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  1. Tesla Factory Workers Accuse Company of Intimidation (TSLA)

    They claim that Tesla is going "too far" in clamping down on their efforts to form a union.
  2. Analyst Downgrades Amazon Citing Need for Greater Operating Leverage (AMZN)

    Raymond James analyst Aaron Kessler cited the firm's operating margins as reasons for the downgrade.
  3. 2 Things to Watch in Alphabet's Earnings Call (GOOG, FB)

    The conglomerate's earnings are due Thursday, after market close.
  4. Monero

    Monero is a digital currency that offers a high level of anonymity for users and their online transactions.
  5. New Ways to Buy a Car Online

    Buying a car online can streamline the process and eliminate the stress of haggling with dealers, but the process is not ...
  6. Tesla Makes Risky Moves in Model 3 Production (TSLA, F)

    The electric car maker is racing against time to meet its production timeline of July 2017.
  7. Marissa Mayer Will Make $186m from Verizon Deal

    Yahoo’s departing CEO Marissa Mayer will reportedly earn $186 million from the $4.48 billion Verizon deal.
  8. Apple's Makes Key Hardware Hires For New Initiatives (AAPL)

    The Cupertino company has hired top executives from the satellite industry as well as engineers from NASA's Jet Propulsion ...
  9. Satoshi

    One Bitcoin is divisible to eight decimal places (100 millionth of one Bitcoin), and this smallest unit is referred to as ...
  10. North Korea May Be Responsible for Recent Spate of Bitcoin Attacks

    Evidence is mounting to suggest that North Korea is behind a rash of Bitcoin account hacks
  11. From Everything to Nothing: Amazon's Oddest Products

    Nothing? You can buy that on
  12. Elon Musk Earns California's Minimum Wage for CEOs (TSLA)

    A filing by Tesla has interesting nuggets of information about the CEO's salary structure.
  13. Intel Could Finally Reward Unhappy Shareholders (INTC)

    Intel has congested at long-term resistance for the last 31-months, raising the odds for a breakout that transforms the Dow ...
  14. Litecoin Price Rises on Hopes of SegWit Activation

    SegWit might give Litecoin the huge boost it needs to compete with Bitcoin.
  15. 2017: The Year of Retail Bankruptcies

    Not all companies are expected to survive 2017's changing consumer landscape.
  16. Apple Caught Uber Breaking the Rules (AAPL)

    Uber was on the brink of ruin after Apple discovered the ride-sharing company was secretly undermining its privacy rules. ...
  17. Rob Lowe Is KFC's New Colonel Sanders

    A-list actor, Rob Lowe, is starring as Colonel Sanders in ads to launch The Zinger burger in the U.S. (and space).
  18. Tesla to Develop Services Business From Truck: Analyst (TSLA)

    Analysts from Morgan Stanley have a couple of thoughts on Tesla's foray into the trucking industry.
  19. 5 Biggest Credit Card Data Hacks in History

    InterContinental Hotels Groups has disclosed that credit card systems at 1,200 of its hotels were successfully hacked by ...
  20. Services to Exceed 33% of Apple Gross Profit by 2020: Credit Suisse (AAPL)

    A deep dive into Apple's Services business predicts a doubling of revenues from current levels.
  21. The 6 Most Important Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is hardly the only game in town.
  22. Elon Musk's Neuralink to Save Humanity From AI

    Elon Musk's latest company Neuralink aims to bridge the gap between human cognition and computers by developing neural lace ...
  23. One Year Later: How Much is Prince Worth After His Death?

    It's been a year since Prince's death, and the unreleased songs and videos found in his vault will not be released.
  24. The Top 7 Website Mistakes Financial Advisors Make

    Advisors need to avoid these seven deadly sins when designing a website.
  25. Google Home Now Able to Recognize Different Voices (GOOG)

    The California-based company’s latest update gives it a distinct advantage over Amazon’s Echo.
  26. Starbucks Upgraded by Stifel on Comps Growth

    Research firm Stifel Nicolaus has upgraded Starbucks to a buy, seeing grow over next four quarters.
  27. GoPro to Release VR Camera This Summer

    Action camera maker GoPro announces the release of a 360-degree camera called the GoPro Fusion.
  28. Amazon Releases Alexa for Conversational Chatbots (AMZN)

