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Margin Account

  1. Why do you need a margin account to short sell stocks?

  2. What does a futures contract cost?

  3. How does a broker decide which customers are eligible to open a margin account?

  4. What is the interest rate offered on a typical margin account?

  5. How are margin calls regulated by the SEC?

  6. What does it mean when I get a Fed margin call?

  7. What are the different types of margin calls?

  8. How do I learn technical skills for trading commodities?

  9. How is buying on margin regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

  10. Why is purchasing stocks on margin considered more risky than traditional investing?

  11. Do you have to sell your stocks when you get a margin call?

  12. What does it mean when I get a maintenance margin call?

  13. What is the difference between initial margin and maintenance margin?

  14. How exactly does buying on margin work and why is it controversial?

  15. What are the macroeconomic effects of allowing stock buying on margin?

  16. Why does the Federal Reserve Board regulate which stocks can be bought on margin?

  17. What is the difference between extensive margin and intensive margin in economics?

  18. How is it possible to trade on a stock you don't own, as is done in short selling?

  19. How does lack of corporate social responsibility hurt a company's bottom line?

  20. What's the difference between a cash account and a margin account?

  21. What happens if I cannot pay a margin call?

  22. How does margin trading in the forex market work?

  23. Given the below information, all of the following statements are FALSE regarding ...

  24. A customer has the following in his long margin account. Market value: $18,000, ...

  25. What is the difference between leverage and margin?

  26. Use the following information about a customer’s margin account to answer the question.

  27. What does it mean when the shares in my account have been liquidated?

  28. Margin accounts are established to allow investors the ability to use leverage with ...

  29. Does the party loaning shares in a short sale transaction benefit in any way other ...

  30. What methods can be used to fund a forex account?

  31. Is it possible to buy mutual funds using a margin account?

  32. My broker just sold securities out of my account without my permission. Is this legal?

  33. What is a margin account?

  34. What are the minimum margin requirements for a short sale account?

  35. How does leverage work in the forex market?

  36. How is margin interest calculated?

  37. I want to try short selling, but how can I sell something that I don't own?

  38. How are the interest charges calculated on my margin account?

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