Mileage Allowance



A deduction of automobile expenses for people using their vehicles for business, charity, moving, medical or any other purpose that qualifies for a deduction.


There are different categories of purposes for deductible automobile-expenses, each of which has a specific cent-per-mile deduction. Careful documentation of the mileage and the reason for the trip is essential for audit-proofing your taxes.

  1. Fixed and Variable Rate Allowance ...

    A way of reimbursing employees who use their own or leased vehicles for work-related ...
  2. Itemized Deduction

    A deduction from a taxpayer's taxable adjusted gross income that is made up ...
  3. Standard Mileage Rate

    A set rate the IRS allows for each mile driven by the taxpayer for business, ...
  4. Child Tax Credit

    A credit given to taxpayers for each dependent child that is under the age of ...
  5. Write-Off

    A reduction in the value of an asset or earnings by the amount of an expense ...
  6. Exempt Income

    Certain types or amounts of income not subject to federal income tax. Examples ...
  7. Convention Expenses

    Any travel expenses incurred while at a business convention. These expenses ...
  8. Gas Guzzler Tax

    An additional tax on the sale of vehicles that have poor fuel economy. The Energy ...
  9. Deduction

    Any item or expenditure subtracted from gross income to reduce the amount of ...
  10. Lifetime Learning Credit

    A provision of the U.S. federal income tax code that lets parents and students ...
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