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  1. Facebook Rebuilding After Modest Profit-taking

  2. Global Market ETFs Showing Lots of Strength

  3. 3 Nasdaq-100 Stocks With Weekly Breakout Patterns (FAST, ISRG)

  4. Intel Pinning Hopes On Server Markets (INTC)

  5. Active Traders Turn Bullish on Utilities

  6. Many International Market ETFs Still Look Weak

  7. Up and Coming Food and Beverage Plays

  8. Copper Could Turn Sharply Higher (JJC)

  9. These Commodity Stocks Suggest That the Downtrend Will Continue

  10. 3 Stocks Set to Decline at Major Resistance (APA, WFM)

  11. Watch for Short-term Trendline Breaks in These Stocks (MDLZ, VLO)

  12. A Better Buy: Schlumberger or Halliburton?

  13. 3 Nasdaq-100 Stocks With Bullish Crossovers

  14. Palo Alto Networks at Technical Crossroads

  15. 3 Beaten Down Stocks With Bullish Volume Patterns (PWR, FIS)

  16. Monitor These Cup and Handle Chart Patterns (CPGX, CB)

  17. Downtrends in Japan, Brazil and Taiwan Are Set to Continue (EWZ, EWJ)

  18. Loyal Nike Shareholders Hanging Tough (NKE)

  19. Stocks Trading at the 61.8% Pullback Level (TSLA,NAVI)

  20. The Sky's the Limit for Nvidia (NVDA, AMD)

  21. Wait For These Price Levels to Buy Gold Miners (KGC, AUY)

  22. 3 Plays for the Biotech Bear Market (GILD, UTHR)

  23. Microsoft Could Head Much Higher (MSFT)

  24. Zika Plays Ready to Break Out (XON, INO)

  25. Amazon Still Overbought Despite Big Bounce (AMZN)

  26. Scanning for Trades Using Trends and RSI (EEM, XLF)

  27. 3 Specialty Retailers in New Uptrends (ANF, KORS)

  28. Boeing May Have Entered a Bear Market (BA)

  29. Agricultural Stocks May Head Even Lower (POT, MON)

  30. Uptrend and Downtrend Trade Setups (ERIC, KIM, XYL)

  31. Can Netflix Get Back on Track? (NFLX)

  32. Three Stocks with Buying Opportunities (GCI, MT, SXL)

  33. Three 2015 Losers on the Comeback Trail (TWTR, AMBA)

  34. Visa and MasterCard May Be Headed Higher (V, MA)

  35. Even the Value Stocks Can't Escape the Downtrend (VOE, VTV)

  36. 3 ETFs That Suggest Commodities Are Headed Lower (COMT, DBC)

  37. Relative Strength Revealing New Leaders (FSLR, NEM)

  38. Apple May Be Setting Up a Major Buy Signal (AAPL)

  39. These Stocks are Strong March Performers (PEP, AME, TIF)

  40. Short Trades Aren't Hard to Find (CF, NSAM, WERN)

  41. Why is this hedge fund mogul fleeing tech?

  42. Stock Chart Patterns Playing Out Right Now (WMT, TWC)

  43. These Energy Stocks Are Poised For A Pop (MPC, CVI)

  44. Gold Stocks Turn: Where To Buy (GLD, ABX, GDX)

  45. Uptrending Stocks Dwindle, a Few Remain (EW, WEC, WR)

  46. Trade Setups Based on Descending Trend Channels (LBTYK, RRC)

  47. How Are You Trading The Breakdown In Growth Stocks? (VOOG, IWF)

  48. Breakout Opportunity Stocks: CPA, GNRC, WWE

  49. 3 Charts That Suggest Now Is The Time To Invest In Real Estate (VNQ, SPG,PSA)

  50. Stocks With More Upside Due to Bear Traps (TAP, SPY)

  51. Watch For a Bounce in These Emerging Markets (BRF, PEK)

  52. Stocks At Buy Points In Healthy Uptrends

  53. The Uptrend Is Reversing In Financials

  54. These 3 Charts Suggest Bears Control The Commodity Markets

  55. Are Rises In These Stocks and REITs Sustainable?

  56. Watch These Stocks Closely For a Breakout

  57. Charts Suggest Russian Stocks Will Plummet Further

  58. Watch Out for Agricultural Stocks

  59. Four Stocks With Further Downside

  60. 3 Technology ETFs To Watch

  61. Industrial Metals Are Stuck In A Downtrend

  62. Triangle Stock Breakouts to Kick Off 2016 (GIS, SEM)

  63. ChartAdvisor for January 1 2015

  64. Bulls Shouldn't Count On A Reversal In Commodities

  65. Pros and Cons of These Breakout Stocks (FB, IM)

  66. 2016 Could Be Another Great Year For The Consumer Discretionary Sector

  67. Value-Priced Stocks to Watch in 2016 (AMBC, VIPS)

  68. ChartAdvisor for December 24 2015

  69. Stocks At Support: a Buying or Selling Opportunity?

  70. The Downtrend In Precious Metals Is Poised To Continue

  71. These Weak Stocks Can Provide Good Short Trades

  72. ChartAdvisor for December 18 2015

  73. Jack Bogle Likes Bonds And You Should Too

  74. Stock Breakouts From Tight Consolidations

  75. Energy Commodities Continue Their Downtrends

  76. 4 Stocks That Remain High

  77. Buy These Stocks During the Current Pullback (PCLN, RAI)

  78. Now Is The Time To Invest In The Dividend Aristocrats

  79. The Downtrend In Commodities Is Set To Continue

  80. Look for These Stock to Break Above Resistance (YY, LVNTA)

  81. Traders May Want To Wait To Buy Into India

  82. Four Triangle Patterns to Keep An Eye On

  83. Rare Earth Metals Continue To Struggle (REMX, TC)

  84. 2 Short-term and 2 Longer-term Trade Ideas (PXD, CPT)

  85. ChartAdvisor for November 27 2015

  86. Pay Attention To These Stock Patterns Playing Out

  87. Now Could Be The Time To Buy IPOs

  88. Copper Continues Its Descent

  89. Watch These Stocks for Breakouts (LPX, NWBI)

  90. ChartAdvisor for November 20 2015

  91. Like Ranges? These Are Stocks to Consider

  92. Is This The Beginning Of A Downtrend In Home Builders?

  93. Low P/E Stocks Ready for a Turnaround? (CC, NSR)

  94. Is Now the Time to Buy Lumber?

  95. These Technology Stocks are Rolling Over

  96. These Commodity ETFs Are Still Stuck Within A Downtrend

  97. Four of the Strongest Stocks Right Now

  98. Stocks at Major Resistance - Breakout or Reverse?

  99. ChartAdvisor for November 6 2015

  100. This ETF Suggests Now Is The Time To Buy Regional Bank Stocks (KRE, WAL)

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