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  1. Samsung Shows Off OLED Screen That Can Bend and Stretch (SSNLF)

    Samsung Display showed off three prototype OLED screens, including one that can bend and stretch.
  2. Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles Sold Out 'Well Into 2018' (TSLA)

    Demand for Tesla’s solar roofs has exceeded expectations, adding to the tech company's grueling production commitments.
  3. Why Techs Will Fly Higher: A Technical View (FB, AAPL)

    Technical analysis shows that big tech stocks still have huge upward potential, including Facebook.
  4. Piper Jaffray Ups Netflix Price Target, Says Street Underestimates Growth (NFLX, AMZN)

    An analyst at the firm said Netflix's EPS could be double his estimates for 2020.
  5. Bitcoin Price Spikes to $2,700, then Loses $400 in Hours (C,NDAQ)

    Easy come, easy go in volatile cryptocurrency pricing
  6. MGT Capital Doubles Down on Bitcoin Mining (MGTI)

    The company stated that it will use new funding to invest in bitcoin mining computers.
  7. Snap's Big Gamble? (TWTR, SNAP)

    Snap is offering discounts to media buyers to encourage them to spend more on advertising.
  8. iPhone 8 Supercycle Will Release Pent-Up Demand: Credit Suisse (AAPL)

    Credit Suisse urges investors to buy Apple stock in advance of the iPhone 8 release.
  9. Tesla Factory Sees More Injuries Than Industry Average: Report (TSLA)

    The rate of injuries occurring at Tesla’s high-tech Fremont plant in California was about a third higher than the auto industry ...
  10. 6 Ways Advisors Should Utilize a Facebook Business Page

    These six simple steps will help you make the most of your Facebook business page.
  11. Stanford Study Says Fitness Trackers Can't Count Calories (AAPL, FIT)

    Researchers say those relying on fitness trackers to measure their calorie expenditure are being misled.
  12. Will Amazon's Alexa Be Your Next Financial Adviser? (AMZN)

    The smart assistant already has a number of skills required in financial services.
  13. Why Amazon Invested in Plug Power (AMZN, PLUG)

    Last month, online giant Amazon inked a deal with alternative energy company Plug Power.
  14. The History of First Solar (FSLR)

    A sneak peek into the history of one of the successful solar companies.
  15. AMD versus Nvidia (AMD, NVDA)

    A look at AMD and Nvidia, focusing on their latest GPU technology, and what is in store in the future.
  16. AMD versus Intel (AMD, INTC)

    Over the past 12 months, shares of Advanced Micro Devices have blown away its top competitor Intel.
  17. AMD versus Qualcomm (AMD, QCOM)

    AMD is making a new push to dominate the industry's emerging segment: virtual reality.
  18. Why AMD Is Intel’s Only Competitor (INTC, AMD)

    A look at the history of competition between Intel and AMD.
  19. BlackBerry Turnaround Catching Fire (BBRY)

    BlackBerry has reached a 2-year high, with improved sentiment likely to generate a sustained uptrend and even higher prices. ...
  20. Netflix Courts Controversy at Cannes (NFLX, AMZN)

    The movie-streaming service's chief content officer called it "L'Affaire de Netflix."
  21. Facebook and Google Are Bringing Automation to Marketers (FB, GOOG)

    The tech rivals both plan to provide marketers with more automation as they bid to increase market share in the digital advertising ...
  22. How Home Depot, Best Buy, Wal-Mart Can Beat Amazon (HD, BBY) Inc.'s growth has caused sales of many retailers to plunge, yet some are poised to thrive.
  23. How Do Apple And Nokia Benefit From Ending Their Patent Battle? (AAPL, NOK)

    Both companies stand to gain from ending a vicious patent dispute that started last December.
  24. Blockbuster! Netflix's Journey on Its IPO Anniversary

    If you bought the stock during the IPO, you'd have raked in a 14,000% return
  25. Amazon Boosts UK Prime Subscriber Offering With Live TV (AMZN)

    Amazon will broadcast live sports, starting today, to attract more U.K. subscribers to its Prime service.
  26. Fidelity CEO Outlines 4 Problems With Bitcoin Ecosystem

