Momentum Trading


  1. Introduction To Momentum Trading

    This trading style offers major profit potential thanks to the powerful way in which ...
  2. A Primer On The MACD

    Learn to trade in the direction of short-term momentum.
  3. Momentum Trading With Discipline

    This type of strategy demands controlled decision-making, requiring a continual refinement ...
  4. Use The Momentum Strategy To Your Advantage

    Learn how to use a number of different indicators to know when to make your trading ...
  5. The Basics Of Money Flow

    Learn how this indicator uses both price and volume to record a more complete picture ...
  6. Introducing The Bearish Diamond Formation

    Profit-taking opportunities abound using this lesser-known pattern. Find out how.

Stock Analysis

  1. Missed Investment Opportunities Of 2012

    Looking at the rear-view mirror can help provide insight into prospective asset performance. ...
  2. August 3, 2012 Market Summary

    Friday, August 3 proved to be a strong day once again for the major index ETFs. Signals ...
  3. Healthcare Stocks Continuing To Outperform

    These healthcare stocks are still on fire, with potentially more upside left. But ...
  4. 4 Overbought Stocks To Watch

    Stocks with an RSI reading over 80
  5. Stocks With Hammer Candlestick Patterns

    These four stocks may have reached their bottoms.
  6. Clouds Good And Bad For Red Hat

    Red Hat continues to sign up new subs, but the marketing spend is a worry.


  1. Applying The MACD Indicator With MetaTrader 4

    This guide shows how to use MetaTrader 4, a trading platform used for online trading ...
  2. Beginner's Guide To NinjaTrader Trading Software

    Learn how to get started using NinjaTrader's trading platform, developed for active ...
  3. Market Strength Tutorial

    Here you can learn about some of the indicators that traders and brokers use to determine ...
Investopedia Features
  1. Choosing Quality Mutual Funds

    Our step-by-step mutual fund scoring system will help you uncover the top-quality funds.
  2. Guide to Stock Picking Strategies

    Learn about the most popular stock-picking strategies, including their philosophies, methods, and tools.
  3. Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

    Learn what it means to do your homework before investing in a company.
  4. World's Greatest Investors

    Here you can read about the backgrounds and achievements of those people who have mastered the art of investing.
  5. The Industry Handbook

    Take a look at the various techniques to determine the value and quality of companies from an industry perspective.
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