Stuart A. Miller

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Stuart A. Miller was appointed as the CEO of Lennar Corporation in 1997. Miller was born in 1957, and is the son of Lennar's co-founder, Leonard Miller. He joined the company in 1982, and became CEO in 1997. Forbes named him one of America's Most Powerful People in 2000. He earned his undergraduate degree at Harvard and law degree from the University of Miami.

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Miller guided the construction company through the acquisition of numerous homebuilders, more than doubling the company's size. His management style involves the use of Dr. Seuss stories and fairytales to impart business lessons to employees. Lennar Corporation was founded in 1954 and has its headquarters in Miami, Fla. The company builds houses across the U.S., including in California, Florida, Texas and New Jersey. Lennar also owns financial services companies that provide title, mortgage and closing services.

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