1. How Wealthy Clients Use Robo-Advisors to Invest

    Most high-net-worth investors are choosing to use both humans and robos to manage their money.
  2. Why Your Will Needs a 'Titanic Clause'

    If you don't have a Titanic clause in your will and disaster strikes, there's no guarantee that your intended beneficiaries ...
  3. Why Wealthy Families Should Complete the FAFSA

    Even wealthy parents should apply for financial aid when their kids are ready for college.
  4. Why is the Hedge Fund World Still so White and Male?

    Hedge funds continue to be overwhelmingly male and white, and data reveals the trend isn't changing.
  5. "Blockchain is Coming and It Could Save Lives," Says Davos Video

    The Davos World Economic Forum (Jan 17-20) unveiled an explainer video all about blockchain technology.
  6. The Most Expensive States to Retire In

    Six places that aren't great for your retirement years (financially speaking).
  1. The Smart Way to Switch Financial Advisors

    If you want to switch your financial advisor, take these 4 steps first.
  2. Cyber Attacks and Bank Failures: Risks You Should Know

    Here's how cyber security risks mean for the financial industry and consumers.
  3. Bond Guru Who Called Last Bear Market Is Bullish

    The investor who profited off the Nixon era bear bond market 40 years ago is now buying amid the Trump bond rout
  4. Trump Will Get the Market’s 100-Day Report Card

    Donald Trump’s performance will be closely watched and graded by the markets. History offers lessons for the next 4 years
  5. HSBC Executives Facing Layoffs (HSBC, GS)

    In its constant effort to cut costs and drive profitability higher, HSBC is now pondering letting 100 executive bankers go ...
  6. Trump’s Student Loan Repayment Plan: Could It Help You?

    Donald Trump’s student loan repayment plan is still just an idea, but if it shapes up as promised, it could save you money.
  1. 7 Things You Should Say In An Interview

    Slip these simple phrases into your next interview and you'll have a great chance at landing the job.
  2. 7 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Life

    Find out what you can do to prepare and cope in tough economic times.
  3. 18 Do-It-Yourself Projects to Boost Home Value

    These home upgrades can be achieved for surprisingly little money.
  4. When Saving for College Is a Bad Idea

    Is there a time when saving for college is a bad idea? A close look at financial-aid rules.
  5. The Big Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt

    Not all debt is bad. Good debt is that which is incurred to increase your future income.
  6. Why the DOL Fiduciary Rule Should Matter to You

    The Department of Labor (DOL) is trying to change how financial advice is delivered to consumers.
  1. Union Pacific Upside May be Limited (UNP, CSX)

    Union Pacific hit a 21-month high after earnings, but surprisingly weak accumulation off the 2016 low may limit gains in ...
  2. Schlumberger Levels to Watch After Earnings (SLB, OIH)

    Schlumberger broke out after the OPEC supply agreement and could another 5 to 10 points in the weeks following the January ...
  3. Global Market ETFs at Breakout Levels (EWG, EWQ)

    These global market ETFs are breaking through resistance at 52-highs.
  4. A Look Beyond the Stock Market Reactions to Trump

    With averages near historic highs, a future bear market could be good news for some investors.
  5. Why is Mercedes Maker Daimler Buying a Bitcoin Business? (OTC:DDAIF)

    Why would a car maker buy a Bitcoin company? What's Daimler's endgame?
  6. United Stuck at Resistance After Mixed Earnings (UAL, LUV)

    United Continental is getting sold at resistance after a mixed earnings report but could break out in coming weeks.
  1. Amazon Has Sold 8.2 Million Echo Speakers So Far (AMZN, GOOG)

    The voice speakers could be a source of ad revenue. But first, Amazon needs customers to return to Alexa's skills.
  2. Neuberger Berman Cuts Stake in Cree Shares (CREE)

    Independent investment manager Neuberger Berman sold 139 shares of American lighting products company Cree Inc. in the third ...
  3. Report: Qualcomm Mulling Apple Countersuit

    Qualcomm considers a legal response to Apple but still wants to sell it modem chips.
  4. Re-Amortizing or Refinancing Your Home

    Re-amortization is a lesser known alternative to refinancing when it comes to dealing with your mortgage.
  5. Saudi Arabia Announces Return of 2012 Cybervirus

    The Shamoon virus, blamed on Iran, has returned to target 15 institutions in the kingdom.
  6. Ascent Solar Technologies Rally Continues (ASTI)

    In 2016, shares of Ascent Solar Technologies fell more than 99.9 percent. But in the last three trading sessions, the stock ...
  1. Plug Power Exceeds GenDrive FY16 Expectations

    CEO Andy Marsh indicates confidence in the firm's long-term success into 2017 and beyond.
  2. HP Enterprise Acquires Cloud Cruiser

    After buying SimpliVity last week, the enterprise IT giant continues its acquisition spree.
  3. Verizon Could Enter Long-term Downtrend (VZ, YHOO)

    Verizon fell more than 4% after earnings, marking the fifth failure to break resistance in the mid-50s, and could be headed ...
  4. Morgan Stanley Bullish on Broadcom (AVGO, NVDA)

    Morgan Stanley raised its price target on Broadcom this morning. Current valuation is behind the move.
  5. Car Sales at Walmart? It's All About the Data (WMT)

    Walmart and CarSaver have partnered to sell cars through kiosks at Walmart Supercenters.
  6. Wal-Mart Is Headed for Your 'Hood (WMT)

    With its Neighborhood Market stores, Wal-Mart is likely seeking more traffic and speedier online fulfillment.
  1. 6 Signs You're Ready to Retire Early

    If you can answer "yes" to these six questions, you may be ready to retire early.
  2. Best Freelancing Jobs for Retirees

    Retired from your job but still want to work? Here's how to turn your skills and know-how into a new freelancing career.
  3. Why Your Will Needs a 'Titanic Clause'

    If you don't have a Titanic clause in your will and disaster strikes, there's no guarantee that your intended beneficiaries ...
  4. The Most Expensive States to Retire In

    Six places that aren't great for your retirement years (financially speaking).
  5. How Much Money Do You Need to Retire at 56?

    Who wouldn't want to retire early and enjoy the good life? The question is, "How much will it cost?" Here's a quick and dirty ...
  6. Retire a Millionaire in 10 Steps

    Having a million-dollar portfolio is a retirement dream for many people but making that dream come true requires some serious ...
Hot Definitions
  1. North American Free Trade Agreement - NAFTA

    A regulation implemented on Jan. 1, 1994, that decreased and eventually eliminated tariffs to encourage economic activity ...
  2. Benchmark

    A standard against which the performance of a security, mutual fund or investment manager can be measured.
  3. Mobile Wallet

    Mobile wallet is a virtual wallet that stores payment card information on a mobile device.
  4. Leverage

    1. The use of various financial instruments or borrowed capital, such as margin, to increase the potential return of an investment. ...
  5. Trumponomics

    Trumponomics is a term for the economic policies of President Donald Trump.
  6. Universal Health Care Coverage

    An organized healthcare system that provides healthcare benefits to all persons in a specified region. Many countries, such ...
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