectus and summary prospectus?

  26. What kinds of expenses are included in the expense ratio?

  27. What are typical trust fund management fees?

  28. How do I judge a mutual fund's performance?

  29. What are the best ways to lower my investing fees?

  30. When and why did brokerages switch from fixed commissions to negotiated ones?

  31. What is financial double-dipping?

  32. What is a trailing commission?

  33. Can I sell mutual fund shares below their minimum intial purchase amount without ...

  34. Are mutual fund performance numbers reported net of fees (operating expenses and ...

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