DEFINITION of 'Capital IQ'

Capital IQ is a research and analysis company that offers a variety of software and data feeds to thousands of investment managers, investment banks, private equity funds, advisory firms, corporations and universities. Its major products are the Capital IQ platform, Compustat, Money Market Directories (MMD), Xpressfeed and SystematIQ, all of which provide quantitative research and fundamental analysis. It also has Internet and Excel-based applications that provide desktop research, screening, real-time market data, backtesting, portfolio management, financial modeling and quantitative analysis.


Capital IQ is a technology and financial services company that acts as the research division of Standard & Poor's. The company provides people with research and analysis on publicly traded companies and overall market awareness, which can be gleaned through its online Web portal. Real-time data can also be populated into Excel documents and used for robust and accurate financial modeling.

Capital IQ collects, scrubs, interprets and analyzes this public data, aggregating over 135 billion data points a year to become a leading provider of research in the financial services sector. These data points consist of financial news, market and sector-specific insights and company performance. The company is headquartered in New York but has operations in more than 20 countries. This helps Capital IQ disseminate global information to its users and stakeholders.

Features and Benefits of Capital IQ

Capital IQ has information and capabilities that can help people ranging from the individual finance enthusiast to the large institutional investor. The platform can be used to gain insight on the high-level macroeconomic environment as well as drill down to the microeconomic level.

The company has a wealth of information on more than 60,000 public companies and over 2 million private firms. This information includes company profiles, incorporation records, financial information, executive team summaries, past or future acquisition activity and independent analyst reports. Capital IQ also provides stock reports on over 4,000 of the leading public equities.

Capital IQ disseminates information and analysis on more complex company structures such as mutual funds and hedge funds. It gives its users a fund report that profiles available mutual funds and compares performance. Fund insights and fund strategies are also displayed on the Web portal to help investors stay up to date with the industry and potential new investment strategies.

The company gives its users the ability to gain broad market understanding through the use of its market snapshot, industry surveys, subindustry reviews and general economic insights. All of these features combine to create a robust learning platform that empowers financial professionals to make sound decisions.

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