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  1. How Advisors Can Protect Inherited IRAs

  2. New 2015 Contribution Limits: Advisors Take Heed

  3. The Most Helpful Tools On The Website

  4. How The IRS Works: Functions & Audits

  5. 5 Services To Usher In New Clients

  6. 10 Steps To Tax Preparation

  7. Don't Forget To Take Minimum Distributions

  8. Cut Taxes By Reporting Property Damage

  9. 2010: The Year To Convert Your IRA

  10. Tax-Free Savings Accounts And Instruments

  11. Tax Tips For The Individual Investor

  12. Cut Your Tax Bill With Donor-Advised Funds

  13. Divorce Over 50: Seven Mistakes to Avoid

  14. Five Tax Strategies For A Bonus Or Windfall

  15. 7 Mid-year Tax Moves

  16. Mortgage Amortization Strategies

  17. When a 401(k) Hardship Withdrawal Makes Sense

  18. Top 2014 Muni Bond ETFs

  19. Avoid Taxes on IRA Rollovers

  20. Five Tax Myths That Can Cost You Cash

  21. Why The IRS Blocked Refund Anticipation Loans

  22. Six Ways Your Tax Preparer Knows You're Lying

  23. Retirement Tax Changes For 2014

  24. Need To Enroll In Obamacare? File Your Taxes

  25. What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

  26. How To File A Tax Extension

  27. Why Do So Many People Fall Behind On Their Taxes?

  28. Key Steps In Choosing The Best Tax Preparation Software

  29. New Taxes Under The Affordable Care Act

  30. How To Negotiate Back Taxes With The IRS

  31. How To File Your Child's First Income Tax Return

  32. How To Get The Most Money Back On Your Tax Return

  33. Tax Issues For Same-Sex Spouses

  34. Tax Breaks For Second-Home Owners

  35. Tax Software Vs. An Accountant: Which Is Right For You?

  36. Tax-Smart Ways To Help Your Kids/Grandkids Pay For College

  37. Major Tax Credits Expiring In 2013

  38. Last-Minute Tax Tips For 2013

  39. How Obamacare Is Raising Your Taxes

  40. The Pros And Cons Of Pension Maximization

  41. The Financial Fallout Of The DOMA Repeal For Same-Sex Couples

  42. 3 Financial Tasks We Think Are Harder Than They Really Are

  43. How To Get The Most Out Of Hiring An Accountant

  44. Inaccurate Tax Return, Now What?

  45. Tips To Make Next Year’s Taxes Less Stressful

  46. How To Safeguard Your Tax Returns From Identity Theft

  47. How To Deduct Your Job Search Expenses

  48. Are IRS-Prepared Tax Returns The Solution To Our Tax Woes?

  49. 6 Tax Deductions That Might Get You Audited

  50. Common Tax Mistakes To Avoid

  51. What Does Filing As Head Of Household Mean For Your Taxes?

  52. New Tax Laws To Watch Out For In 2013

  53. Does Online Tax Software Really Save You Money?

  54. 5 Rules To Follow If You Are Filing Taxes Yourself In 2013

  55. Save Early For Retirement If You're A High Earner

  56. Fiscal Cliff Implications For Year-End Tax Planning

  57. Present Your Clients With A Year-End Review

  58. How To Avoid Going Broke After Retirement

  59. Relationships And Retirement Planning

  60. Benefits Of A Dependent Care FSA

  61. How Entrepreneurs Can Save On Taxes

  62. How To Reduce Taxes On ETF Gains

  63. Income Relating: A New Concept In Medicare

  64. Do Your Research Before Claiming These Deductions

  65. Overlooked Tax Deductions

  66. Taxable Events You Didn't Know You Were Creating

  67. Places To Find Free Help For Taxes

  68. Safe Tax Planning For High-Net-Worth Filers

  69. Should You File An Early Tax Return?

  70. Tax Tips For First-Time Filers

  71. When You Should Plan For A Tax Refund

  72. Innovative Ways To Get Your Finances In Order In 2012

  73. How The Wealthy Slash Their Income Tax Bills

  74. An Overview Of Itemized Deductions

  75. End-Of-The-Year Income Tax Checklist

  76. Does Tax Loss Harvesting Really Work?

  77. How To Find The Right Tax Preparer

  78. Don't Put Off Your Year-End Tax Plan

  79. 4 Tax Tips For Unemployed Workers

  80. Retirement Savings: Tax-Deferred Or Tax-Exempt?

  81. Donations: How To Maximize Your Tax Deduction

  82. Tax Preparation Fees: How Much Is Too Much?

  83. Simple Last-Minute Tax Tips

  84. Top Tax Tips For Retirees

  85. How To Cut Your Alternative Minimum Tax

  86. Top 10 Home Business Tax Tips

  87. Tax Tips For Financial Advisors

  88. The 10 Most Important Tax Tips Of 2010

  89. 7 Year-End Tax Planning Strategies

  90. 7 Expenses You Won't Believe Are Deductible

  91. 10 Money-Saving Year-End Tax Tips

  92. How To Owe Nothing On Your Federal Tax Return

  93. How Big Corporations Avoid Big Tax Bills

  94. Top 6 Ways To Increase Your Tax Refund Now

  95. Refund Anticipation Loans Generally A Ripoff

  96. Why You Should Itemize Your Tax Deductions

  97. Choosing A Tax Preparer

  98. Claim The Homebuyer Tax Credit Before It Expires

  99. 10 Tax Tips For Stock Options

  100. Should You File Taxes For Free?

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