    Amazon Lex is the technology behind Alexa, and developers can now use it for customer assistance applications.
  29. Top Women CEOs

    These women CEOs are successfully running big companies and getting paid big bucks in return.
  30. Amazon Wants to Make Underwater Warehouses (AMZN, PLUG)

    The company was granted a patent to make "aquatic storage facilities."
  31. Your Bose Wireless Headphones May Be Spying On You

    A lawsuit claims not only are Bose headphones collecting personal information, but the company is selling the data to third ...
  32. 6 Interesting Facts From Netflix's Earnings (NFLX)

    The streaming service's shareholder letter and earnings call provide a glimpse into its future growth trajectory.
  33. Google May Add an Ad-Blocking Feature to Chrome (GOOG)

    The new tool, which could be announced in a couple of weeks, will reportedly block ads deemed unfit by industry trade body ...
  34. Alphabet's Verily Launches Study to Map "Average" Humans (GOOG)

    The test could help it earn revenue. Separately, the Alphabet company is also developing smaller glucose monitors.
  35. Alibaba’s Ant Financial Merges With helloPay

    Ant has reached an agreement to merge with and rebrand Lazada's helloPay payment platform.
  36. Brexit

    Brexit refers to Britain's leaving the European Union, which could happen in as few as two years.
  37. Amazon Wins Patent for On-Demand Clothes Manufacturing (AMZN)

    The Seattle-based company's system kicks in once a customer places an order.
  38. IBM Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (IBM)

    IBM sold off at harmonic resistance in February after a yearlong bounce and could test even lower levels following a surprisingly ...
  39. Verizon Names 3 Companies It's Open to Merging With (VZ, CMCSA)

    Verizon’s CEO revealed that he’s open to the idea of merging the mobile network carrier with several other companies.
  40. Silver Lake Raises $15B as It Bets on New Tech Deals

    Silver Lake raised $15 billion for its latest tech fund.
  41. Facebook Dives Into Augmented, Virtual Realities on Day 1 of F8 (FB, SNAP)

    The social network kicked off its two-day annual developer conference by introducing new augmented reality and virtual reality ...
  42. DOL Fiduciary Rule Explained as of April 18, 2017

    The Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule is a new ruling that expands the “investment advice fiduciary” definition under ...
  43. Self-Declared Bitcoin Creator Sees Company He Inspired Sold to Private Equity

    Craig Wright, who claims to have invented Bitcoin, has witnessed nChain Holdings, a company formulated on his research, as ...
  44. Why Is Amazon Interested in Plug Power? (AMZN, PLUG)

    Three reasons why the e-commerce behemoth is investing in fuel cell-operated forklifts.
  45. Microsoft Office Incorporates Blockchain Technology (MSFT)

    An add-in for the company's ubiquitous Office software package will make use of Stampery, a blockchain timestamping service.
  46. Satoshi Nakamoto

    Satoshi Nakamoto is the potentially pseudonymous name associated with the person or group of people who released the original ...
  47. Smart Contracts

    Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the contract between buyer and seller directly written into ...
  48. PayPal and Google Partner for Digital Wallet (PYPL, GOOG)

    A report suggests that the agreement may be a precursor for an acquisition later.
  49. The First-Ever Ethereum IRA is a Game-Changer

    With the launch of Ethereum IRA, investors can deploy funds in Ethereum for retirement purposes through a self-directed IRA. ...
  50. Google Acquires Nevada Land Near Tesla Factory (GOOG, TSLA)

    Google’s purchase of 1,210 acres of land close to Tesla’s battery factory has sparked speculation that its plans extend beyond ...
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  1. Agency Theory

    A supposition that explains the relationship between principals and agents in business. Agency theory is concerned with resolving ...
  2. Treasury Bill - T-Bill

    A short-term debt obligation backed by the U.S. government with a maturity of less than one year. T-bills are sold in denominations ...
  3. Index

    A statistical measure of change in an economy or a securities market. In the case of financial markets, an index is a hypothetical ...
  4. Return on Market Value of Equity - ROME

    Return on market value of equity (ROME) is a comparative measure typically used by analysts to identify companies that generate ...
  5. Majority Shareholder

    A person or entity that owns more than 50% of a company's outstanding shares. The majority shareholder is often the founder ...
  6. Competitive Advantage

    An advantage that a firm has over its competitors, allowing it to generate greater sales or margins and/or retain more customers ...
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