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Warren Buffett

  1. What schools did Warren Buffett attend on his way to getting his science and economics ...

  2. How does Warren Buffett choose the companies he buys?

  3. What is Warren Buffett's annual salary at Berkshire Hathaway?

  4. What is an economic moat?

  5. Why did Warren Buffett invest heavily in Coca-Cola (KO) in the late 1980s?

  6. Why does Warren Buffett largely avoid investing in the technology sector?

  7. Why doesn't Warren Buffett own Apple (AAPL) stock?

  8. Why would a value investor consider the Internet sector?

  9. Why are stock buybacks so controversial?

  10. Why does Berkshire Hathaway prefer to buy back shares instead of paying dividends?

  11. What did Warren Buffett mean when he said, “Diversification is protection against ...

  12. How many times has Warren Buffett been married?

  13. What is Warren Buffett's investment history with the Washington Post? (BRK.A, AMZN)

  14. What's the best way to contact Warren Buffett?

  15. What is Charlie Munger's current role at Berkshire Hathaway, and what is his history ...

  16. What are Warren Buffett's favorite business / finance books, and why?

  17. What are the differences between Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger's business philosophies?

  18. What was the first stock Warren Buffett ever bought?

  19. What was the largest company Warren Buffett ever bought through Berkshire Hathaway?

  20. How did Warren Buffett's investing style conflict with Benjamin Graham's theories ...

  21. What investors come close to challenging Warren Buffett as the greatest investor ...

  22. What is Warren Buffett's relation to "Supercat" insurance?

  23. What was the worst investment Warren Buffett made in his career?

  24. Why doesn't Berkshire Hathaway pay a dividend?

  25. Why doesn't Warren Buffett split Berkshire Hathaway stock?

  26. What is the difference between Berkshire Hathaway's Class A and Class B shares?

  27. Given the decline of print media, why did Warren Buffett invest in so many local ...

  28. Does Warren Buffett invest in gold? Why or why not?

  29. How much tax does Warren Buffett think billionaires should pay?

  30. Who does Warren Buffett plan to bequeath his estate to?

  31. How does the "Buffett Premium" increase Berkshire Hathaway's stock price?

  32. When does Warren Buffett usually release his letter to shareholders?

  33. Why doesn't Warren Buffett name a successor for Berkshire Hathaway?

  34. What's the largest charitable donation Warren Buffett ever made?

  35. Does the massive size of Berkshire Hathaway reduce its future returns?

  36. Why did Berkshire Hathaway create Class B shares?

  37. Is there any history of insider trading with Warren Buffett or Berkshire Hathaway?

  38. What is Warren Buffett's largest holding?

  39. How did Warren Buffett get started in business?

  40. What's the most expensive stock of all time?

  41. What is the salad oil scandal?

  42. Why are some shares priced in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, while other just ...

  43. What's the smallest number of shares of stock that I can buy?

  44. Is finance an art or a science?

  45. If I own a stock in a company, do I get a say in the company's operations?

  46. I've heard some "market gurus" claim returns of up to 400% annually. Is this possible?

  47. What is earnings management?

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