    In her address to a conference, Abigail Johnson pointed to the lack of mainstream use cases for bitcoin.
  27. Is Tesla Topping Out? (TSLA)

    Tesla's lack of progress since breaking out to a new high above 300 in April could signal an impending slide toward $250. ...
  28. DOL Fiduciary Rule Explained as of May 23, 2017

    The Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule is a new ruling that expands the “investment advice fiduciary” definition under ...
  29. Apple and Nokia Bury the Hatchet (AAPL, NOK)

    The two giants, which have been fighting over Nokia’s patented technology for years, once again reached a truce.
  30. Microsoft Expects DNA Data Storage to Be Operational By 2020 (MSFT)

    Microsoft plans to use the same molecules our genes are made of to store data by 2020.
  31. Amazon's Annual Shareholder Meeting: What to Expect? (AMZN)

    As its size and market share has grown, the Seattle company's annual meetings have begun attracting protesters.
  32. Bitcoin Price Jumps to $2200 Per Coin

    The seventh anniversary of the first Bitcoin transaction marked its highest price of all time.
  33. Citi And Nasdaq Partner For Landmark Blockchain Payment System (NDAQ, C)

    Nasdaq, Inc. and Citigroup, Inc. announced an integrated blockchain payments initiative powered by Chain.
  34. Brexit

    Brexit refers to Britain's leaving the European Union, which could happen in as few as two years.
  35. How Uber Inspired Better Financial Advice

    Elliot Weissbluth discusses the impact services like Uber had on the financial industry and the way Hightower treats clients.
  36. Bitcoin Pizza Day: Celebrating the $20 Million Pizza Order

    Bitcoin Pizza Day: the day Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins.
  37. Facebook Guidelines Leak Reveals the Difficult Task Before It (FB)

    The Guardian has obtained a copy of Facebook's rules and guidelines for moderating content on the platform.
  38. 3 Under-the-radar Momentum Plays (AOII, WTW)

    A basket of small cap stocks are charging higher in 2017 momentum rallies that could eventually end at much higher price ...
  39. E-commerce Earnings on the Rise (AMZN, WMT)

    E-commerce companies reported a healthy rise in earnings. But growth has come at the cost of operating margins for some.
  40. Tesla Fights to Sell Directly to America's Wealthiest (TSLA)

    Tesla hopes its promise of new jobs will enable it to start selling electric autos in Connecticut, home to some of the nation’s ...
  41. New Bitcoin Price Record: Over $2,000 Per Coin

    The price of Bitcoin has climbed to its highest point of all time, now trading at over $2000 per coin.
  42. 4 Best Personal Finance Apps for 2017

    Managing your money and hitting your financial goals has never been easier with these top personal finance apps.
  43. Uber Enters Logistics Industry With Uber Freight (AMZN)

    Uber Freight is an app that connects shippers with trucking companies, removing freight brokers from the equation.
  44. Apple Entering Glucose Monitoring Market With Apple Watch (AAPL)

    The company is said to be working on a continuous glucose monitoring device.
  45. Charles Schwab IRA and Roth IRA Review (SCHW)

    Charles Schwab focuses on high-service IRA and Roth IRA accounts, with a vast array of investment choices that have no fees, ...
  46. Who Is Driving IBM's Management Team? (IBM)

    Find information on some of the key executives at IBM that have kept driving the company forward in the technology sector ...
  47. Facebook Will Livestream 20 Major League Baseball Games (FB)

    The battle to broadcast live sport online heats up after Facebook wins a deal to stream Major League Baseball games.
  48. Choosing the Best Platform for Your Advisor Website

    Advisors should ask these five questions before choosing a website platform.
  49. Snap Worst Case Off the Table After Bounce (SNAP)

    Snap has bounced above broken range support after hitting a post-earnings all-time low in the upper teens and could build ...
  50. Big Tech: Top or Buying Opportunity? (AAPL, AMZN)

    The Nasdaq-100 and big tech selloff in reaction to DC political drama is long overdue after dramatic gains but is unlikely ...
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