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  1. Managed Payout Funds vs. Annuities: A Comparison

  2. How to Choose A Smart Beta Mutual Fund

  3. Fidelity vs. Vanguard: Which is Better Suited to You?

  4. Should Mutual Funds Still Be in Your Retirement Plan?

  5. 3 Expensive U.S. Mid/SMID Cap Mutual Funds Worthwhile (FNKCX)

  6. The 2 Best Mutual Funds to Short Gold (SPPIX, RDPIX)

  7. ABSIX,ANAYX,FINUX: High-Yielding Australia Bond Mutual Funds

  8. 3 Best Mutual Funds to Short International Equities (UXPIX)

  9. Vanguard REIT Index Fund Portfolio Trends (VGSIX)

  10. Fidelity Select Energy Top Holdings Analysis (FSENX)

  11. Fidelity Balanced Fund's Top Holdings Analysis (FBALX)

  12. Overview of Fidelity Real Estate Investment Fund (FRESX)

  13. 2 High-Yield Mutual Funds to Avoid (JHHBX, FEHAX)

  14. Top Royce Funds for Retirement (RYFSX, RYSEX, RYTRX, RYIPX)

  15. 4 J.P. Morgan Funds With Long Track Records (JUEAX, OIEIX)

  16. FBIDX, FSBAX: Overview of Fidelity Fixed Income Index Funds

  17. Overview of American Funds Fundamental Investors Fund (ANCFX)

  18. Top Mutual Fund Holders of Bank of America (VTSMX, DODGX)

  19. Top Mutual Fund Holders of McDonald's (VTSMX,AMECX,VFINX)

  20. AVEGX,HFCIX,RPMGX: 3 Quality Oriented Growth Funds

  21. Vanguard Fixed Income Underperformers (VWEHX, VFICX, VFSTX)

  22. Overview of High-Yield Global Bond Funds (GGBFX, PRSNX, LSGBX)

  23. The Fairholme Fund's Top Holdings Analysis (FAIRX)

  24. USAGX: USAA Precious Metals Fund Performance Case Study

  25. VGENX: Vanguard Energy Fund Risk Statistics Case Study

  26. Overview of International Funds (MKRAX, PXINX, SSHQX)

  27. NBGNX: Long-Term Portfolio Managers for Small Caps

  28. 3 Dividend-Paying Consumer Discretionary Mutual Funds (VCDAX)

  29. Is Dividend Investing Still Viable?

  30. VGHCX, VWNFX: Top Mutual Fund Holders of Medtronic (MDT)

  31. Small Cap Index Fund: NAESX (ETF) vs. SLYG (Mutual Fund)

  32. RYPMX, MIDSX, OPGSX: 3 Gold-Heavy Mutual Funds to Avoid

  33. CSIFX, CAAAX, CSXAX: Overview of Socially Responsible Funds

  34. Schwab Launches Low-Fee Target-Date Funds

  35. LEVIX, LISIX, GLIFX: Top 3 Lazard Funds for Retirement

  36. 3 South American Equity Mutual Funds (ELAAX, MALTX, PRLAX)

