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  17. Kimberly-Clark Looks Way Too Expensive For What It Is

  18. April 19 2013 Market Summary

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  21. IBM Makes It Official – Tech Has Some Troubles

  22. Weak PC Growth And Slow Mobile Penetration Weighing On Microsoft

  23. Fairway Group Gets The Green

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  25. Broad Weakness Makes It Harder To Like St. Jude Today

  26. The “Healthy” Play In Contract Research Organizations

  27. Strategy for Trading High Flying Healthcare Stocks

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  29. Sinclair Broadcast Buying Binge Continues

  30. Comerica Looks Like A Slow-Coiling Spring

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  32. Citigroup Looking More Like A Normal Big Bank These Days

  33. Core Growth At Wells Fargo Is Weak, But The Multiple Doesn't Look Demanding

  34. April 12 2013 Market Summary

  35. Bank Of The Ozarks Continues To Build Value

  36. J.B. Hunt's Bigger Challenge Today: Expectations Not Operations, The

  37. Dominion Diamond Goes Shopping - Should You?

  38. Titan Machinery's Margin Problem

  39. Fortinet Stumbles, Making Tech Investors Very Insecure

  40. SeaWorld IPO Looks To Raise $500 Million: Should You Buy?

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  45. April 5 2013 Market Summary

  46. RPM's Performance Isn't Perfect, But Continues To Generate Cash Flow

  47. Schnitzer's Results Are Better, But The Challenges Are Still Significant

  48. Samsung Stores A No-Risk Opportunity For Best Buy

  49. A Thick Order Book Is Only Part Of The Story For Greenbrier

  50. Global Payments Still Feeling An Uncomfortable Squeeze

  51. Bullish Engulfing Reversals: Turn-around Plays

  52. Hope Seems To Outshine Reality At Acuity Brands

  53. A Big Bet On Cyber Security

  54. ConAgra Now Getting Almost Full Benefit Of The Doubt

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  56. Natural Gas: A Big Win For Israel And Its Producers

  57. Verizon, AT&T And Vodafone – Here We Go Again

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  59. So Who’s Right On Cliffs Natural Resources?

  60. Red Hat's Valuation Looks More Reasonable, But Expectations Could Be Problematic

  61. Market Summary For March 28, 2013

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