DEFINITION of 'Blackberry Addiction'

A slang term used to describe an over reliance on and almost obsessive need to use one's Blackberry. Blackberry addiction has become a prevalent condition for many professional and non-professional users of the Blackberry device. Some common symptoms of Blackberry addiction include constant checking of emails and texts, answering phone calls at inappropriate times and the need to always have the smartphone device within reach.

Due to the addictive nature of the device, the device is often referred to in popular culture as the "crackberry".

BREAKING DOWN 'Blackberry Addiction'

Since its introduction into the telecommunication industry in 2002 by Research In Motion (Nasdaq:RIMM), many users have playfully described themselves as Blackberry addicts. Many CEOs and high-ranking business professionals have admitted to being over-reliant on their smartphone and many "detox" articles and news stories have been published. Many businesses have gone so far as to ban Blackberries from meetings and company events.

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