  37. VTSMX, VFINX, VINIX: Top 3 Mutual Fund Holders of Qualcomm

  38. Can Investors Hedge Against Their Mutual Fund Positions?

  39. Robo-Advisors vs. Passively Managed Funds: Which Is Better?

  40. Can You Become Rich Investing in Mutual Funds?

  41. VGENX: Overview of Vanguard Energy Fund

  42. JANBX: Overview of Janus Balanced Fund

  43. VWELX,VGHCX,VFINX,VINIX: Top Mutual Fund Holders of Baxter

  44. VPMCX,HCAIX: Top Mutual Fund Holders of Adobe Systems (ADBE)

  45. TRBCX: Introducing T. Rowe Price’s Blue Chip Growth Fund

  46. VTSMX, VFINX, AGTHX: Top Mutual Fund Holders of Delta Air

  47. BUFEX, BUFMX, BUFSX, BUFIX: Top Buffalo Funds for Retirement

  48. VLACX,WOGSX,FLCSX,FCNTX,DODGX: Top Large Cap Mutual Funds

  49. NUSFX, NOIEX, NOSIX: Top Northern Trust Funds for Retirement

  50. LWBOX, SBLTX, LWCPX: 3 Top Legg Mason Fixed-Income Funds

  51. DODGX, DODWX, DODFX: Top Dodge & Cox Funds for Retirement

  52. FLPSX,SHRAX,VIMSX,VTSMX: Top Mutual Fund Holders of Seagate

  53. VTSMX,PRBLX,PRFDX: Mutual Fund Holders of Applied Materials

  54. Domini's Highest Performing Fund Since Inception (DSEFX)

  55. FPURX: Introducing Fidelity Puritan Fund's Top Holdings

  56. AWSHX: American Funds Washington Mutual Investors

  57. FAMRX, FASGX, FSANX: Introducing Fidelity Target Risk Funds

  58. CBLAX,NINDX,NTIAX,RDLAX: Top Columbia Funds for Retirement

  59. VFINX,VTSMX,VINIX: Top 3 Mutual Fund Holders of IBM

  60. BRBPX, FCPEX, VSEQX, NMIAX: 4 Top Quant Mutual Funds

  61. HBLAX, HQIAX, IHGIX, HGIYX: Hartford Funds for Retirement

  62. EISMX: Eaton Vance's Highest Performing Fund

  63. VCSAX, FDFAX, RYCIX: Dividend-Paying Consumer Staples Funds

  64. DRIOX: Driehaus' Highest Performing Mutual Fund

  65. Profiting Off of Increased Mortgage Rates (PTRIX,FMSFX,VMBSX)

  66. DSEEX, PXTIX: Smart Beta Mutual Funds vs. Smart Beta ETFs

  67. APGCX, ANAGX, ABTHX, AGDAX: Top AllianceBernstein Funds

  68. HHBUX: Hancock Horizon's Highest-Performing Mutual Fund

  69. VTSMX, VGTSX: Portfolio Making with Vanguard Mutual Funds

  70. AQMNX, ASANX, QSPNX: Top 3 AQR Alternative Investment Funds

  71. MLDAX, MAPPX, CPOAX: Top Morgan Stanley Funds for Retirement

  72. BCSSX, JGMAX, PRNHX: Overview of Small-Cap Growth Funds

  73. VWAHX, VWEHX, VWITX: Top Vanguard Fixed Income Funds

  74. FSDIX, VDIGX, FEQTX, VEIPX: Top Dividend Paying Equity Funds

  75. WLTAX, IBNAX, WLGAX, IVDAX: Ivy Funds for Retirement

  76. Top Funds to Short Emerging Markets (UFPIX, UVPIX, BLSIX)

  77. FSANX,FBALX,FGBLX,FDYSX: Fidelity Balanced Allocation Funds

  78. FLPSX: Overview of Fidelity Low-Priced Stock Fund

  79. VISVX,DFFVX,DTMVX,TRBIX: Top US Small Cap Value Index Funds

  80. DOSIX: Dreyfus's Highest Performing Funds Since Inception

  81. Funds to Avoid With a Strong Dollar (CHNCX, FLFAX, MALTX)

  82. MFECX,MEIAX,DIFAX,DVRLX: 4 Top MFS Mutual Funds

  83. Is Your Low-Cost Index Fund Really Low Cost?

  84. FDGRX: Overview of Fidelity Growth Company Fund

  85. VGPMX, FSAGX, TGLDX, USERX: Top Gold Mutual Funds

  86. VFFVX,VTTVX: Vanguard Target Date Funds Overview

  87. RYURX, RYTPX, PSSAX: Mutual Funds to Short the S&P 500

  88. VMVFX, PABAX, GBLAX: Global Low Volatility Mutual Funds

  89. VFIFX: Overview of Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 Fund

  90. PEYAX, PGEOX, PGRWX, VSCAX: Top Putnam Funds for Retirement

  91. IANBX,AFTAX,TNAAX: Top 3 Invesco Funds for Retirement

  92. BALPX, BCMPX, MACPX: 3 BlackRock Funds Rated 5 Stars

  93. Top High-Yielding Japan Bond Funds (PFBDX, PYGFX, FINUX)

  94. FKGRX, FRSGX: Franklin Templeton’s Top Funds for Retirement

  95. TEGBX, FKTIX, FKBAX: Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Funds

  96. VSCGX, VWINX, VTXVX: 5 Conservative Vanguard Equity Funds

  97. CAIBX, VTSMX, VFINX: Top Mutual Fund Holders of AT&T

  98. VGPMX, FKRCX, USAGX: Top 4 Platinum Equity Mutual Funds

  99. ATFAX, AEDYX, ALAYX: Invesco's 5 Stars Rated Funds

  100. FAVFX, TWGTX, QAACX: 5 All Cap Mutual Funds Worthwhile

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