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  1. Wal-Mart’s Vudu App Can Now Make Digital Copies of DVDs (WMT)

    Vudu, a media group owned by Wal-Mart, now lets users convert DVDs and Blu-rays into digital formats for cloud storage.
  2. 4 Best Personal Finance Apps for 2017

    Managing your money and hitting your financial goals has never been easier with these top personal finance apps.
  3. Research Firm: Chipotle Will 'Easily Beat' Q1 Sales Estimates (CMG)

    M Science, a data analysis firm, predicts that Chipotle will beat analysts' sales expectation for the first quarter.
  4. Cable TV Demand Sustained Thanks to Bundled Packages (CMCSA, TWX)

    Deloitte reported that bundled packages helped to keep cable TV demand steady in 2016, despite rising appetite to steam content. ...
  5. Apple Denies Claim That Its System Was Hacked (AAPL)

    An Apple spokesperson has clarified that hackers did not obtain information on 300 million accounts from Apple's system.
  6. 9 Ways to Protect Your Cell Phone From Identity Theft

    Thanks to lax phone security and sophisticated hackers, cell phones are the target for identity theft.
  7. Waymo Poaches eBay Exec as Head of Public Policy (GOOG, EBAY)

    The Alphabet subsidiary's move comes as the self-driving car industry picks up the pace.
  8. Opinion: Fintech Will Require Regulation

    A national charter to address responsibility and compliance among fintech innovators may bring much needed oversight.
  9. Brexit

    Brexit refers to Britain's leaving the European Union, which could happen in as few as two years.
  10. Protecting Financial Information From Hackers

    Two examples of how security measures protected clients' money from email hackers.
  11. Why and When Your Robo-Advisor Will Fail You

    Robo-advisors are not as capable as human advisors in handling market downturns and volatility.
  12. Can Bitcoin Hard Fork?

    A hard fork on the Bitcoin blockchain could happen. It's best to be prepared.
  13. Target Unveils Reimagined Store Concept (TGT)

    By 2019, Target plans to redesign 500 stores with two different entrances for two different types of shoppers.
  14. How Tech Makes Retirement Finances Easier

    Embracing the possibilities that tech has to offer could make navigating your finances in retirement easier.
  15. Microsoft, Adobe Team Up to Provide Businesses Joint Solutions (MSFT, ADBE)

    The computing giants combined their respective sales and marketing products to gain a competitive edge in the lucrative B2B ...
  16. Big Tech M&A Is Transforming the Auto Industry

    Tech companies are racing to secure a foothold in what could become a $70 billion market, Intel says.
  17. Wal-Mart Launches Tech Incubator, Promises More Acquisitions (WMT, AMZN)

    The launch of a technology investment arm forms part of the retail giant's plans to boost online sales and challenge Amazon. ...
  18. Jon Stein on Building Betterment

    As the CEO and founder of Betterment, Jon Stein has a vision for the future of digital financial advice.
  19. Quantifying the Growth Implied by Snap's Valuation (SNAP, FB)

    Based on an intrinsic valuation model, what is the growth rate implied by Snap's current price?
  20. Uber and Airbnb Also Won in Last Election Cycle

    The sharing economy earned decent business from the recent presidential campaign.
  21. IBM Launches Enterprise-Ready Blockchain Service (IBM, MSFT)

    The tech giant hopes to win over big businesses and beat competitors with the launch of its first commercial blockchain. ...
  22. Scandal-Ridden Uber Loses Its President and Key Engineer (TGT, GOOG)

    Things continue to spiral at Uber.
  23. 3 Reasons Why Advisors Need to Embrace Fintech

    Advisors can reap many benefits if they evolve and adapt to the fintech revolution.
  24. 'Year of Retail Bankruptcies' Looms (GMAN, M)

    Not all companies are expected to survive 2017's changing consumer landscape.
  25. iPhone 7 Plus Goes Retro (AAPL)

    ColorWare's latest custom Apple product is styled like a Macintosh PC from 1984.
  26. NVIDIA Develops Driverless Trucks With PACCAR (NVDA, PCAR)

    The chipmaker has big plans to help develop driverless trucks and cars.
  27. Protect Your Small Business from Cybercrime

    Small business owners are a growing target for cyber-attacks; protect yourself and your clients.
  28. How to (Mostly) Prevent Twitter App Hacks (TWTR)

    The most recent large-scale Twitter account hack has prompted some users to take extra precautions.
  29. What is the One Job Automation Has Eliminated in the Past 60 Years?

