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  1. Alibaba Doubles Research Spending to $15B

    The new global research program is meant to strengthen Alibaba’s grip on emerging technologies.
  2. Wal-Mart Stock Could Outperform Amazon in 2018

    Wal-Mart stock could rally to new highs in 2018 while Amazon works off overbought readings and deals with political headwinds.
  3. Cyber Monday

    The Monday following U.S. Thanksgiving weekend, representing the start of the holiday online shopping season.
  4. Costco Stock Gets Pummeled Despite Upbeat Quarter

    Costco has fallen nearly 10 points and 6% so far in Friday's session after a bearish reaction to quarterly earnings.
  5. Amazon's Private Label Boosted by Whole Foods: Analyst

    The Seattle-based company's earnings from private labels are expected to touch $20 billion by 2022.
  6. Black Friday

    1. The day after Thanksgiving in the U.S., the kickoff of the holiday shopping season. 2. A stock market catastrophe on September ...
  7. Nvidia Announces Deals With Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba

    Leading Chinese companies are queuing up to use Nvidia’s latest AI-focused technology.
  8. Amazon Signs Deal With Indian Store Chain

    Amazon’s purchase of a 5 percent stake in Shoppers Stop promises to give it much greater access to India’s fast growing ecommerce ...
  9. Retail Exposure Problematic for REIT ETFs

    Amazon could be a big problem for retail REITs and some related ETFs.
  10. What's Causing the Death of the Retail Store?

    Brick and mortar retail stores continue to close, but is e-commerce really to blame?
  11. How the Internet Killed All Those ‘Special’ Fares

    Self service and comparison shopping online has led to the end of bereavement and other special fares. Here's what to do ...
  12. How Amazon Benefits From Lower Prices at Whole Foods

    There are three benefits to Amazon from its recently announced changes at Whole Foods.
  13. Amazon Announces Lower Prices for Whole Foods Products

    Amazon Prime members are also set to gain rewards from the acquisition.
  14. Amazon Earned $2.5B From Digital Ads: WPP Chief

    This is the latest estimate for what could become an increasingly important part of Amazon's business.
  15. Amazon Debuts 'Instant Pickup' on College Campuses

    The Seattle-based e-commerce behemoth promises to make deliveries in as little as two minutes.
  16. Here's What's Next for the Bitcoin Bubble

    Expect more rivals to make the scene and take market share from Bitcoin.
  17. Why Shares of China's Momo Are on a Tear

    Strong fundamentals and institutional buying are sending shares of China's Momo higher.
  18. JD.com Stock's Rally Loses Steam, Tests 50-Day MA

    JD.com shares moved to key support levels despite strong quarterly results, as the market expected more.
  19. Why Whole Foods Is Amazon's Biggest Risk

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos faces a daunting challenge in successfully overtaking the $13.7B Whole Foods.
  20. Brands Develop Strategies to Counter Amazon

    Retailers are offering incentives to customers to shop at physical stores. Will this affect Amazon's bottom line?
  21. 2017: The Year of Retail Bankruptcies

    Not all companies are expected to survive 2017's changing consumer landscape.
  22. Retail Bankruptcies Soared by 110% This Year

    What does this mean for investors and the retail industry specifically?
  23. Amazon's Biggest Rivals in India Close to Merging

    Flipkart’s takeover of Snapdeal threatens to erode Amazon’s market share in India’s booming ecommerce market.
  24. Ripple Finishes Second Quarter Up 4,000% YTD

    Ripple has quickly ascended the ranks of cryptocurrencies to become a legitimate rival to Bitcoin's throne.
  25. Amazon Blamed for Japan's Deflation Problem

    The e-commerce giant is said to have triggered fierce competition between online and offline retailers by driving down retail ...
  26. Google and Amazon Take a Page From Social Media's Playbook

    Everybody loves newsfeeds. Google and Amazon have both designed new social media-inspired platforms to attract more users. ...
  27. Can Amazon Make a Meal of Blue Apron?

