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  1. What is a derivative?

  2. What are the main risks associated with trading derivatives?

  3. Should you calculate Value at Risk (VaR) for counterparty credit risk?

  4. For what financial instruments is a modified duration relevant?

  5. What is the difference between derivatives and swaps?

  6. Why is tenor important on credit default swaps?

  7. What kinds of derivatives are types of forward commitments?

  8. What is an over-the-counter derivative?

  9. How can an investor terminate a derivative contract?

  10. What does the notional principal of a derivative contract refer to?

  11. Who is the counterparty of a derivative?

  12. How are risk weighted assets used to calculate the solvency ratio in regulatory capital ...

  13. How does an entrepreneur choose a business structure?

  14. When was the first swap agreement and why were swaps created?

  15. How are swap agreements financed?

  16. What are the risks involved with swaps?

  17. What are interest rate swaps on the OTC market?

  18. What are the Securities and Exchange Commission regulations regarding swaps?

  19. What would motivate an entity to enter into a swap agreement?

  20. What is the difference between LIBOR, LIBID and LIMEAN?

  21. How do you use a back-to-back loan?

  22. What is an absolute rate?

  23. What is a Bermuda swaption?

  24. How do I use a rollercoaster swap?

  25. How do companies benefit from interest rate and currency swaps?

  26. How is rollover interest calculated?

  27. What is a "gypsy swap"?

  28. How can I use an "airbag swap"?

  29. What is a debt/equity swap?

  30. Do traders, market makers, specialists or others ever deliberately drive a stock's ...

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