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  1. What exactly is a startup?

  2. Why is Game Theory useful in business?

  3. Which is not a process the Federal Reserve uses to control the level of business activity?

  4. What business processes were used to establish the Chevrolet motor company?

  5. What are some commonly missed deductions for business owners?

  6. I am interested in pursing the CFA charter, but I do not have a degree in business and have not worked within the financial or investment environment. Do I still have a chance of successfully completing the course?

  7. I have a small business (LLC), which I operate part-time. I also work full time for a company and am enrolled in a 401(k) plan. Am I still eligible to make contributions to an individual 401(k) from earnings of my part-time LLC?

  8. Who coined the term "entrepreneur"?

  9. What is an entrepreneur's elevator pitch?

  10. I am retiree, drawing from my 403(b) annuity. I am the sole employee of my own business. Do I qualify for a SIMPLE IRA account? I want to defer some of my income from taxes.

  11. I have a small business, and I'm considering setting up an SEP IRA. What are leased employees? Does this term refer to outside contractors who receive 1099-Rs? If so, how would the 5305-SEP need to be worded to make it acceptable to the IRS?

  12. What is the best retirement plan option for a physician with her own practice, employees and a desire to fund her retirement without making things complicated? She'd like to avoid plans that rely on a stringent income test or require all employees to part

  13. I am starting a limited liability company (LLC). I will be the sole member. Can I open an SEP IRA? How much tax-deferred money would I be able to contribute each year?

  14. I own a small business. Can the SBO-401(k) work for me?

  15. Is an employee eligible for an SEP if the plan has already been set up for other employees?

  16. My company has three partners but plans to hire more this year. Would we be better off with an SBO-401(k) or a SIMPLE IRA?

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