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  1. What are the pros and cons of overdraft protection?

  2. If I want to have some cash in a liquid account for unexpected emergencies, what is best? A savings account or another type?

  3. When buying a car, is it better to have a trade in or a down payment?

  4. Besides a savings account, where is the safest place to keep my money?

  5. Suppose my garage collapsed onto my car. Are damages covered by my home insurance or auto insurance?

  6. Why should I pay myself first?

  7. How can I start an IRA for my child?

  8. A parent would choose to set up a Coverdell Education Savings Account for a child in order to save for college expenses AND:

  9. Why do you need an emergency fund?

  10. How do I know if I qualify to open a HSA (Health Savings Account)?

  11. Should computer software be classified as an intangible asset or part of property, plant and equipment?

  12. How do I stop emotional spending?

  13. What is the "three-legged stool"?

  14. What are some cheaper alternatives to sending children to summer camp?

  15. Why should I invest in the market when I can buy and sell houses or cars?

  16. What business processes were used to establish the Chevrolet motor company?

  17. Can I contribute to both a 529 plan and a Coverdell education savings account?

  18. What is the best way to save for private school expenses? A 529 plan, a Coverdell ESA or a mutual fund?

  19. Can 529 plans be used to transfer wealth to other family members if the original beneficiary does not use the money?

  20. What's the difference between a savings account and a Roth IRA?

  21. What is the best way to budget for holiday and special event spending?

  22. What are the economic implications of government subsidies on fuel costs?

  23. Can I roll a Traditional IRA into a 529 college account for my grandchild?

  24. What options do I have to save for my child's education?

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