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  1. The Financial Fallout Of The DOMA Repeal For Same-Sex Couples

  2. Capital Losses and Tax

  3. Investing In Stock Rights And Warrants

  4. 3 Financial Tasks We Think Are Harder Than They Really Are

  5. All About Zero Coupon Bonds

  6. Is It Foolish To Strive For The American Dream?

  7. Investing In Property Tax Liens

  8. Know Your Cost Basis For Bonds

  9. What Determines Your Cost Basis?

  10. Canadians: Smart Ways To Use Your Tax Refund

  11. The Smith Maneuver: A Canadian Mortgage Tax-Deductible Plan

  12. Know Your Stock Cost Basis

  13. Has Income Tax Become A Class Tax On The Poor?

  14. Possible Effects Of The Online Retail Tax

  15. How To Get The Most Out Of Hiring An Accountant

  16. How The 2014 Obama Budget Could Affect Your Finances

  17. 6 Financial Benefits Of Spring Cleaning

  18. Inaccurate Tax Return, Now What?

  19. Tips To Make Next Year’s Taxes Less Stressful

  20. How To Safeguard Your Tax Returns From Identity Theft

  21. 5 Smart Ways To Use Your Tax Return

  22. How To Deduct Your Job Search Expenses

  23. Are IRS-Prepared Tax Returns The Solution To Our Tax Woes?

  24. How To Report A Tax Cheat

  25. Government Could Limit Chartiable Tax Deductions

  26. There Are New REITs On The Horizon

  27. 8 Little-Known Tax Deductions And Credits

  28. Approved: Paying Online Sales Tax

  29. 6 Tax Deductions That Might Get You Audited

  30. Taxable Rewards To Be Aware Of

  31. Common Tax Mistakes To Avoid

  32. 5 ETFs Flaws You Shouldn't Overlook

  33. What Does Filing As Head Of Household Mean For Your Taxes?

  34. Should Married Taxpayers File Together?

  35. Are You Really Eligible For The Earned Income Tax Credit?

  36. How Much Will Your Taxes Rise Based On Your Salary?

  37. How Tax Treatments Of ETFs Work

  38. 5 Rules To Follow If You Are Filing Taxes Yourself In 2013

  39. New Tax Laws To Watch Out For In 2013

  40. Key Tax Breaks For Parents

  41. How Does The Affordable Care Act Affect Your Taxes In 2013?

  42. Does Online Tax Software Really Save You Money?

  43. Tax Variations Of The HEART Act

  44. How Tax Treatment Of ETFs Can Benefit Purchasers

  45. How To Play Dividends During The Fiscal Cliff

  46. A Look Into Proposition 30

  47. Dividend Facts You May Not Know

  48. Save Early For Retirement If You're A High Earner

  49. Fiscal Cliff Implications For Year-End Tax Planning

  50. Simplify Your Portfolio

  51. Rebalancing Your Portfolio For The Fiscal Cliff

  52. Pass On Wealth To Spread Holiday Cheer

  53. How The Fiscal Cliff Could Affect Your Net Worth

  54. The Link Between The Fed, Money, Debt And Taxes

  55. Tax Credit For Plan Expenses Incurred By Small Businesses

  56. Who Does The Current Tax Code Benefit?

  57. Saver's Tax Credit: A Retirement Savings Incentive

  58. Why You Shouldn't Die In 2013

  59. Retirement Plan Tax Form 8606: When To File

  60. Avoiding Too Much Tax On Your Distributions

  61. Overlooked Tax Deductions For 2012

  62. Tax Treatment Of Ineligible IRA Rollovers

  63. How IRA Contributions Affect Your Taxes

  64. Clearing Up Tax Confusion For College Savings Accounts

  65. Tax-Efficient Wealth Transfer

  66. Reasons Renting Is Better Than Buying

  67. Tax Credits For Families

  68. How To Qualify For The Home-Office Tax Deduction

  69. 6 Small Business Tax Changes For 2012

  70. How Property Taxes Are Calculated

  71. Present Your Clients With A Year-End Review

  72. Tax Advice For Victims Of Superstorm Sandy

  73. IRA Contributions: Deductions and Tax Credits

  74. Advantages And Disadvantages Of ETFs

  75. Will Your Home Sale Leave You With Tax Shock?

  76. Why Monopoly Is A Terrible Finance Teacher

  77. How To Avoid Going Broke After Retirement

  78. Obama And Romney's Education Policies Compared

  79. Canadian Grants And Tax Credits Fund Education

  80. How Taxpayers Can Do A Legal Wash Sale

  81. Relationships And Retirement Planning

  82. Budgeting As A Single Parent

  83. Do Personal Income Tax Cuts Foster Economic Growth?

  84. The True Cost Of Poverty

  85. Benefits Of A Dependent Care FSA

  86. Retirement Living: Renting Vs. Home Ownership

  87. How To File A Canadian Tax Return

  88. Can You Handle A Home-Based Business?

  89. 5 Of The Biggest Celebrity Tax Evaders

  90. Why The Same Goods Have Different Prices Around The World

  91. How Entrepreneurs Can Save On Taxes

  92. Tips For Transferring A House Title

  93. Best States For Company Headquarters

  94. How Paul Ryan's Proposed Plans Will Affect Americans

  95. A Tax Primer For Homeowners

  96. 7 Misconceptions About Sales Tax Holidays

  97. Forex Taxation Basics

  98. Countries With The Highest Tax Rates

  99. How To Reduce Taxes On ETF Gains

  100. Deducting Your Donations

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