What is a 'Pitchbook'

A pitchbook is a sales book created by an investment bank or firm that details the main attributes of the firm, and it is used by the firm's sales force to help sell products and services and generate new clients. Pitchbooks are helpful guides for the sales force to remember important benefits and to provide visual aids when presenting to clients.


There are two main types of pitchbooks. There is the main pitchbook, which contains all of the main attributes of the firm, and one that contains details about a specific deal, such as a company's IPO or investment product.

Overview Pitchbook

The main pitchbook provides general overview about the firm. For an investment bank, it would show information like the number of analysts, its prior IPO success and the number of deals it completes per year. For an investment firm, it will show information such as the financial strength of the company, and the many resources and services available for its clients. If the pitchbook is being used by a team or individual financial advisor, there could be biographical information as well. All the details displayed in the pitchbook are points that the sales team should focus on when selling the benefits of the firm to potential clients.

Product Pitchbook

For an investment bank, this form of pitchbook focuses on all of the benefits of the issue, helping brokers and investment bankers demonstrate how the firm can service the specific needs of their potential clients. It would have more detailed information about how the potential IPO process could play out for the potential client. It would also show comparable IPOs within the same industry that the investment bank has had success in the past.

In 2011, the company Autonomy the acquisition target of several larger competitors. Hewlett Packard and Oracle were interested, but HP eventually became the victor and acquired the software infrastructure company. Oracle decided to post the IPO pitchbook, which was developed by the firm Qatalyst Partners, on its website. In the pitchbook, Qatalyst shows examples of how Oracle would benefit from acquiring Autonomy, showing it will increase its competitive advantage in areas where Oracle has no footing. It also shows the key financial metrics of the company and how it has both positive revenue and margin growth. The book also shows the partners and customers that Oracle will immediate acquire once it purchases the company. It also goes into detail about Automony's management team and directors

For an investment firm, the pitchbook would be more product-oriented. It could show the track record of an investment portfolio, using charts and comparisons to an appropriate benchmark. If the investment strategy is more advanced, it would display the method of selecting stocks and other informational data that would help the potential client understand the strategy.

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