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  1. Darden Vulnerable to Sector Headwinds (DRI)

  2. Halliburton Stuck In Neutral After Failed Merger

  3. Utilities Awake From Their Slumber After the Fed

  4. 3 Bullish Plays in the Apple Ecosystem

  5. Chevron at Cusp of Intermediate Correction

  6. IBM Could Head Lower in Fourth Quarter (IBM)

  7. 3 Dow Stocks Primed for Short Sales (AAPL, MCD)

  8. American Express at Cusp of New Uptrend (AXP)

  9. Transports Flashing September Buy Signals (CSX, SWFT)

  10. 3 Stocks With Bullish Volume Divergences

  11. Micron at Resistance After Healthy Recovery Wave (MU)

  12. Gold Miners Head Into Intermediate Corrections (GDX, GDXJ)

  13. Lululemon Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place

  14. Salesforce Bears In Control After Earnings (CRM)

  15. High Volume Days Expose Hidden Summer Plays (PANW, HRB)

  16. Penny Stocks to Watch for September 2016 (BGI)

  17. Big Banks Could Lead Market Higher in 4th Quarter

  18. Exxon-Mobil Rally May Have Come To An End

  19. Gamestop Price Levels To Watch After Earnings

  20. Emerging Markets Set to Resume Steep Downtrends

  21. Specialty Retailers Defying Sector Gravity (ROST, DKS)

  22. Intuit Price Levels To Watch After Earnings

  23. Best Buy Price Levels to Watch After Earnings

  24. Smaller Biotechs Surging to New Highs

  25. Buy The Tobacco Dip

  26. Halliburton Headed Higher Despite Failed Merger

  27. Buy Weakness On These S&P 500 Leaders

  28. Deere Undermined By Commodity Cross-Currents

  29. 3 Pullback Plays For A Quiet Summer Market (JCP, ADXS)

  30. Wal-Mart Set to Test Higher Ground

  31. 3 Fibonacci Trades For Late Summer

  32. Target Corp. Price Levels To Watch After Earnings

  33. Dog Day Volume Spikes Reveal Profitable Setups

  34. Home Depot Price Levels to Watch After Earnings

  35. Alphabet Likely to Pull Back Before Breaking Out (GOOGL, GOOG)

  36. Southwestern Energy Growth Plans Could Backfire

  37. Procter & Gamble Challenging Bull Market High

  38. Chemicals Mixing a Bullish Brew

  39. Utilities Signaling New Risk-Off Rotation (NI, EIX)

  40. Buy the Dip During Dog Days

  41. Three Energy Stocks Headed For New Highs (PTEN, QEP)

  42. Cisco Systems Set To Challenge 2007 Resistance (CSCO)

  43. Big China Plays Coiled Up Ahead Of Earnings (BABA, JD)

  44. Game On For Activision-Blizzard

  45. U.S. Steel Headed Higher Into 2017 (X)

  46. First Solar Price Levels to Watch after Earnings

  47. Transports Waving Red Flags After Earnings

  48. Disney Getting Sold By Smart Money Crowd (DIS)

  49. Department Stores Set to Resume Downtrends

  50. Tesla Motors Price Levels to Watch After Earnings

  51. Pfizer Price Levels To Watch After Earnings (PFE)

  52. Coke Or Pepsi, Which Offers The Better Buy? (KO, PEP)

  53. Celgene Set to Squeeze Short Sellers (CELG, IBB)

  54. Chip Stocks Flying High (XLNX, FLEX)

  55. Caterpillar at Cusp of New Uptrend (CAT)

  56. Speculators Betting Macao Stocks Have Hit Bottom

  57. Retail Sector Waking Up After Long Slumber

  58. McDonald's Price Levels to Watch After Earnings

  59. Apple Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (AAPL)

  60. Earnings Will Test Chevron and Exxon-Mobil Rallies

  61. Political Headwinds Dampen Gilead Sciences Outlook

  62. Honeywell Bears in Control After Long Uptrend

  63. eBay Headed For New Highs (EBAY, AMZN)

  64. U.S. Automakers on the Mend After Upbeat GM Earnings

  65. Russell-2000 Set to Outperform Blue Chips

  66. GE Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (GE)

  67. Netflix at Cusp of Major Downtrend (NFLX)

  68. Coal Rally Has Room to Run (KOL, CNX)

  69. Halliburton Price Levels to Watch After Earnings

  70. 3 Single Digit Darlings Flying High (LEDS, HMNY)

  71. IBM Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (IBM)

  72. Delta Taking Off After Earnings (DAL)

  73. Bank of America Levels to Watch After Earnings

  74. Defensive Plays Setting Up Dip Trades (GLD, TLT)

  75. Wells-Fargo Price Levels to Watch After Earnings

  76. Cliff's Resources Rising Against The Iron Tide (CLF)

  77. Yum Brands Levels To Watch After Earnings (YUM)

  78. Crude Oil Overbought at Mid-Year

  79. Chipotle Still Poisoned By 2015 Outbreak (CMG)

  80. Costco Headed for Test of Bull Market High

  81. United Technologies Stuck in Neutral (UTX, LMT)

  82. U.S. Airlines Enter Bear Markets (UAL, AAL)

  83. Time To Reload Bearish Retail Bets (M, JWN)

  84. Dissecting Silver's Wild Holiday Ride (SLV, GLD)

  85. Biotech Bottom Calls After Big Bounce (IBB, XBI)

  86. Rate Hike Stalemate Bad For U.S. Banks (KBE, KRE)

  87. Time Running Out For Microsoft Bulls (MSFT)

  88. Brexit Bounce Still Favors Bearish Outcome (XLF, XLB)

  89. Oracle Headed For Big Tech Leadership (ORCL, IBM)

  90. Consumer Staples Could Offer Relief From Brexit (KO, PG)

  91. Apple And Netflix Back In Bear Market Territory (AAPL, NFLX)

  92. British Petroleum Caught In Brexit's Maelstrom (BP, XOM)

  93. Gold Bulls In Control After Brexit (GLD, PHYS)

  94. 3 Blue Chip Mavericks Glowing Green After Brexit (WMT, LMT)

  95. 3 Flights to Safety After Brexit (GLD, UUP)

  96. McDonalds Headed Into Long-term Sell Cycle (MCD)

  97. Big Biotech Set to Bounce Off Deep Lows (GILD, CELG)

  98. FedEx Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (FDX, UPS)

  99. Werner Raises Red Flag for Truckers (WERN, JBHT)

  100. Coffee Rally Spells Trouble for Starbucks (SBUX, JO)

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