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  1. The Top 5 Oil and Gas Stocks for 2016 (XOM, BP)

  2. 5 Stocks to Buy Before Oil Rebounds

  3. Obama Floats $10 a Barrel Oil Tax

  4. 4 Predictions for Oil in 2016

  5. Gartman: Oil Swings to Flatten Out at $27-$47

  6. The Next Stop for Oil: $18 a Barrel or $52?

  7. The Changing Economics of the Oil Business

  8. How Royal Dutch Shell Makes Money (RDS-A)

  9. 4 Ways China Influences Global Economics

  10. The Long and Short of Trading Oil ETFs/ETNs (UWTI)

  11. A Saudi Aramco IPO? Why You Should Steer Clear

  12. 2016's Most Promising Oil Investments

  13. Unsanctioned Iran Means More Oil on the Market

  14. (USO, OIL, UWTI) 3 Bond ETFs in the Oil Sector

  15. The Top 5 Oil and Gas ETFs for 2016 (USO, UNG)

  16. If Trump Had His Way: The U.S. GDP Minus Muslims

  17. Saudi Aramco: A $10 Trillion IPO?

  18. Does the Shell/BG Merger Still Make Sense?

  19. Are These the Top 3 Energy Stocks of 2016?

  20. How Bad Will It Get for Russia in 2016?

  21. The Top 5 Oil and Gas Equity Mutual Funds for 2016 (VGENX, FSENX)

  22. Costco’s Earnings Miss Overblown

  23. The Top 4 Mid-Cap Oil Stocks for 2016 (PBF, HFC)

  24. BNO: United States Brent Oil Fund ETF

  25. SCO: ProShares UltraShort Bloomberg Crude Oil ETF

  26. DIG: Ultra Oil & Gas ETF

  27. Understanding Benchmark Oils: Brent Blend, WTI and Dubai

  28. XLE: Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF

  29. USL: United States 12 Month Oil ETF

  30. UGA: United States Gasoline Fund ETF

  31. DBO: PowerShares DB Oil ETF

  32. UCO: ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil ETF

  33. USO: United States Oil Fund ETF

  34. Is Russia’s Economy Really Healing? (RBL)

  35. What a $20 USD Barrel Means For the US Oil Industry

  36. What Determines Oil Prices?

  37. Why You Should Avoid These 3 Energy Stocks

  38. 3 Oil Companies Still Making Money with Current Oil Prices

  39. IEO: iShares US Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF

  40. 10 Most Traded Oil ETFs

  41. Looking to Add Oil Into Your IRA or Roth IRA? Here's How

  42. Oil Boom 2.0: Be Sure You Are Ready to Invest

  43. The Largest Oil Companies Make a Pledge to Climate Change

  44. The Biggest Risks of Investing in ConocoPhillips Stock

  45. The Biggest Oil Towns in Texas

  46. Projected Gas Prices for 2016

  47. Will Eni’s Discovery Affect Oil Prices?

  48. How Oil and Ethanol Combine to Make Valero Rich (VLO, PSX)

  49. Effect of Fed Fund Rate Hikes on Oil

  50. The Countries Affected By Falling Commodity Prices

  51. What Needs to Happen for Oil Prices to Go Up?

  52. 3 Oil Towns That Could Go Bankrupt With a $30/Barrel Oil Price

  53. Is Now the Right Time to Buy Oil Stocks?

  54. How Do Companies Forecast Oil Prices?

  55. Top 3 Equity Energy Mutual Funds (IENAX, VGENX)

  56. The Biggest Oil Towns in Colorado

  57. 3 Resilient Oil Stocks for a Down Market (XOM, CVX)

  58. The Biggest Oil Towns in North Dakota

  59. Oil Prices Expected to Surge in 2017

  60. The US States That Produce the Most Oil

  61. The 5 Best Buy-and-Hold Energy Stocks (MMP, TSO)

  62. Oil: Why Not to Put Faith in Forecasts

  63. 2 Oil Stocks to Buy Right Now (PSX,TSO)

  64. Oil Is Cheaper Than Bread In Venezuela...The Country Is In Chaos (BAC, TAPR)

  65. Analyzing the Future of Oil Prices: When Should You Invest? (BP, CVX)

  66. Energy Transfer Equity Set to Acquire Williams Companies

  67. How Oil and Gas Can Fuel Your Retirement Account

  68. Why Low Oil Prices Don't Help U.S. Retail Sales

  69. How to Day Trade Using Leveraged ETFs

  70. Who is Most Affected by Lower Oil Prices?

  71. How Low Can Oil Go?

  72. How Booming Debt Will Turn into Dooming Debt

  73. Large Cap Energy Companies Benefit From Cheap Oil

  74. 5 Reasons Why Private Equity Investors Like Oil and Gas Companies

  75. How Cheap Oil Will Hurt the Saudi Arabian Economy

  76. OPEC Scales Back Oil Production and Demand Forecasts

  77. Fed's Interest Rate Decision Holds Sway Tuesday

  78. Goldman Sachs Predicts $20 Oil

  79. Should the U.S. Export Oil: Pros & Cons

  80. Thursday Update: Global Markets And Energy Price Volatility

  81. Why European Energy Business Is in Decline

  82. Who Wins With Low Energy Prices? 

  83. How The Devaluation of the Yuan Hurts the Russian Economy

  84. September Starts With 8% Drop in Oil Prices

  85. Do Natural Gas Prices Always Follow Oil Trends?

  86. Can a Venezuela Revolt Impact Oil Prices?

  87. The 4 Worst Oil and Gas Stocks of 2015

  88. How Petro Economies Are Coping with $40 Oil

  89. Watch Airline Stocks For Takeoff Potential (AAL, DAL)

  90. 3 Reasons to Be Bearish on Kinder Morgan

  91. Who Are Iran's Biggest Allies, and Why?

  92. Tech Startups Eye the Oil Industry

  93. Gazprom and Shell: The Right Partnership? (RDS.A, GAZP)

  94. Oil: Buy Now or Steer Clear?

  95. Is OPEC The World's Unofficial Oil Central Bank?

  96. Oil Is Down, Why Are Airlines Not Lowering Prices?

  97. Low Oil Prices Are Forcing Economies to Diversify

  98. Long on Oil? Hedge Falling Oil Prices with Options

  99. Is Norway's Statoil a Safe Oil Bet?

  100. American Oil Production's Amazing, Crude Future

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