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  1. How Estate Taxes Work, A Real Life Example

  2. When is Dual Citizenship Not a Good Idea?

  3. An America with Donald Trump as President

  4. I Maxed Out My 401(k)! Now What?

  5. How Are Dividends On IRAs Taxed?

  6. Six Ways Your Tax Preparer Knows You're Lying

  7. Top Reasons to File Separately When Married

  8. How the Underground Economy Affects GDP

  9. Is a Universal Basic Income Practical?

  10. How Did Puerto Rico End Up With So Much Debt ?

  11. Married Gays Are Surprised to See Bigger Tax Bills

  12. How Are Collectibles Taxed?

  13. Missed the Tax Return Deadline? Here's What to Do

  14. Should University Endowments Be Taxed?

  15. How to Avoid the 6 Most Common Tax Audit Triggers

  16. Owe Taxes? You Could Lose Your Passport

  17. Tax Haven Vs. Tax Shelters: Is There a Difference?

  18. Corporate Tax Dodge Explainer: Earnings Stripping

  19. What's the Tax Hit on an IRA Withdrawal?

  20. Dan Loeb Vs. Warren Buffett: Is Loeb Right? (BRK.A, BAC)

  21. Why Financial Advisors Love and Hate Donald Trump

  22. Vestas Wind Systems: Time to Invest?

  23. Tax Breaks for Second-Home Owners

  24. How to File Your Child's First Income Tax Return

  25. Taking a Roth IRA Early Withdrawal for College Tuition

  26. Colorado's Retail Pot Use Increases State Revenue

  27. Hillary Clinton's Liberal Orthodoxy

  28. Bernie Sanders: Socialist or Liberal?

  29. Obama Floats $10 a Barrel Oil Tax

  30. 5 Economic Changes to Expect if a Republican Wins in 2016

  31. 5 Economic Changes to Expect if a Democrat Wins in 2016

  32. How the New Allergan Plc Will Make Money

  33. S Corp. Vs. LLC: Which Should I Choose?

  34. Year-end Tax Planning Strategies You Need to Know

  35. How the New Tax Bill Affects Your Taxes

  36. 5 Most Taxing Taxes for Americans

  37. What New IRS Rules Will Do to Partnerships, LLCs

  38. How To Deduct Your Job Search Expenses

  39. Pros and Cons of an Internet Sales Tax

  40. How Soda Taxes Will Affect PepsiCo and Coca-Cola

  41. How to Obtain Your Federal Business Tax ID

  42. Use Tax Vs. Internet Sales Tax: How Are They Different?

  43. The Court Cases That Have Shaped US Sales Tax Law: How They Apply Today

  44. Revisiting the Internet Sales Tax Bill: 2013 Vs. 2015

  45. Internet Sales Tax's Effect on Interstate Commerce

  46. The Worst Financial Problems Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals (UHNWIs) Face

  47. Americans Are Living Longer, but Social Security Is Not Catching Up

  48. How Yearly Taxes on 401(k) Accounts Work

  49. Top Tips for Deducting Stock Losses

  50. Read This Before Taking $10K+ to the Philippines

  51. IRA Tax Mistake? You Still May Have Time to Fix It

  52. Payroll Taxes: Picking Apart Your Paycheck

  53. The Top 10 Caribbean Tax Havens

  54. The 5 Countries Without Income Taxes

  55. How Much Can You Contribute to Your 401(k)?

  56. Countries With The Highest & Lowest Corporate Tax Rates (AAPL, IBM)

  57. START-UP NY: How a Tax-Free Zone Would Work

  58. How Tax-Efficient Is Your Mutual Fund?

  59. A Guide To Rollover A 401(k) To A New Employer

  60. How Much It Takes to Max Out Your IRA

  61. 5 Cities the Ultra-Rich Are Moving to

  62. How Shackling Offshore Banks Will Impact You

  63. How Does the Puerto Rican Debt Crisis Affect the US?

  64. What IRS Form 990 Tells About a Nonprofit

  65. What IRS Form 1023 Is Used For

  66. Late with Your Taxes? Grab IRS Form 4868

  67. What IRS Form 8949 Is For

  68. The Top 9 Things to Know About Hillary Clinton's Economic View

  69. How do you calculate penalties on a 401(k) early withdrawal?

  70. What's Wrong with the American Tax System

  71. What's IRS Form 2848 Used For?

  72. Understanding Taxation On Leveraged ETFs (YCS)

  73. What's IRS Form 1040 For?

  74. Ask Your Advisor These 5 401(k) Rollover Questions

  75. Advisors Fees: What Are You Paying For?

  76. The Biggest Items Obama Is Still Missing From His Mandate

  77. 4 Top Changes Obama Has Made with His Mandates

  78. Are You Paying Too Much in Taxes?

  79. How Private Equity and Hedge Funds are Taxed

  80. 401(k) Rollovers: The Tax Implications

  81. Reverse Mortgages and Your Taxes

  82. 401(k) vs. Picking Stocks: What's Best?

  83. Best Ways to Roll Over Your 401(k)

  84. 10 Questions to Ask Your Estate Planning Attorney

  85. 6 Reasons to Use a Household Help Agency

  86. Have Household Help? Don't Get In Tax Trouble

  87. Estate Planning for a Surviving Spouse

  88. Gay Marriage Ruling: Its Impact on Estate Planning

  89. Does it Make Sense to Have an MLP in an IRA?

  90. MLPs: How They Are Taxed

  91. Pros and Cons of Master Limited Partnerships

  92. The Risks of Investing in Art and Collectibles

  93. The Advantages of Investing in Art & Collectibles

  94. How Are Stock Options Taxed & Reported?

  95. Flexible Spending Accounts: Dependent Care Rules

  96. How Are Futures & Options Taxed?

  97. What Does A Flexible Spending Account Let You Buy?

  98. How Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Is Taxed

  99. The Best Bet for Taxes: Traditional or Roth IRAs?

  100. The Basics Of The New Exchange-Traded Mutual Funds

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