    Amazon is reported to have filed for a patent for meal kit delivery, spooking Blue Apron investors.
  28. Amazon Could Be Apple's Size Within 12 Months: Analyst

    A UBS analyst upgraded his price target for Amazon and predicted 60% growth in its stock price.
  29. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is an advertising model where a company pays compensation to third party publishers to generate leads ...
  30. The Smartest Companies in the World

    The top companies that not just lead the way in innovation but also turn it into a successful business.
  31. Bitcoin Looks a Lot Like an Early Amazon

    The most lucrative but risky investment play, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, are starting to look like Amazon's early ...
  32. These Internet ETFs Have The Highest Earnings in 2017 So Far (FDN, PNQI)

    The technology sector is set to receive the most capital in 15 years.
  33. Amazon's Shares Near $1,000 Mark (AMZN, WMT)

    That price would raise the e-commerce behemoth's market valuation to approximately $477 billion.
  34. How Home Depot, Best Buy, Wal-Mart Can Beat Amazon (HD, BBY)

    Amazon.com Inc.'s growth has caused sales of many retailers to plunge, yet some are poised to thrive.
  35. Fitness Industry Feels No Pain from Online Trends (PLNT)

    Workout clubs are expanding their footprints as other retailers struggle to keep their physical locations.
  36. The Fight For Your Financial Data Is Getting Ugly

    The banks and Silicon Valley are desperate for your data. Here's how to control what they see and use.
  37. Shopify Momentum Could Intensify After Earnings (SHOP)

    E-commerce platform Shopify is struggling to become profitable, but impressive growth metrics could satisfy momentum traders ...
  38. Chinese Internet Giant Tencent Forms Its Own Blockchain Platform, TrustSQL

    Tencent, one of the largest Chinese conglomerates is building its own blockchain services platform known as TrustSQL.
  39. New Ways to Buy a Car Online

    Buying a car online can streamline the process and eliminate the stress of haggling with dealers, but the process is not ...
  40. Starbucks Upgraded by Stifel on Comps Growth

    Research firm Stifel Nicolaus has upgraded Starbucks to a buy, seeing grow over next four quarters.
  41. Alibaba’s Ant Financial Merges With helloPay

    Ant has reached an agreement to merge with and rebrand Lazada's helloPay payment platform.
  42. BJ's Wholesale Club Up For Sale, Amazon Interested

    The deal could allow Amazon to leverage BJ's warehouse capacity.
  43. Wal-Mart to Eliminate Corporate Positions (WMT)

    Retail giant Wal-Mart has announced that it intends to eliminate some corporate positions this month, a move aimed at a better ...
  44. RetailMeNot Sells for Massive 50% Premium (SALE)

    RetailMeNot will be acquired by Harland Clarke Holdings for $630 million, or $11.30 per share.
  45. Staples Reportedly Considering Buyout (SPLS)

    Office supplies giant Staples is considering a sale according to sources with knowledge of the potential deal.
  46. Android App User Spending to Surpass Apple in 2017 (GOOG, AAPL)

    App analytics firm App Annie says that user app spending across all Android app stores will reach $40 billion this year, ...
  47. Amazon Acquires Souq.com (AMZN)

    Amazon has announced that it has reached an agreement with Middle Eastern online retailer Souq.com to acquire the company. ...
  48. RBC Upgrades Kroger to Outperform (KR)

    RBC has upgraded Kroger to "Outperform" from "Sector Perform," saying the retailer will benefit from an imminent food inflation.
  49. Wal-Mart’s Vudu App Can Now Make Digital Copies of DVDs (WMT)

    Vudu, a media group owned by Wal-Mart, now lets users convert DVDs and Blu-rays into digital formats for cloud storage.
  50. Research Firm: Chipotle Will 'Easily Beat' Q1 Sales Estimates (CMG)

    M Science, a data analysis firm, predicts that Chipotle will beat analysts' sales expectation for the first quarter.
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  4. AAA

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