    Automation might not be as bad as you think: In actuality it has eliminated just one occupation in 60 years.
  30. Hacking Into Symantec's Long-term Outlook (SYMC, FEYE)

    Symantec is trading less than 3-points from the 2004 all-time high, with that price level likely to trigger a reversal and ...
  31. Netflix Could Head Into Mid-year Swoon (NFLX)

    Netflix is testing the bull market and its all-time high while generating a bearish volume divergence that could yield a ...
  32. Know the Latest IRS Scams

    How do IRS scammers go about stealing your personal information? Their methods include hacking, malicious software and psychological ...
  33. Startups: How Roblox Plans to Copy Microsoft's Minecraft

    Roblox just received $92 million to further compete with Microsoft's Minecraft video game.
  34. Martha Stewart Against Blue Apron (AMZN, TSN)

    Martha Stewart's recipes and Amazon's logistics could ruin Blue Apron's sauce.
  35. Acorns Grow Inc.

    Acorns allows users to round up purchases and automatically invest their spare change via an app.
  36. Merrill Lynch Sees 24% Upside In Wal-Mart (WMT)

    Merrill Lynch sees a sustainable 20 percent to 30 percent growth in WMT's e-commerce business, driven by strategic acquisitions ...
  37. Eavesdropping Attack

    Eavesdropping Attack is an incursion where someone tries to steal information that computers, smartphones, or other devices ...
  38. Data Loss

    Data loss occurs when valuable and/or sensitive information on a computer is compromised due to theft, human error, viruses, ...
  39. Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

    An Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a large-scale, sophisticated, targeted attack on an organization’s computers to gather ...
  40. Using Virtual Reality to Buy and Sell Your House

    High-end realtors have started to show luxury digs via virtual reality tours, which gives access to buyers all over the country. ...
  41. eIDV (Electronic Identity Verification)

    eIDV is the use of information in public and private databases to quickly confirm whether an individual is who they claim ...
  42. Mass Payment

    Mass Payment is a method of paying multiple recipients online simultaneously.
  43. Micro-Investing Platform

    A micro-investing platform is an application that allows users to regularly save small sums of money.
  44. Haptics

    Haptics is the science of touch in Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  45. China Contemplates Easing Electric Car Quotas (TSLA, GM)

    Electric vehicle makers ask the Chinese government for more leeway after the withdrawal of subsidies caused sales to plummet.
  46. New York City sues Verizon (VZ)

    A lawsuit claims Verizon broke a promise made in 2008 to supply its fiber-optic cable network to every household in the city. ...
  47. The Importance of Client Journey Mapping

    Mapping an effective client journey helps engage clients and provides effective services.
  48. Wharton Ties with Harvard as Best Business School

    Stanford GSB drops two places, MIT Sloan moves up.
  49. Merrill Considers Alternatives to Fee-Only Model

    In the wake of the fiduciary rule, Merrill Lynch is dropping commission-based transactions from all of its retirement accounts, ...
  50. Strong AI

    Strong AI is a type of machine intelligence that is equivalent to human intelligence.
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Hot Definitions
  1. Portable Alpha

    A strategy in which portfolio managers separate alpha from beta by investing in securities that differ from the market index ...
  2. Run Rate

    1. How the financial performance of a company would look if you were to extrapolate current results out over a certain period ...
  3. Hard Fork

    A hard fork (or sometimes hardfork) is a radical change to the protocol that makes previously invalid blocks/transactions ...
  4. Interest Rate Risk

    The risk that an investment's value will change due to a change in the absolute level of interest rates, in the spread between ...
  5. Ethereum

    Ethereum is a decentralized software platform that enables SmartContracts and Distributed Applications (ĐApps) to be built ...
  6. Zero Day Attack

    Zero Day Attack is an attack that exploits a potentially serious software security weakness that the vendor or developer ...
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