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Private Equity

  1. Should I offer alternative investments to my employees?

  2. Do hedge funds invest in private companies?

  3. Who do hedge funds lend money to?

  4. Can mutual funds invest in private equity?

  5. What does residual value represent in a private equity investment?

  6. How much, if any, influence do non-controlling interest shareholders have?

  7. What are the pros and cons of holding a non-controlling interest in a company?

  8. What type of funding options are available to a private company?

  9. Which federal regulatory agencies approved and are now responsible for enforcing ...

  10. Does the Volcker Rule prevent commercial banks from offering shares of hedge funds ...

  11. What is the purpose of the Volcker Rule?

  12. Who are Berkshire Hathaway's (BRK.A) main competitors?

  13. How does a company decide whether it wants to engage in a leveraged buyout of another ...

  14. What factors are most important to mezzanine financiers?

  15. How does lower borrowing costs affect new airlines in the aerospace industry?

  16. What is the difference between a summary prospectus and an offering memorandum?

  17. What are the major differences between investment banking and private equity?

  18. What are some advantages of raising capital through private placement?

  19. How are leveraged buyouts financed?

  20. What are the different equity financing options available to companies in the United ...

  21. I want a career in private equity. How can I get started?

  22. How do returns on private equity investments compare to returns on other types of ...

  23. How does the risk profile of private equity investments compare to those of other ...

  24. What are some of the more reputable private equity firms?

  25. Why are private equity investments usually reserved for rich people?

  26. What are some ways of financing an acquisition?

  27. What kinds of private equity investments are out there? (APO, BX)

  28. What is the difference between private equity and venture capital?

  29. How is venture capital regulated by the government?

  30. What are some examples of return on investment capital?

  31. What is the difference between a hedge fund and a private equity fund?

  32. What was the millionaire boom?

  33. What are the advantages and disadvantages for a company going public?

  34. What's the difference between pre-money and post-money?

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