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  1. Russia Looking to Sell Stake in Rosneft (ROSN.ME, BP)

  2. Did OPEC Blink in the U.S. Shale Standoff? (KSA)

  3. Saudi Arabia Makes Preliminary Oil Offer to Iran

  4. EIA vs. API: Comparing Crude Inventories Announcements

  5. Will Natural Gas Perform Like Oil? (UNG, XLE)

  6. Has the Oil Bear Market Just Begun?

  7. What to Watch in This Week's Oil Market Reports

  8. Junk Energy Bonds Under Renewed Pressure (HYXE, HK)

  9. How Oil ETFs Perform Relative to the Oil Price (USO, SZO)

  10. What Record Oil Stock Sales Mean for Investors (SU, QEP)

  11. US Oil Sector Pre-Earnings Analysis

  12. Oil And Gas Industry Primer

  13. Peak Oil: What To Do When The Wells Run Dry

  14. What Determines Oil Prices?

  15. Is Brexit a Disaster or Blessing for UK Oil?

  16. Debt: Is the Credit Market Peaking? (OAK, JNK)

  17. 3 Reasons Why U.S. Oil Imports Are Rising (PSX, BP)

  18. OPEC Strategy Stable, Saudi to Borrow $15 Billion (KSA)

  19. Was "Peak Oil" a Myth?

  20. Oil Supply Deficit, Default Rates Rise Again

  21. Moody's Downgrades 3 Gulf Countries' Credit

  22. Oil Production Up, Default Rates to Rise

  23. Exxon Mobil Stock: Analyzing 5 Key Customers (XOM)

  24. Analyzing Bengal Energy's Return on Equity (BNG.TO)

  25. Petrobras Raises Cooking-Gas Price: Effects on Its Financials (PBR)

  26. Gulf States Tap Bond Markets, $50 Oil a 'Trigger'

  27. Venezuela Economics: 4 Reasons Why This Country May Go Under

  28. What Happens if the FUP Strikes Against Petrobras (PBR)

  29. Exxon Stock Up Ahead of Earnings, Hikes Dividend (XOM)

  30. The Debt Report: The Energy Sector

  31. The 5 Biggest Oil Bankruptcies of All Time (CVX, OGXP3.SA)

  32. What Could Hurt the Recent Turnaround in Stocks?

  33. Russia and Ukraine's Conflict Is Far From Over

  34. Bengal Energy Relies on Hedging Amid Volatile Oil Prices (BNGLF)

  35. Are Low-Debt Oil Companies the Best Long-Haul Bet?

  36. Why BP's Robust Dividend Might Be In Trouble (BP)

  37. How Do Professionals Forecast Crude Oil Prices?

  38. A Look at Bank of America's Energy Exposure (BAC, JPM)

  39. How Russia Makes Its Money - And Why It Doesn't Make More

  40. Fears of Blocked Baker Hughes Deal Pressures Halliburton (HAL, BHI)

  41. How Falling Oil Prices Effect Prosperity Bancshares Inc. (PB)

  42. Is Warren Buffett Down on His Kinder Morgan Bet? (KMI, BRK.A)

  43. Crude Oil Peaks and Troughs Over the Past Century

  44. Transocean Stock Plunges 8.6% on Falling Oil (RIG)

  45. What a Slowing Chinese Economy Means to Africa

  46. The Top 4 Oil Companies That Protect the Environment (XOM, SUN)

  47. Long on Oil? Buy Canadian Dollars

  48. Bulk Carrier Vs. Container Vs. Tanker: Exploring the 2016 Shipping Market (C)

  49. Iranian Oil is Back After Embargo--or Is it?

  50. Diamond In The Rough: Valero Energy Corporation

  51. Can Frackers Survive Cheap Oil?

  52. 3 Volatile Energy Stocks For The Risk Taker (APC, PXD)

  53. Analyzing Oil Storage Capacity by Country

  54. Is the TSX's Sell-off a Buying Opportunity?

  55. Oil Glut: Find the Opportunities, Jump In

  56. What Will Save Oil? (And When?)

  57. 5 Myths About the Recent Market Dip

  58. Will Oil Make an Epic Comeback?

  59. American Recession: What's happening in Texas?

  60. Who Does Cheap Oil Benefit? See This Stock (DG)

  61. 3 Reasons Iran is Important in 2016

  62. The Top 5 Oil and Gas Stocks for 2016 (XOM, BP)

  63. 5 Stocks to Buy Before Oil Rebounds

  64. Obama Floats $10 a Barrel Oil Tax

  65. 4 Predictions for Oil in 2016

  66. Gartman: Oil Swings to Flatten Out at $27-$47

  67. The Next Stop for Oil: $18 a Barrel or $52?

  68. The Changing Economics of the Oil Business

  69. How Royal Dutch Shell Makes Money (RDS-A)

  70. 4 Ways China Influences Global Economics

  71. The Long and Short of Trading Oil ETFs/ETNs (UWTI)

  72. A Saudi Aramco IPO? Why You Should Steer Clear

  73. 2016's Most Promising Oil Investments

  74. Unsanctioned Iran Means More Oil on the Market

  75. (USO, OIL, UWTI) 3 Bond ETFs in the Oil Sector

  76. The Top 5 Oil and Gas ETFs for 2016 (USO, UNG)

  77. If Trump Had His Way: The U.S. GDP Minus Muslims

  78. Saudi Aramco: A $10 Trillion IPO?

  79. Does the Shell/BG Merger Still Make Sense?

  80. Are These the Top 3 Energy Stocks of 2016?

  81. How Bad Will It Get for Russia in 2016?

  82. The Top 5 Oil and Gas Equity Mutual Funds for 2016 (VGENX, FSENX)

  83. Costco’s Earnings Miss Overblown

  84. The Top 4 Mid-Cap Oil Stocks for 2016 (PBF, HFC)

  85. BNO: United States Brent Oil Fund ETF

  86. SCO: ProShares UltraShort Bloomberg Crude Oil ETF

  87. DIG: Ultra Oil & Gas ETF

  88. Understanding Benchmark Oils: Brent Blend, WTI and Dubai

  89. XLE: Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF

  90. USL: United States 12 Month Oil ETF

  91. UGA: United States Gasoline Fund ETF

  92. DBO: PowerShares DB Oil ETF

  93. UCO: ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil ETF

  94. USO: United States Oil Fund ETF

  95. Is Russia’s Economy Really Healing? (RBL)

  96. What a $20 USD Barrel Means For the US Oil Industry

  97. Why You Should Avoid These 3 Energy Stocks

  98. 3 Oil Companies Still Making Money with Current Oil Prices

  99. IEO: iShares US Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF

  100. 10 Most Traded Oil ETFs

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