1. Association of Southeast Asian Nations - ASEAN

  2. Assortment Strategy

  3. Assumable Mortgage

  4. Assumed Interest Rate - AIR

  5. Assumption Clause

  6. Assumption Endorsement

  7. Assurance

  8. Assurance Services

  9. Asteroid Event

  10. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line - ADSL

  11. Asymmetric Information

  12. Asymmetric Volatility Phenomenon - AVP

  13. Asymmetrical Distribution

  14. At A Discount

  15. At A Premium

  16. At Best

  17. At Limit

  18. At Par

  19. At Risk Rules

  20. At Sight

  21. At The Market

  22. At The Money

  23. At-Or-Better

  24. At-The-Close Order

  25. At-The-Opening-Order

  26. ATA Carnet

  27. Athens Stock Exchange - ATHEX

  28. Atlanta Fed Index

  29. Atlantic Spread

  30. Atlas Options

  31. Atmospherics

  32. ATS (Austrian Schilling)

  33. Attachment

  34. Attained Age

  35. Attest Function

  36. Attestation

  37. Attorney In Fact

  38. Attorney's Fee Awards

  39. Attorney's Letter

  40. Attornment

  41. Attribute Bias

  42. Attribute Sampling

  43. Attribution Analysis

  44. Attribution Rules

  45. Attrition

  46. Auction

  47. Auction House

  48. Auction Market

  49. Auction Market Preferred Stock - AMPS

  50. Auction Rate

  51. Auction Rate Bond - ARB

  52. Auction Rate Security - ARS

  53. AUD

  54. AUD (Australian Dollar)

  55. AUD/USD (Australian Dollar/U.S. Dollar)

  56. Audit

  57. Audit Committee

  58. Audit Cycle

  59. Audit Department

  60. Audit Risk

  61. Audit Trail

  62. Auditability

  63. Auditing Evidence

  64. Auditing Standards Board - ASB

  65. Auditor

  66. Auditor's Opinion

  67. Auditor's Report

  68. Augmented Product

  69. Aunt Millie

  70. Aussie

  71. Austerity

  72. Australian Bankers Association (ABA)

  73. Australian Bureau of Statistics - ABS

  74. Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) Bank-Bill Reference Rate (BBSW)

  75. Australian Future Fund

  76. Australian Securities And Investments Commission - ASIC

  77. Australian Stock Exchange - ASX

  78. Australian Stock Price Riskless Indexed Note - ASPIRIN

  79. Austrian School

  80. Autarky

  81. AUTEX

  82. Authority Bond

  83. Authorization Code

  84. Authorized Forex Dealer

  85. Authorized Investment

  86. Authorized Participant

  87. Authorized Settlement Agent

  88. Authorized Share Capital

  89. Authorized Stock

  90. Auto Industry ETF

  91. Auto Insurance

  92. Auto Sales

  93. Auto Supplier Support Program (Auto SSP)

  94. Autocorrelation

  95. Automated Bond System - ABS

  96. Automated Clearing House - ACH

  97. Automated Confirmation Transaction Service - ACT

  98. Automated Customer Account Transfer Service - ACATS

  99. Automated Forex Trading

  100. Automated Teller Machine - ATM

Hot Definitions
  1. Yield Burning

    The illegal practice of underwriters marking up the prices on bonds for the purpose of reducing the yield on the bond. This practice, referred to as "burning the yield," is done after the bond is placed in escrow for an investor who is awaiting repayment.
  2. Marginal Analysis

    An examination of the additional benefits of an activity compared to the additional costs of that activity. Companies use marginal analysis as a decision-making tool to help them maximize their profits. Individuals unconsciously use marginal analysis to make a host of everyday decisions. Marginal analysis is also widely used in microeconomics when analyzing how a complex system is affected by marginal manipulation of its comprising variables.
  3. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities - TIPS

    A treasury security that is indexed to inflation in order to protect investors from the negative effects of inflation. TIPS are considered an extremely low-risk investment since they are backed by the U.S. government and since their par value rises with inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, while their interest rate remains fixed.
  4. Gilt-Edged Switching

    The selling and repurchasing of certain high-grade stocks or bonds to capture profits. Gilt-edged switching involves gilt-edged security, which can be high-grade stock or bond issued by a financially stable company such as the Blue Chip companies or by certain governments.
  5. Master Limited Partnership - MLP

    A type of limited partnership that is publicly traded. There are two types of partners in this type of partnership: The limited partner is the person or group that provides the capital to the MLP and receives periodic income distributions from the MLP's cash flow, whereas the general partner is the party responsible for managing the MLP's affairs and receives compensation that is linked to the performance of the venture.
  6. Class Action

    An action where an individual represents a group in a court claim. The judgment from the suit is for all the members of the group (class).
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