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  1. Are Hedge Funds Buying or Covering Shorts?

  2. 2 M&A Deals That Burned Hedge Fund Short Positions (SCTY, TSLA)

  3. Rules and Strategies For Profitable Short Selling

  4. Defensive Investing: Learn from a Hedge Fund Pro

  5. The Short Squeeze Method

  6. The Short and Distort: Stock Manipulation in a Bear Market

  7. The Uptick Rule: Does It Keep Bear Markets Ticking?

  8. Short Selling Risk Can Be Similar To Buying Long

  9. Why Short Sales Are Not For Sissies

  10. Short Selling: Making The Ban

  11. Questioning The Virtue Of A Short Sale

  12. Difference Between Short Selling And Put Options

  13. Bear Put Spreads: A Roaring Alternative To Short Selling

  14. Short Sales For Market Downturns

  15. When To Short A Stock

  16. Shorting Nintendo After "Pokémon Go"? (NTDOY)

  17. Why is Short Selling Legal? A Brief History

  18. Shorting an ETF vs. Buying an Inverse ETF

  19. Active vs. Passive ETF Investing

  20. Why Hedge Funds Are Shorting Australian Banks (CMWAY, WBK)

  21. 5 Stocks With Short Squeeze Potential (GME,RIG)

  22. 5 Cases for Short Selling, Even in the Bull Market

  23. Mortgage Options for Underwater Homeowners

  24. David Einhorn on Short Selling (CSCO, AMZN)

  25. James Chanos on Short Selling

  26. Chinese ETFs: The Long and Short of It (FXI,EWH)

  27. The Most Shorted Stocks and ETF (PFE,SPY,CHK,S)

  28. The 3 Most Shorted Sectors in the S&P 500

  29. 4 Things to Know Before Shorting Digimarc Corporation (DMRC)

  30. 5 Reasons West Pharmaceutical Services Should Be Shorted (WST)

  31. The 3 Most Shorted Stocks in the S&P 500 (GME, RIG)

  32. The 6 Best Alternative Strategies in a Rising Rate Environment (HYHG, TBF)

  33. The 3 Most Shorted Stocks in the Dow (CAT, BA)

  34. 4 Strategies to Short the S&P 500 Index (SPY)

  35. 5 Ways to Beat the S&P 500 in 2016 (XME, XLE)

  36. How to Trade Lumber Liquidators Stock (LL)

  37. Today's Sell-off: Are We in a Margin Liquidation?

  38. The 3 Best Downside Protection Equity Mutual Funds

  39. With Short Interest Surging, Is it Time to Buy?

  40. The Long and Short of Trading Oil ETFs/ETNs (UWTI)

  41. 4 Ways to Short China with ETFs

  42. The Best Sectors To Sell Short in 2016

  43. 5 Popular Stocks with Short Squeeze Potential (FIT, GME)

  44. Will Shake Shack Squeeze Shorts? (SHAK)

  45. CSM: ProShares Large Cap Core Plus ETF

  46. Should Chipotle Consider a Stock Split? (CMG)

  47. Cyclical Versus Non-Cyclical Stocks

  48. Know When To Hold, Know When To Fold A Short Sale

  49. Playing The Decline of Traditional Retailers (XRT, RTH)

  50. Where Do Chinese Equities Go from Here?

  51. Hedging for Beginners: A Guide

  52. The 3 Most Shorted Dow Stocks (V, CAT)

  53. The 3 Most Shorted Nasdaq Stocks (FTR, SIRI)

  54. The 5 Most Shorted NYSE Stocks (VALE, CHK)

  55. Using Short ETFs to Battle a Down Market

  56. This Might Be the Best Time to Buy Colombian Pesos

  57. What Led to Lumber Liquidators' Decline? (LL)

  58. Investors Need to Stop Shorting GoPro. Here's Why

  59. 3 Reasons to Short Monster Beverage

  60. Are You a Trend Trader or a Swing Trader?

  61. Predictions For The Stock Market

  62. Looking to Go Short on China? Here's How (FXI, HAO)

  63. China's Crisis Caused by Unhealthy Stock Market Growth

  64. These are the S&P's 5 Most-Shorted Stocks

  65. 5 Disadvantages of Mutual Funds Compared to ETFs

  66. Pros And Cons Of Paper Trading

  67. How To Interpret The Volume Zone Oscillator

  68. Swing Trading With Ichimoku Clouds

  69. Choose Abundance and Manage Your Trades Like A Pro

  70. How to Create a Personal Risk Management Plan

  71. Trading With Stage Analysis (NRG, NKE)

  72. Should You Short These Debt-Laden Stocks? (PBI, FTR)

  73. The Coming Stock Market Decline: What to Expect (MS, VIX)

  74. How To Short Amazon Stock

  75. Profitable Long-Term Consolidation Patterns

  76. Kohl's: Does a Broken Stock Mean a Broken Company?

  77. Risky Business:Trading Inverse ETFs in an IRA

  78. One Thing To Consider After An Uptrend

  79. Are These Your Best ETF, ETN Bets for 2015?

  80. Value Investing & Short Selling Are Like Oil & Water

  81. Bucking The Trend With Pattern Failure Strategies

  82. How To Start a Hedge Fund In the United States

  83. A Guide Of Option Trading Strategies For Beginners

  84. How To Start A Hedge Fund In The UK

  85. Are You Ready To Be A Professional Trader?

  86. How To Start A Hedge Fund In Canada

  87. Use Volume And Emotion To Tackle Topping Patterns (GERN, SLB)

  88. Where And How To Trade Energy Stocks

  89. Short Russia with Direxion's Daily Russia Bear 3X

  90. Are These the Top Inverse ETFs of 2015?

  91. Will the Natural Gas ETF KOLD Stay Hot?

  92. How To Protect A Short Position With Options (FB, AAPL)

  93. A Guide to Using Inverse ETFs for Diversification

  94. Book Reliable Profits With Pullback Strategies

  95. Spot Chances For Profits In The Three-Step Cycle

  96. How to Short Alibaba

  97. Risk Management Techniques For Shorting Call Options (IBM)

  98. Pick the Right Brokerage Account for Options Trading

  99. The Elder-Ray Indicator: Seeing Into The Market

  100. 10 Timeless Rules For Investors

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