1. The Austrian School Of Economics

    Investopedia explains: If you think economists are only concerned with numbers, check ...
  2. Introduction To Supply And Demand

    Find out all about supply and demand and how it relates to your daily purchases.
  3. Advanced Game Theory Strategies For Decision-Making

    The importance of game theory to modern analysis and decision-making can be gauged ...
  4. Utilizing Prisoner’s Dilemma In Business And ...

    The Prisoner’s Dilemma, one of the most famous game theories, provides a framework ...
  5. Adam Smith: The Father Of Economics

    This free thinker promoted free trade at a time when governments controlled most ...
  6. Forces Behind Interest Rates

    Get a deeper understanding of the importance of interest rates and what makes them ...

Stock Analysis

  1. Product Demand Elasticity

    Demand elasticity is the ultimate measure of how consumer shopping patterns will ...


  1. Microeconomics

    This tutorial teaches the basics of one of the most important economic topics. A ...
  2. Economics Basics

    Learn economics principles such as the relationship of supply and demand, elasticity, ...
Investopedia Features
  1. Choosing Quality Mutual Funds

    Our step-by-step mutual fund scoring system will help you uncover the top-quality funds.
  2. Guide to Stock Picking Strategies

    Learn about the most popular stock-picking strategies, including their philosophies, methods, and tools.
  3. Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

    Learn what it means to do your homework before investing in a company.
  4. World's Greatest Investors

    Here you can read about the backgrounds and achievements of those people who have mastered the art of investing.
  5. The Industry Handbook

    Take a look at the various techniques to determine the value and quality of companies from an industry perspective.
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