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Post-Secondary Education

  1. Where did the term Magna Cum Laude originate from and why is it used in academics?

  2. How does someone earn the designation Magna Cum Laude?

  3. What is the difference between Magnum Cum Laude and Summa Cum Laude?

  4. What's the average salary of someone with a finance major?

  5. What is the Education Savings Bond Program?

  6. What's the difference between a grace period and a deferment?

  7. What special powers does the government have to collect student loans?

  8. What’s the difference between federal and private student loans?

  9. What’s the difference between the two federal student loan programs (FFEL and Direct)?

  10. What is the difference between certified and non-certified private student loans?

  11. What are the most common sources of funds given in a financial aid award letter?

  12. What factors do schools consider when awarding financial aid?

  13. What are the pros and cons of consolidating my student loans?

  14. How does applying for student loans hurt my credit score?

  15. Should I apply for student loans if I haven't finished applying for scholarships ...

  16. Will my student loan be canceled (discharged) if I die?

  17. Is the interest on my student loan tax deductible on my federal income taxes?

  18. Does interest on my student loan accumulate during forbearance?

  19. Do real estate agents need a degree?

  20. Can I roll a Traditional IRA into a 529 college account for my grandchild?

  21. Will getting a student loan deferral hurt my credit score?

  22. A parent would choose to set up a Coverdell Education Savings Account for a child ...

  23. How do university endowments work?

  24. I did not receive my Bachelor's degree in the United States. How can I determine ...

  25. Can I contribute to both a 529 plan and a Coverdell education savings account?

  26. I work for a university, and I have a 403(b) with TIAA-CREF. But TIAA-CREF says I ...

  27. If I do not have a U.S. Bachelor's Degree or equivalent, can I still qualify for ...

  28. What is the best way to save for private school expenses? A 529 plan, a Coverdell ...

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