DEFINITION of 'Nursing Home Placement Service'

A business that specializes in helping families and patients find the best live-in care facility for their needs. Nursing home placement companies provide services such as recommending facilities, accompanying potential residents and their families on facility tours, and helping potential residents and their families negotiate a contract once they’ve chosen a nursing home. These services are free for clients; the placement services are paid a commission by the homes where their clients decide to live.


BREAKING DOWN 'Nursing Home Placement Service'

A well-run nursing home placement service will be an expert in the care standards and complaint and violation histories of area nursing homes. They will only partner with reputable facilities that are licensed and in good standing, and they will constantly keep up-to-date on facilities’ reputations, which can change at any time. One way to do this is by keeping in touch with the residents they’ve already placed to see how satisfied they are with the facility they’ve chosen. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with clients who have already been placed also lets the placement service learn more about the personalities of each facility so they can continue to make customized recommendations for future clients based on their needs, budgets and personalities.

A potential conflict of interest exists with nursing home placement services. Because they are paid by the facilities where they place clients, there is a financial incentive to recommend the facilities that pay the highest referral fees, regardless of whether that facility is the best choice for the patient. Consumers should investigate the reputation of any placement service they are considering and ask about its compensation model to make sure they are transparent about how they get paid for their services. Independently verify any information you receive from the placement service about a particular nursing home’s services, fees and violation history. Also, keep in mind that you may not be referred to a nursing home that might be an ideal match if the placement service doesn’t have a relationship with that home because they won’t earn any money by recommending it.

That being said, an honest and well-run nursing home placement service can be a great help to consumers by simplifying the complex process of researching and selecting a nursing home. For more information, see How to Pick the Right Nursing Home and Things Nursing Homes Are Not Allowed to Do.


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