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  1. Best Buy Running in Neutral (BBY)

  2. Based on These ETFS, Traders Are Turning Bearish on Europe (EWQ, EWG)

  3. Copper Testing First Quarter Lows (JJC)

  4. Microsoft Weighed Down By LinkedIn Bid (MSFT, LNKD)

  5. Commodity Traders Gearing Up for a Long-term Move Higher

  6. Treasury Bond Fund Testing All-time High (TLT)

  7. Natural Gas Fund Headed Higher Into Summer (UNG)

  8. 3 Breakout Plays in the Utility Sector (AEP, PCG)

  9. Merck Testing 13-Year Resistance (MRK)

  10. Apple Rally Failing to Attract Strong Hands (AAPL)

  11. Whole Foods Market May Enter New Uptrend (WFM)

  12. 3 Short Sales in the S&P 500 (AXP, KMX)

  13. Alphabet's Identity Crisis Weighing on Shares

  14. Biotech Funds Selling Off at Resistance (IBB, XBI)

  15. Starbucks Not Attracting Strong-Handed Buyers (SBUX)

  16. Base Metals Running Into Resistance (JJC, DBB)

  17. 3 ETFs International Investors Should Watch

  18. Boeing May Enter Long Downtrend (BA)

  19. 2 Lesser-known Oil Services Plays (OIH, HP)

  20. 3 Biotech Stocks Headed for New Highs (SCLN, SUPN)

  21. Russell-2000 Rally May Be Coming to an End (IWM)

  22. Chevron: a Better Buy Than Rival Exxon-Mobil (CVX, XOM)

  23. Intel Job Cuts Attracting Steady Buying Interest (INTC)

  24. 3 Dow Laggards Could Offer Reliable Short Sales (AAPL, GS)

  25. Visa and MasterCard Ready to Test Breakout Levels (V, MA)

  26. Is Now the Time to Invest in Sin Stocks? (BJK, MO)

  27. 3 Tech Stocks Waking Up After a Long Slumber

  28. Commodity Bounce Hasn't Ended Vale's Downtrend (VALE)

  29. Active Traders Are Turning Bullish on Sugar and Timber

  30. Mom & Pop Investors Will Make or Break S&P500 Rally (SPY)

  31. J.P. Morgan Completing Multi-Year Breakout Pattern (JPM, KBE)

  32. Microsoft Bulls In Charge Despite Correction (MSFT, AAPL)

  33. Bond ETFs Test Key Levels (HYG, SHY)

  34. 3 Healthcare Stocks at All-Time Highs (ISRG, HSIC)

  35. Netflix on the Mend After Relief Rally (NFLX, FB)

  36. Active Traders Should Be Picky When Buying Into Retail Stocks

  37. New Broadcom Could Lead Tech to Higher Ground (AVGO)

  38. Gold Pulling Back After Powerful First Quarter Rally

  39. Active Traders Continue to Bet Against Copper (FCX, JJC)

  40. Costco Levels to Watch After Earnings (COST, WMT)

  41. Energy Fund Bounce Grinding to a Halt (XOP, USO)

  42. Nasdaq-100 Set for Strong Recovery (QQQ)

  43. Discount Stores in Focus After Wal-Mart Shocker (DG, DLTR)

  44. Wal-Mart Levels to Watch After Earnings (WMT, TGT)

  45. Finding Perfect Pullback Prices (SCLN, BRKR)

  46. 3 Hot Momentum Plays in a Cold Market (NVDA, AG)

  47. Target at Cusp of a Major Downtrend (TGT, WMT)

  48. Play Multiple Markets With Commodity Tracking Fund (DBC)

  49. Did Warren Buffett Just Save Apple? (AAPL, BRK.A)

  50. Active Traders Are Turning to Soft Commodities for Answers

  51. Facebook Shackled by Weak Tech Market (FB)

  52. 3 Oil Refiners to Sell Short (IOC, AR)

  53. Junior Gold Miners Ready to Shake Out Weak Hands (GDXJ, GDX)

  54. 2 Transport Laggards Ready to Sell Short (JBLU, MATX)

  55. 3 Commodity Stocks Poised to Pop (VALE, AU)

  56. Two Short Sales in the Banking Sector (BAC, C)

  57. Crude Oil Headed For Major Reversal (USO)

  58. 3 Chip Stocks in Strong Uptrends (SIMO, AOSL)

  59. Defence Sector Displaying Market Leadership (LMT, RTN)

  60. Tesla Motors Shifting Into Reverse (TSLA)

  61. Emerging Market Fund Headed Into Steep Resistance (EEM)

  62. Apple at Cusp of Major Downtrend (AAPL)

  63. La Nina Underpinning Soybean Rally (SOYB)

  64. Now Is the Time to Buy Gold (ABX, GG)

  65. Sturm Ruger Could Reload Gunmaker Uptrends (RGR, SWHC)

  66. Baker Hughes at Crossroads After Failed Merger (BHI, HAL)

  67. Railroads Head Transport Leaderboard (NSC, KSU)

  68. ESPN Bigger Deal for Disney Than Star Wars (DIS)

  69. The Chart of This ETF Suggests That Tech Stocks Are Headed Lower (XLK, GOOG)

  70. Sector Headwinds Buffeting First Solar (FSLR, TAN)

  71. Better Buy: Home Depot or Lowe's? (HD, LOW)

  72. 3 Short Sales in the Apple Ecosystem (AAPL, SWKS)

  73. Amazon Levels to Watch After Earnings (AMZN)

  74. Nasdaq-100 Weakness Waving Red Flags (QQQ, SPY)

  75. Wait for a Pullback to Buy Pan American Silver (PAAS, SLV)

  76. Apple Levels to Watch After Earnings (AAPL)

  77. Oil Services Fund Still Hasn't Entered a New Uptrend

  78. U.S. Steel at Cusp of Multiyear Uptrend (X)

  79. U.S. Automakers Unattractive at Current Levels (GM, F)

  80. Verizon Getting Sold Under the Surface (VZ)

  81. S&P 500 Resistance and Volatility Opportunities (SPY, VXX)

  82. Play the Rotation Out of High Yielders (XLU, TLT)

  83. Bank Rally Could Run Out of Steam (KBE, KRE)

  84. Caterpillar at a Major Crossroads (CAT)

  85. These Two Emerging Markets Are Set to Move Higher (PIN, EWT)

  86. To Take Profits in Lumber Stocks, or Hold (WY, RYN)

  87. These Charts Suggest That Commodities Are Headed Lower (RIC)

  88. 3 Lesser-known Retailers in Bull Markets (BURL, DG)

  89. Corn's Bullish Base Could Yield 2016 Breakout (CORN)

  90. 3 S&P 500 Comeback Kids (ADS, SYMC)

  91. Trending Stocks Near the Buy Zone (FSLR, HRL)

  92. Buy Oil and Gas Plays After the Doha Shakeout (XLE)

  93. Starbucks Flashing Mixed Messages Ahead of Earnings (SBUX)

  94. 3 Nasdaq-100 Components at All-time Highs (AVGO, ISRG)

  95. Trade American Express on Both Sides (AXP, V)

  96. Macao Casino Operators Poised For Additional Gains (WYNN, LVS)

  97. Natural Gas Is Headed for a Breakout (UNG, UGAZ)

  98. Get Ready to Sell Goldman Sachs (GS)

  99. Earnings Unlikely to Bail Out Bank of America Bulls (BAC)

  100. Sentiment has Shifted in Oil and Gas Stocks (PBR, SE)

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